Hippocrates AC Odyssey
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Hippocrates Discoveries On The Heart & Cardiology In General

Greek Physician Hippocrates made major discoveries during his time. He is credited with more discoveries about the human body than any man in history. Though some of his concepts have since been expanded upon or switched up, mostly due to modern knowledge and equipment that he never had access to.

He is technically considered the first cardiologist or heart expert, as he discovered several heart-related diseases. He also discovered blood vessels and how they operated, while disproving the myth of the heart being the place our mental capacity comes from. Hippocrates even wrote a book all about the human heart simply called The Heart.

It is the first time where the Four Chambers & Four Valves are mentioned, along with the Great Vessels. He also described what the heart looked like, claiming it looked similar to a pyramid. Hippocrates also claimed the color was dark red too. He also claimed the heart worked as a muscle, becoming the first person in history to make this connection.