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Recently, the American Government has been quite vocal about UFOs. For many many years, they as well as many other governments have been silent on the issue. Why? Potentially, to keep the peace. UFOs tend to make people assume aliens have landed on Earth, something governments might ideally want to hide. But this latest UFO news tells another tale. That they want us to discuss UFOs more, with the idea likely being that it would be much harder to hide their existence in this era.

It is an era of camera phones and equipment that can take high-resolution images and videos. Then upload them online for the world to see within seconds. It is smarter to make people aware that these UFO legends are not fake or untrue. Although some might be, many are not. The only question is, how many have been true that have been covered up? Of course, UFOs are simply “unidentified flying objects.” The presence of them does not technically mean “aliens.” Then again, no one is definitively saying that extraterrestrials do not exist. Let’s dive into all of this right now!

Why People Should Pay Attention To The Latest UFO News
Intelligence agents team talking while standing around the digital touch screen. Photo Credit: TableGorodenkoff/Shutterstock

The Big Story

The big story everyone is talking about is what will happen in June 2021. The United States Congress has essentially been wanting the intelligence community to be more open with what they are doing. Issues like this have happened with the Central Intelligence Agency in the past, considering they are run by the executive branch over the legislative. We have covered issues surrounding that area of the government many times on Science Sensei too.

Why People Should Pay Attention To The Latest UFO News
Cyber security agent consulting military officer who working on a computer. Photo Credit: Gorodenkoff/Shutterstock

However, it is not just the CIA but also the Armed Forces, FBI, and numerous other intelligence agencies that seem to skate by Congress without input. As a result, this June, these intelligence agencies will be delivering a report specifically about “unidentified aerial phenomena.” While it might not say the word UFO, that is exactly what they are going to be discussing. This now unclassified report, formed by the Director of National Intelligence and Secretary of Defense, will make everything the Pentagon knows about UFOs so far 100% public.

Why People Should Pay Attention To The Latest UFO News
Military defense briefing to a team of agents and politician. Photo Credit: Gorodenkoff/Shutterstock

What We’re Unlikely To Learn

While we are going to be seeing Senators briefed about a lot of UFO content in June, it is not expected that highly classified information will be disclosed. As we’ll explain, UFO content heavily ties into the armed forces. Since a lot of these unidentified flying objects are not alien in origin, but rather, formed by scientists in another nation, they are worthy of study. Yet until the intelligence community knew more, they never shared that information. Even when they did know, they didn’t. Thus far, there have been no official reports of an alien species landing on Planet Earth from any world government.

Why People Should Pay Attention To The Latest UFO News
Aerospace engineers working on secret plane. Photo Credit: Gorodenkoff/Shutterstock

However, many governments have agreed to the existence of objects that move and fly in ways we cannot understand. THIS type of content is what you’ll be hearing about. They will not be disclosing other classified material. The reason for this is that they’d have to reveal sensitive strategic defensive system details used to prevent things like nuclear war. That type of information cannot be declassified for national security purposes. Again, while some classified information will be disclosed, it will only be so much.

Why People Should Pay Attention To The Latest UFO News
UFOs on American flag. Photo Credit: Comdas/Shutterstock

What Brought Us Here

The latest UFO news we’ve had before all of this came back in August of 2020. That was when three videos were unveiled by the Pentagon called GO FAST, FLIR, and GIMBAL. Each video revealed by them is at most just a few minutes long. What should be understood is that the Pentagon was not the first to put them out. They had been online in some form between 2015 to 2017, depending on the video. It was just that they were never “confirmed” by the American Government until 2020.

Why People Should Pay Attention To The Latest UFO News
A still from GIMBAL, one of three videos released by the Pentagon showing unidentified aerial phenomena. Photo Credit: US Department of Defense

They do show evidence of UFOs as we know them. The circular discs or flying saucers are involved, which is what many tend to think about when we refer to UFOs. However, the “unidentified flying objects” could not all be the same if we’re discussing things in terms of an alien species. In fact, it is more likely that their flying objects would look different from what we know. In fact, that very ideology is important to consider. Because in GO FAST, it is just a smaller object that is not exactly circular.

Why People Should Pay Attention To The Latest UFO News
Robertson Panel Portrait. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The Robertson Panel

UFO content became too big to ignore by the World War II period. People were talking and the echo of possible alien visitors became too big to ignore. That led to a secret meeting in January 1953 with multiple areas of the intelligence and scientific communities. Led by physicist and mathematician Howard P. Robertson, the panel consisted of higher-ups in the U.S. Air Force and CIA. They discussed the ongoing UFO investigations as well as Project Blue Book itself. The panel was completely briefed on the military’s activities, which is ultimately why the panel was a national secret. It would be hidden in the “Durant Report.”

Why People Should Pay Attention To The Latest UFO News
The Robertson Panel; From left to right Robertson, Wigner, Weyl, Gödel, Rabi, Einstein, Ladenburg, Oppenheimer, and Clemence. Photo Credit: IAS Archive/Princeton University Library

Once removed from classified to unclassified, the panel at the time declared UFOs were not a national or worldwide threat. Many reports were misidentification issues and further study might very well help us understand the fraction of real reports. The panel then concluded that public education on UFOs should be done to reduce public interest. The reason was that any possible UFO could be considered a national threat and take up valuable Air Defense Systems for nothing. Coming out of a world war and entering into the Cold War, the U.S. could not risk defensive systems for a UFO sighting.

Why People Should Pay Attention To The Latest UFO News
Harry Reid portrait. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Harry Reid Wants More Information!

One of the very reasons why Congress is hearing about UFOs from the intelligence community is potentially thanks to Harry Reid. He had previously served as both the Senate Minority and Majority Leader for the U.S. Congress. Reid was also a sitting Senator for the state of Nevada. This will be important to remember going forward. Reid spoke about several UFO experiences by his constituents in an article for the New York Times.

Why People Should Pay Attention To The Latest UFO News
Harry Reid talking with Barack Obama. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

He wrote specifically about an experience in 1996 when he attended a conference in Nevada about them. He expected the average oddball, and while those types were there, several academics were also in attendance. They broke down the UFO issue in terms of science and technology as well as national security. This made Reid more interested. In spite of people telling him to stay away from the subject, he pushed to demand more information be known about them.

Why People Should Pay Attention To The Latest UFO News
UFO At Airport Tower. Photo Credit: ImageBank4u/Shutterstock

Reid Is One Of The Reasons We Know What We Know So Far About UFOs

There is a lot that can be said about Harry Reid’s work in the UFO area. While it might not be massively well-known, Reid’s work helped lead us to the August 2020 UFO reveal by the Pentagon. Many pilots have been worried about reporting UFO material. They could risk losing their job for sounding crazy. Flying is a mental thing, of course. Any problem in that field would be worthy of removal from your post.

Why People Should Pay Attention To The Latest UFO News
Fighter planes and UFOs flying in the sky. Photo Credit: Bruce Rolff/Shutterstock

Even if the government might want to know about what they see, many worried they might be threatened if they mentioned anything publicly. Retribution by the government made people fear reporting but Reid’s work slowly made things easier. He and few other Senators formed the secret government program called the “Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program” around 2007. It is no longer active, but this program led to recordings of UFOs by the military and investigations.

Why People Should Pay Attention To The Latest UFO News
Portrait Photo of Leslie Kean. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Leslie Kean Publicly Exposes Reid’s Task Force

While Harry Reid’s work in this area had been useful to government surveillance on UFOs, his program kept what they learned from the public. An independent investigative journalist named Leslie Kean helped to uncover things. She published an article for the Boston Globe that revolved around new compelling evidence of UFO sightings. She did this after Steven M. Greer, a notable ufologist at the time, spoke on his beliefs of aliens and discussions he had with people at the Pentagon. He made some outrageous claims.

Why People Should Pay Attention To The Latest UFO News
Military men tracking coordinates. Photo Credit: FrameStockFootages/Shutterstock

Kean felt that the genuinely big reports about UFOs were baffling and needed to be looked into. We need to use scientific scrutiny but this is not going to happen with Greer and those like him making such crazy claims. Kean would publish a best-selling UFO book in 2017, which focused on the scientific aspect. She doubled down in December of 2017, as she along with two NY Times journalists exposed that the U.S. Government had been running a UFO tracking program for 10 years. That’s right, Reid’s program had now been brought to light. Interestingly, in the same year, Reid retired from Congress.

Why People Should Pay Attention To The Latest UFO News
Aerial view of US Pentagon in Washington DC building. Photo Credit: Ivan Cholakov/Shutterstock

The Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force

Harry Reid retired from his congressional role in 2017 after 20 years in the Senate and 4 years before that in the U.S. House of Representatives. We knew once he left office, his program might also dissolve eventually. The Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program was discontinued officially in 2020 and replaced by the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force. Well, at least we know it was not officially declassified until June 2020. They do the same things.

Why People Should Pay Attention To The Latest UFO News
U.S. Department of Defense Security Cooperation. Photo Credit: Steve Mann/Shutterstock

Senator Marco Rubio requested the release of their collected data, along with all content collected by the United States Navy and Pentagon that June. That is what caused the Pentagon UFO videos to be released that we referenced above. Since this program Reid and co. created helped to gather so much, a lot could be revealed. However, of the content they found (including the released Pentagon videos), none involved aerial equipment that could not be traced back to potential aliens.

Why People Should Pay Attention To The Latest UFO News
Area 51 Satellite Image. Photo Credit: Google Earth

The Infamous Area 51

America is hiding all of its alien species evidence at Area 51, right? Unknown. Area 51 was formed specifically for testing out new ariel equipment for the United States Armed Forces. It was never designed or intended for housing or working with aliens. However, testing facilities are found all over the country. We know many of them are in areas that are very unpopulated too. Yet the security and massive secrecy of Area 51 is unlike any other government facility in America, barring the White House.

Why People Should Pay Attention To The Latest UFO News
Extraterrestrial Highway. Photo Credit: Nebs/Shutterstock

In all honesty, it might even be more secure than even the White House at this point. It is run by the Edwards Air Force Base, where they have been testing out new equipment for decades. Yet many other facilities around the world test out equipment. Why is the United States so secretive about one facility? The base has been known for many years, but it was not until June 2013 that the CIA acknowledged the existence of the base. This came after a Freedom of Information Act request in 2005. Around this same time period, the CIA also unveiled the purpose of the base and what they claim to be doing there.

Why People Should Pay Attention To The Latest UFO News
Area 51 Warning Sign. Photo Credit: Dean Clarke/Shutterstock

Area 51 Might Have Caused Its Own Conspiracies

As referenced, the CIA did not unveil that the base actually existed until 2013. We all knew it did. However, the fact that the government was blatantly not acknowledging something that we ALL KNEW ABOUT was insane. Funny enough, the government does not refer to the site as “Area 51.” It is actually called “Homey Airport” or “Groom Lake.” We prefer Area 51, but it’s nice that it has an actual name. Its location is not specifically given, but we know it’s in Nevada about 83 miles northwest of Las Vegas.

Why People Should Pay Attention To The Latest UFO News
UFO crash on a field with smoke. Photo Credit: Fer Gregory/Shutterstock

It is specifically located next to the small town of Rachel, Nevada. Due to testing out so many new aircraft, Area 51 has been sending out unique objects into the sky for a long time. You’ll note that many UFO sightings have often happened in Nevada, Texas, Utah, California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Oregon. It is not surprising that weird objects in the sky would be found so close to Area 51. Any time some of the latest UFO news comes out, it should not shock anyone that Area 51 is behind some of the sightings.

Why People Should Pay Attention To The Latest UFO News
Protest against government with “Stop Lying To People” banner. Photo Credit: Bambi_CZ/Shutterstock

This Is Also Why The Government Is So Secretive and Makes Bogus Claims

The Pentagon will have to reveal UFO content mostly because a lot of sightings have happened and have been caught on camera. Yet for many years the government hid a lot of this, even lying to the media about things. If people saw a UFO-like object, the government said they did not. It was just a random weather issue or something. The idea was that it would keep things calmer to not discuss the ordeal but it actually caused more conspiracies. Why is it that the government lied so often?

Why People Should Pay Attention To The Latest UFO News
People are puppets of the Government. Photo Credit: Nosyrevy/Shutterstock

Many believe the reason has to do with the equipment itself. Sometimes, it is not good to discuss specific equipment because it can give other governments an inside look at some very dangerous equipment. Remember the Manhattan Project, the experiments that led to the Atom Bomb? Imagine that information getting into the hands of Germany or Japan before the United States. The same can be said for potential flying objects. You’re better off hiding that and making a few people look crazy than revealing something that Congress might force you to reveal to the world before you want to.

Why People Should Pay Attention To The Latest UFO News
Russian toxin Novichok liquid dripping from a chemical glass flask. Photo Credit: Boombastic/Shutterstock

We’re Not The Only Ones Though

The United States might love to hide their work on UFOs, but several other nations work on secret equipment too. Some, such as Russia/USSR, had secret labs specifically for developing poisons or other chemical warfare toxins. Germany under the Nazi regime was known for doing A LOT of scientific work from 1900 to 1950. During the heart of both World Wars, we know they were working on new flying objects in an effort to get an advantage on their opponents.

Why People Should Pay Attention To The Latest UFO News
German Flying Saucer. Photo Credit: Flickr

One such design was a UFO. Many believe that a lot of the UFOs seen in other parts of the world could be a similar case to what Area 51 experiences. Military bases testing out secret equipment that they do not want anyone to know about. This includes the flying saucer, which Germany was actually in the process of developing during World War II. In some of the latest UFO news of the past few years, the CIA actually recognized these very objects the Nazis were developing from a 1950 report.

Why People Should Pay Attention To The Latest UFO News
An illustration of the first artificial satellite “Sputnik” launched by the Soviet Union in 1957 orbiting the Earth. Photo Credit: AuntSpray/Shutterstock

Sometimes UFOs Are Used To Create “Mass Hysteria” Propaganda

The CIA unveiled a lot of data in their reports of flying saucers or flying discs. One such report revolved around an object from Russia. Apparently, a Soviet Newspaper wrote about a flying saucer in 1945, but the CIA could not seem to find the paper that referenced it when they looked into the situation further. They also followed a broadcast about the potential UFO in June of 1951. Yet this broadcast referenced the lack of harm regarding the object, and that mentions of flying saucers are being used to form “mass war hysteria in the Soviet Union.” This all surrounded a Soviet Satellite that went into orbit in the 1940s.

Why People Should Pay Attention To The Latest UFO News
Man hides frightened by UFO space shuttle. Photo Credit: Alphaspirit.it/Shutterstock

The U.S. State Department then uncovered a report from a Budapest outlet on August 14, 1952, which claimed that the U.S. made up the flying saucer concept in a propaganda attempt to “prove Eastern countries are threatening.” While it is true that the U.S. used lots of propaganda during WWII, this was not one. America was not the first to reference the Soviet Saucer. Rather, they were interested in investigating it, but the newspaper that originally referenced it was pulled. This likely means the Soviets set up their own hysteria to give more reasons for staying in the war. World War II mostly ended in 1945, however.

Why People Should Pay Attention To The Latest UFO News
President Barack Obama jokingly mimics U.S. Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney’s “not impressed” look. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Former U.S. President Barack Obama Talks UFOs and Aliens

On an episode of the Late Late Show with James Corden, the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama, appeared to discuss several interesting subjects. The May 18, 2021 episode really grabbed headlines when the show’s bandleader Reggie Watts asked Obama about aliens. Obama, ever the intelligent speaker, mentioned jokingly “there is a lot about aliens I just cannot tell you on the air.” He said he specifically asked about aliens when he first entered office in 2009.

Why People Should Pay Attention To The Latest UFO News
Landscape with cows and UFO. Photo Credit: Andrey_l/Shutterstock

He asked, “where are the labs with the aliens and stuff.” Obama (again jokingly) claimed his people did some digging for him but there was nothing to report. But what is true, he claimed, is that “we have videos and images of objects flying in the air that we simply do not know what they are.” Obviously, Obama is not lying here as we do have many reports and videos of UFOs. The real issue people miss is that the presence of a UFO does not equal the presence of extraterrestrials.

Why People Should Pay Attention To The Latest UFO News
Area 51 Conspiracy Theory. Photo Credit: Intueri/Shutterstock

UFO and Alien Conspiracy Theories

You might laugh at conspiracy theories, and you have every right to do so. However, conspiracy theories are not always crackpot-crazy talk from a dude high on meth and bath salts. Rather, some are based on very real concepts. The issue with many is that they might be based on something real but take on a life of their own. Conspiracy theories often never work out because of this. People want things to fit the exact crazy talk that fits their conspiracy.

Why People Should Pay Attention To The Latest UFO News
Man keeping a secret. Photo Credit: Photographee.eu/Shutterstock

In reality, the truth is often much less glamorous. While the real story can at times be just as amazing as the conspiracy, possibly bigger, this is rare. This is especially true concerning conspiracies that formed over many years or decades. It is clear that the American Government, as well as other nations, hid UFO information from their people. We know this conspiracy theory holds up, but does it mean more? Possibly not. That said, let’s go over some of the more unique conspiracies.

Why People Should Pay Attention To The Latest UFO News
Majestic 12 Conspiracy. Photo Credit: YouTube

Conspiracy #1: Space Ship Crashed In Roswell Covered Up By “The Majestic 12”

In 1947, a spaceship was said to have landed in Roswell, New Mexico. Making many assume aliens were among us. The assumption was that private military contractors working for America raced to unlock alien hardware before the Soviets could do so. As we referenced, the Soviets really did try to push UFO propaganda and blamed it in on America. Some in both governments really did think that an arms race between America and the Soviets backed by alien technology was possible.

Why People Should Pay Attention To The Latest UFO News
Alien Exhibit Display at the International UFO Museum and Research Center. Photo Credit: Sheri Armstrong/Shutterstock

Yet all of this critical information was supposedly covered up by the “Majestic 12,” a para-governmental organization under President Eisenhower. President John F. Kennedy was assassinated because he planned to tell Premier Khrushchev about the aliens. Yet had already told Marilyn Monroe. This, of course, sealed her fate too. Representative Steven Schiff tried for years to get to the bottom of the Roswell incident only to die of “cancer.” Obviously, the Majestic 12 did it all!

Why People Should Pay Attention To The Latest UFO News
George Adamski became famous for sharing his UFO and Alien encounters. Photo Credit: Historia/Shutterstock

Conspiracy #2: The George Adamski Story

Polish immigrant George Adamski once claimed he met with a race of kin Nordic-looking Venusians who were upset by our domestic and interplanetary effects of nuclear bomb tests. They supposedly took him to the Moon and other planets. To his credit, he displayed images that he claimed were of alien spacecraft. Interestingly, none of these images hold up today as proof of alien spacecraft at all. Adamski also became an author, writing about his contact with aliens.

Why People Should Pay Attention To The Latest UFO News
Professor Adamski Stands in Front of A Painting by Gay Betts. Photo Credit: Historia/Shutterstock

Another interesting note is that he was the first person to come forward about being abducted by aliens or having personal contact with them. Of course, his books became best-sellers. He sold 200,000 copies total of three different books he wrote about his contact with the “Space Brothers” he met. His books were big in America but also in Japan. In fact, his specific descriptions of aliens and their spacecraft inspired much of Japan’s depictions of UFOs and aliens in general.

Why People Should Pay Attention To The Latest UFO News
UFO Over Great Pyramids. Photo Credit: DanieleGay/Shutterstock

Conspiracy #3: Aliens Obviously Helped Us Make The Great Pyramids In Egypt

To be fair to conspiracy theorists here, the Great Pyramids in Egypt are incredibly well built. It’s gotta be aliens, right? They are designed perfectly and actually line up properly with specific stars. The design of the pyramids lining up this way is not really alien or foreign, but due to their heavy astrological knowledge. Yet the Pyramid of Giza is potentially the most puzzling piece of architecture one could discuss. Why? First, the paste or glue they used to hold the blocks together is perfect.

Why People Should Pay Attention To The Latest UFO News
The Great Pyramid Of Giza. Photo Credit: givaga/Shutterstock

Scientists have studied it and found that the materials can be found on Earth. But when trying to recreate the paste, they could not form anything anywhere close to the impressive paste the Egyptians used. There are also several areas of the pyramid we have yet to explore in-person or with technology. The blocks were massive and to move them with tools at the time would be incredibly difficult. It’s uncertain how they made such perfect Pyramids with their equipment thousands of years later, but we do know it could be done by humans alone. Making alien connections unlikely.

Why People Should Pay Attention To The Latest UFO News
Barney & Betty Hill. Photo Credit: Flickr

Abductions Or Possible Contact With Extraterrestrials

Many people have referenced being abducted by aliens or being visited by them. The issue is that this cannot be confirmed with anyone. Even if it could, it’s quite unlikely we’d believe a person who claimed such a thing. The tale of Barney and Betty Hill is a compelling one. They claimed a species from the Zeta Reticuli System abducted them. Betty was able to draw a complete map of the system well before even NASA had a perfect copy of the system themselves. Perhaps the most notable potential abduction involves Travis Walton, who claimed to be abducted in 1975.

Why People Should Pay Attention To The Latest UFO News
Travis Walton at The 2019 International UFO Congress. Photo Credit: Wikipedia

He had been working for the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest when he and six co-workers encountered an object hovering over the group. Walton went to get a closer look while his co-workers laid back. They drove off as a beam of light came from the object. Walton woke up on a ship with three short bald creatures, then later came two walking along a highway 5 days later. His co-workers were shocked to find him alive, and an investigation into the incident was immediate. When the men’s stories were tested under separate lie detector tests, 5 of them passed with the 6th being inconclusive.

Why People Should Pay Attention To The Latest UFO News
UFO crash in the forest. Photo Credit: Fer Gregory/Shutterstock

The Obvious Issue That Cannot Be Ignored

Many people reference how a UFO being present must mean the existence of an alien species. More than this, a UFO being around somehow means that this species is some advanced lifeform that could destroy us at any second. There are many issues with these beliefs. First, most conspiracy theories have a lot to do with UFOs that crashed down on Earth somewhere. If an alien species crashed down on our planet, are they truly that advanced?

Why People Should Pay Attention To The Latest UFO News
UFO spaceship crash in the desert. Photo Credit: Shivam Singla471/Shutterstock

If their ship fell out of the sky, and there is no potential evidence that the ship had been damaged by some space enemy, were they any good at piloting their ship? One must conclude that those found or spotted in the sky are at least possibly a UFO that could be piloted by an alien species. Yet most of our major theories surround crashes. How is a crash somehow proof of an advanced species? If anything, it would prove it’s a lesser species OR it’s simply a test object made by another country.

Why People Should Pay Attention To The Latest UFO News
President Barack Obama meets with John Brennan, Deputy National Security Advisor for Counterterrorism and Homeland Security. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Former CIA Director John Brennan On The Possibility Of Extraterrestrial Life

The government does not technically like the “UFO” term and instead loves to use the “unidentified ariel object” or UAF term. Likely to keep out of the science fiction area. This is often the name that military officials or people within the intelligence community will use. One of those people is the former CIA Director, John Brennan. In December 2020, he was pressed on the UFO phenomena in an interview with Tyler Cowen.

Why People Should Pay Attention To The Latest UFO News
Aliens landing with UFO on earth coming in peace. Photo Credit: DanieleGay/Shutterstock

Brennan seemed almost tortured to admit it, but claimed, “some of the phenomena we’re going to be seeing continues to be unexplained and might, in fact, be some type of phenomenon that is the result of something that we don’t yet understand. That could involve some type of activity that some might say constitutes a different form of life.” It is not surprising that he felt odd and tortured to say it. To even assume such a thing is possible seems crazy, and Brennan knew it. But pressed, knowing that he now could freely admit to more than ever before, he let out what many had been assuming for decades.

Why People Should Pay Attention To The Latest UFO News
Ratcliffe with President Donald Trump. Photo Credit: Wikipedia

The Former Director Of U.S. National Intelligence John Ratcliffe Agrees

John Ratcliffe served as the Director of U.S. National Intelligence under the Trump Administration from 2020 to 2021. He spoke with Fox News about the recent UFO information. While a lot of the UFO info tends to revolve around unexplainable objects that very well could have been made by another nation, it is unknown. The issue is that the American government did not want to talk about it or admit to anything. That is why Ratcliffe’s interview is so compelling. He told Fox:

Why People Should Pay Attention To The Latest UFO News
Concept of alien abduction. Photo Credit: ktsdesign/Shutterstock

“When we talk about sightings, we are talking about objects that have been seen by Navy or Air Force pilots, or have been picked up by satellite imagery. That frankly engage in actions that are difficult to explain, movements that are hard to replicate, that we don’t have the technology for. Or [they] are traveling at speeds that exceed the sound barrier without a sonic boom.” A government intelligence person saying they do not know the meaning behind something is scary to some people, but for most of us, it’s refreshing honesty. Governments often assume they need all the answers, but they don’t.

Why People Should Pay Attention To The Latest UFO News
Seal of FBI on Federal Bureau of Investigation headquarters building. Photo Credit: Bakdc/Shutterstock

The FBI Has A UFO Information Vault

While it might not be exactly what you think about when you think of the word “vault,” the Federal Bureau of Investigation has an “online” area where you can view UFO material. These documents were kept by the FBI and sealed until the American government forced the information to be publicized. Yet people have to be aware that not every instance of a UFO that was reported by someone was a true UFO. A lot of the reports were pranks or misunderstandings.

Why People Should Pay Attention To The Latest UFO News
Alien spaceship fleet above the Grand Canyon. Photo Credit: 3000ad/Shutterstock

This gets hard to believe because the American Government, as referenced previously, loved to hide stuff from us. Therefore, even if something was truly nothing, it was hard for people to accept that. The FBI decided to put all of their vault information out there from 1947 to 1954. Some of it revolves around the pranks as well as real accounts of possible UFOs. Some even have details as to what the UFO sighted really was or could be. We recommend you check out their vault here.

Why People Should Pay Attention To The Latest UFO News
UFO Flying with Naval Aircraft. Photo Credit: KOSKA ill/Shutterstock

The U.S. Navy Opened Formal Guidelines To Reporting UFOs In 2019

In 2019, the United States Navy made it clear to armed service members that they wanted to know if they encounter a possible UFO. Of course, they wanted legitimate material that could be recorded and studied. UFOs have been encountered by people in the U.S. Navy and Air Force many times over the years, but many times they would go unreported or be completely ignored entirely. These UFOs could be considered a national threat, even if they are not piloted by an alien species.

Why People Should Pay Attention To The Latest UFO News
U.S. Naval Members. Photo Credit: a Katz/Shutterstock

Some of the UFOs have been seen in sensitive airspace or near bases, which could be a big problem. Especially if they are near testing facilities. The Navy does not want people thinking that their formal process in recording UFO knowledge means they recognize the existence of aliens. Rather, it’s about national security concerns. Moreover, they do not want UFOs being ignored as science fiction nonsense when they very well could be something quite important, alien or not.

Why People Should Pay Attention To The Latest UFO News
Upset corporate man yelling over the phone. Photo Credit: Roman Samborskyi/Shutterstock

The Conclusion Is Often Not What We Want To Hear

No matter what the American intelligence communities reveal in their reports to Congress about UFO encounters, one thing needs to be considered. The intelligence community ultimately started a lot of these conspiracy theories people have simply because they chose to keep things secret. Even stuff that had no reason to be secret. Why are they suddenly opening things up for discussion nowadays with UFOs though?

Why People Should Pay Attention To The Latest UFO News
Scooby Doo Unmasking. Photo Credit: Yurii Onyshchenko/Shutterstock

Ultimately, the American government knows that we’re in a more evolved time. They also know that countries are in the process of making new, major weapons and vehicles. Naturally, a lot of these things could harm American citizens as well as our allies. We are better off reporting a UFO than not because it can help national security. Sure, just about everyone wants these UFOs to be piloted by an extraterrestrial species. However, it is more likely piloted by some dude with an engineering degree in Stockholm. Does that suck to know? Of course. But the truth is not always glamorous.