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35 Things that Could Likely Happen if the Internet Shut Down
Stock Market Crash. Photo Credit: MR.LIGHTMAN1975/Shutterstock

4. Stock Markets Worldwide Will Crash

Stock Markets tend to be one of the worst things to put your money into at times because any random thing can cause people to sell off stock. Companies have had small hiccups that cost them billions, not within a problematic business move, but due to stock prices dropping. These timid crazies sell over the wind blowing too hard, so they certainly will sell in this situation.

They may struggle to do so though, as most of these systems run off of the internet. Of course, all brokers tend to communicate often with people they are employed by. This will be hard with some not using landlines. They may also get tons of calls and not be able to handle all the selling. With all of this happening likely worldwide, stock markets will crash.

35 Things that Could Likely Happen if the Internet Shut Down
Power Company Worker. Photo Credit: Michael Jung/Shutterstock

3. Many Power Companies will Shut Off Power

Power Companies will indeed cut power if the world suddenly did not have access to the internet long-term. Most Power Companies actually run off of systems that are completely wired to work through the internet. A lot of these power grids run on servers that are internet-based. Heck, most power can be turned on and off within minutes.

A customer service person only has to send a message for this to be done. Some just click an “on” or “off” button on their computer, as they are connected to the power grid within their server. With the current tech not working, power companies will cut power for at least a week or so to figure things out. Even power bills are mostly paid online, so that could be trouble too.

35 Things that Could Likely Happen if the Internet Shut Down
Knowledge is Power. Photo Credit: Pat Pitchaya/Shutterstock

2. The Power of Knowledge

Today, when you do not know something, what is the first thing you do? You Google it, right? You’re not alone, as most of us do this today to either confirm our opinion or find something out all the time. Yet one of the things that could likely happen if we lost the internet is that people with true knowledge will become drastically more important to society.

People like Aristotle in his time were considered one of the most brilliant people alive and were even against writing stuff down when it was growing in popularity. He felt it would result in memory not being held to a high standard. People like him will be important for our new internet-less existence. Those with impressive knowledge and memory skills will be useful due to access to some books being nonexistent, as well as a lot of content that was completely based online.

35 Things that Could Likely Happen if the Internet Shut Down
Signal Art. Photo Credit: ONYXprj/Shutterstock

1. A New Form of Internet

With the internet no longer possible to use worldwide, some genius will figure out a way to get some version of it back. The internet ran completely through phone lines years ago. Eventually high-speed and WiFi came into play and changed the game. The older Dial-Up internet was slow, yet it still worked.

Sadly, the internet mostly comes from satellites in space that we now can’t access. Even cable companies use them. However, if we had a signal that worked off of something like radio waves do with towers, this could result in a new form of internet. It would likely not be fast and be completely localized to small pockets. Yet it could still work.