30 Ways Modern Technology is Changing Natural Selection

By Trista
30 Ways Modern Technology is Changing Natural Selection

You are probably familiar with the idea of “natural selection.” It means that there are particular adaptations that organisms have that make them better able to cope with their environments and compete for resources.

Thanks to modern technology, what is happening to people is what you might call “unnatural selection.” Technology is messing with our bodies and causing them to change. Read more to find out how.


Credit: NBC News

Babies are getting bigger, thanks to more C-sections.

1. Babies Are Getting Bigger

Natural selection determined that smaller babies are the most likely to be born alive. Why? Because smaller babies are easier to fit through the pelvis without harm to mother or child. The result is a healthy baby and a healthy mother.

With the rise in C-sections, however, larger babies are much more likely to survive. You probably know somebody who either was or has had a child upwards of nine or ten pounds. Even just fifty years ago, that child probably would not have survived birth.