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35 Undisputed Facts About Artificial Intelligence That You’ll Have To Accept
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10. Facebook Bots Already Created Their Own Language

You’ve heard the term that certain products “talk” to each other. This typically describes a period in which two products made by the same company can work together well. Since the same place makes them, most things will connect between the two products in this concept. However, the “talking” done here is just from the makeup of the products overall. It is mostly a similar structure of how the 1’s and 0’s move essentially.

Facebook, on the other hand, invented a super-intelligent artificial intelligence. They basically invented some chatbots that were designed to simply negotiate with each other about a variety of things. Eventually, the bots made up their own form of communication. Apparently, this AI type can somewhat or completely re-write its software to become more intelligent and keep repeating the process. Nothing suspicious to think about here!

35 Undisputed Facts About Artificial Intelligence That You’ll Have To Accept
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9. Careers In Law, Medicine, And Finance Will Be Mostly AI

It is well-known today that careers in the world of law, medicine, and/or finance are impressive fields. They pay very well and it seems we cannot ever get enough of them. Yet this won’t be the case for long. In fact, one of the biggest facts about artificial intelligence that will need to be remembered is that the jobs in these fields are not safe at all.

The reason has to do with two of them being about mostly numbers and data. In the world of finance, AI should be able to do this job very well. While lawyers and judges may have a job in the world of law, robotic policeman, as well as AI-powered paralegals among others, will happen. Meanwhile, medicine is also about testing and evaluating it. We already use machines to do the core of these things now. AI might be in medicine faster than the other fields.

35 Undisputed Facts About Artificial Intelligence That You’ll Have To Accept
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8. Speaking Of Medicine

While we just mentioned that careers in medicine will likely go to artificial intelligence, at least a good portion of it, things are much bigger. While it clear that machines can test and evaluate things now, humans are the ones who look over the information a machine finds. Doctors will then use this information given to then begin treatment to fix a certain issue. Yet humans are, well, human. We’re going to make mistakes but usually, human doctors can do much better than machines.

In one case, however, that is not true. The now infamous IBM Watson was able to average a 90% success rate in identifying cancer. This included both benign and harmful types, labeled out perfectly. This compared to the success rate in human doctors, which was 50%. Watson did not know the depth of treatment human doctors knew but finding cancer at this high a success rate is shocking.

35 Undisputed Facts About Artificial Intelligence That You’ll Have To Accept
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7. Artificial Intelligence To Give Immortality?

A billionaire by the name of Dmitry Itskov has been putting money into technology for years now. In fact, he made a lot of his money in this field already. Obsessed with artificial intelligence, he wanted to find a way to use it in a major way. The biggest thing he wants to do? Allow people to live forever. Thus, he made the non-profit organization called the 2045 Initiative.

The plan here is to make people immortal by adding human intelligence into artificial bodies by the year 2045. Essentially, this concept will map the brain of a person and thereby develop a working consciousness. This could then just be turned on after a human dies and it would almost be like waking up from surgery. Except you’re now in an artificial body, allowing you to live as long as you can keep going in an artificial form.

35 Undisputed Facts About Artificial Intelligence That You’ll Have To Accept
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6. Real-Life Avatar Coming Soon?

The James Cameron movie, Avatar, was a surprise hit years ago when it managed to give us some of the most beautiful visuals far ahead of its time. The director and writer of the film, Cameron, did not give us a massively compelling story. However, he brought in a factor of artificial intelligence that few considered. Today, Elon Musk wants to make the Avatar concept a reality for the world. His corporation is currently working on creating devices that can link human brains to robotic bodies.

Unlike what Dmitry Itskov wants to do, Musk’s plan is not to take your consciousness away and have you permanently move to a new artificial body. Rather, have you wear a removable headset that gives your brain full control of a robotic body. This is the exact concept of Avatar without the race of weird blue beings. This means you’ll be able to go in and out of your artificial and human forms.

35 Undisputed Facts About Artificial Intelligence That You’ll Have To Accept
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5. AI May Actually Create Jobs Too

It is clear that one of the most mentioned facts about artificial intelligence is that they will be taking jobs from humans. This is true but you should not see this as a negative. Why? Because machines have taken jobs from humans a lot over the years yet people are still employed. They are able to do this due, in part, to what these machines offered.

Sure, you might not be able to mine coal any longer. Yet you can help to write code for the machines that are doing so. You can also work in many areas operating machines and making programs. Jobs like Data Detective work, Ethical Sourcing, Cyber City Analysis, Highway Control, and Personal Memory Coordinating will all be created or enhanced by the rise of Artificial Intelligence in the workplace alone.

35 Undisputed Facts About Artificial Intelligence That You’ll Have To Accept
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4. AI Citizenship

One of the biggest facts about artificial intelligence that will likely become reality is that AI will possibly be considered equal to man. It is unlikely to happen within our lifetime. However, in the future robotic AI will be so intelligent and well-made, we will likely not know the difference between an AI person and human being. As a result, a push will likely be made to make them equal to us.

We’re already seeing this happen somewhat. The AI Robot known as Sophia was granted citizenship to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Do you know what the worst part about this was? This female robot has more rights than the human women of this nation have right now. Sofia is not going to be the last AI to see this happen either.

35 Undisputed Facts About Artificial Intelligence That You’ll Have To Accept
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3. Artificial Intelligence May Truly Be Like The Minority Report

The movie known as The Minority Report is quite compelling but it teaches us a very big lesson. Sometimes, we can go too far with preventative material. In the film, artificial intelligence is so advanced that it can predict a crime possibly happening before it actually does. The real issue is that it does not tend to know the reasoning for it. However, this type of AI is already in development. Predictive artificial intelligence has been in the works and even applied to various stuff for years.

To get to the level of what we see in the movie may take a long time though. The SGI Altix supercomputer known as Nautilus is already doing something like this. It was able to predict the hiding place of Osama bin Laden within 125 miles and it predicted the Arab Spring that began in December of 2010. This is quite massive and if it expands its future-casting, a Minority Report world could be possible.

35 Undisputed Facts About Artificial Intelligence That You’ll Have To Accept
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2. Most Of The Major AI Will Go Into The World Of Sex First

People do not want to talk about it but it’s simply one of the most well-known facts about artificial intelligence that is going to happen, whether we like or not. AI robotic figures will be made for the world of sexual satisfaction, similar to that of an advanced sex doll. Let’s face it, some men and women are not going to get the love they want from a real human being.

It’s sad but simply a fact we cannot ignore. Due to this, they will find what they need in AI Robotics. This could result in human beings choosing to be with AI robots as partners over real human beings, which could even bring the human population down as a result. While we are many decades from something like that happening, we are less than 20 years away from sophisticated and lifelike sex robots.

35 Undisputed Facts About Artificial Intelligence That You’ll Have To Accept
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1. The AI Apocolypse

We cannot have a list like this and miss out on the biggest theory of all, artificial intelligence will one day take over the world, right? Well, not exactly. An Apocolypse the likes of science fiction movies is highly unlikely, especially with advanced weaponry like EMPs capable of stopping any robot or machine for bursts of time. On top of this, humans are the ones who make AI.

If anything, AI will always be a victim to what made wants it to be. Even if it develops intelligence beyond what it is equipped with, this does not mean it will decide to kill all humans. Unless someone makes an Ultron-like being, it simply will be impossible to see. We will not likely see a being the likes of Ultron because making something like that would effectively be committing suicide.