Marvelous Things About Planet Earth

By Trista
Marvelous Things About Planet Earth

Have you ever stopped to think about just how fascinating the earth actually is? The planet that we call home is the only place that we know of that has life. Also, there are remarkably diverse forms of life, from the bottom of the ocean to some of the coldest, most remote land forms. Geologically, the processes that have been shaping our planet for billions of years are continuing to this day, creating spectacular formations and new ecological systems. Read on to learn some staggering and downright strange facts about the planet we call home.


Due to the sheer number of snowflakes, there are bound to be two that are alike. Photo: Ranker

1. Every Year, One Million Billion Cubic Feet Of Snow Fall To Earth

That is the number one followed by 15 zeroes! With each cubic foot weighing about one kilogram, there are about one million billion kilograms of snow that fall to earth each year. Moreover, in each cubic foot, there are about a billion tiny snowflakes. 

With that many snowflakes falling from the skies each year, the old adage that no two snowflakes are alike may not be accurate, simply because there are so very many snowflakes. Good luck parsing through those millions of billions of snowflakes trying to find two that are the same.