35 Things that Could Likely Happen if the Internet Shut Down

By Joe Burgett
35 Things that Could Likely Happen if the Internet Shut Down

The internet is very important in our daily lives. While you may not notice how important it is, you likely would notice if the internet suddenly vanished tomorrow. In fact, a lot of different things could likely happen if we lost the internet out of nowhere like that.

Some things may go unnoticed, as it may not affect us. However, other things will be easy to spot almost immediately. This will turn into a worldwide crisis of epic proportions. The question is, what areas would actually be affected by this and would it impact you?

We decided to look into this exact question. We wanted to know what things could likely happen if we lost the internet. Some of this might be generally positive while others could be completely devastating to normal society.

There are certain people who may claim that Native American reservations likely would not be impacted by this. The same is said for various indigenous tribes. However, these people will also be impacted by what occurs without the use of key things the internet helps our society with.

Overall, the internet has become saturated and has managed to dig into our lives and everything around us. It has gotten to a point that we truly do need it and our normal society cannot operate without it. What we found likely to happen without the internet may shock you, so be aware!


Car GPS versions [Image via CNET]

35. Global Positioning System Failure

People often forget that GPS runs off of satellites in space that can ping back and forth between the satellite and the user. Of course, these often run using a form of internet. Thus, if the internet goes down somehow one day, the world of GPS would be affected heavily too.

This is pretty big too, as we use GPS for tons of things. UPS, FedEx, UBER, and even your local pizza delivery driver use GPS systems to find places. Therefore, several delivery systems would be impacted as well.