40 Greatest Inventors In World History And What They Invented

By Joe Burgett
40 Greatest Inventors In World History And What They Invented

WWhere would the world be today without the technology and assistance we have today as human beings? Likely, we’d all be in a very bad place that none of us ever want to be. If it was not for some of the world’s greatest inventors, the way the world looks and operates today would certainly be very different.

Some inventions that are no longer in use sparked the inventions that happen to still be major parts of our society today. These people are just as important as the inventors who see their inventions in use all the time. In Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, and even Ancient Rome, there were times when a collective invented something too.

This means that someone came up with an idea and then others expanded upon it, creating new technology or concepts. From there, more kept adding to the tech or concept until it eventually became what we know it as today. Things like Gears, Showers, Catapults, Cannons, and especially the world of medicine were constantly added to.

To make a mark on the world as one of the greatest inventors on the planet, you had to invent something amazing. Perhaps, you had to invent several amazing things. Your invention(s) had to be revolutionary and still operate in some form today. This is the same for discoveries one might make too, as inventions often take a major discovery to come about first.

We decided to make a list to highlight some of the people who fit this. That said, we hope you enjoy our list of the greatest inventors in world history.