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This is How Time Travel is Possible
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Multiverse Theory

It’s interesting that we bring up The Flash in this scenario of time travel. He actually does go back in time to stop Reverse Flash from killing his mother in the Flashpoint Paradox story-arc. This is a key part of DC Comics that causes a few rifts in the multi-universe itself and ends up causing a Crisis Event.

This is How Time Travel is Possible
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In any case, when Flash does this he technically creates a new timeline and universe where his mother exists yet he is not The Flash. A lot of things are the same but many things are not. Bruce Wayne is killed instead of his parents, causing his father Thomas to become Batman while his mother actually becomes this universe’s Joker.

Superman does not land in a field but rather, in the center of the Metropolis. Wonder Woman and Aquaman have an affair leading to the death of Mera, the Queen of Atlantis. Thus causing a war that will wipe out the planet. This must be changed, so Flash finds a way to recreate the conditions that gave him powers, nearly killing himself to do so. All to go back in time. Yet this does not stop changes from happening because it still causes a rift where a third universe or timeline comes about.

This is How Time Travel is Possible
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Likely Parallel Universe Concept

If we did go back in time, it is most likely that we would end up being connected to the laws of the second timeline theory we proposed. This is the timeline where the past is constant and cannot technically be changed. When it does change, it would then create another universe branched off on its own.

This is How Time Travel is Possible
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Basically, if we kill Baby Hitler then we will not see the result of this in the timeline we return to. Hitler always existed in our timeline and always will. However, the interesting notion is to consider how we could end up remaining in this Hitlerless universe. One would conclude the only way to do this is to remain in the timeline we’ve gone back to.

Therefore, the changes you make would branch off a different timeline and you’d remain in it. However, you might not have to remain behind. It is interesting to note that if we did use the mirrored parallel universe to go back in time, to begin with, we’d likely be able to visit this new universe we created eventually. If we can access one universe, what stops us from accessing another? We just shouldn’t assume our time travel changes will affect our present timeline.