This is How Time Travel is Possible

By Joe Burgett
This is How Time Travel is Possible

Time Travel; it’s something we all wish we could do so we could go back and fix something. However, we sadly cannot do this because time travel doesn’t exist, right? Well, so far as we know, there is no such thing as time travel outside of science fiction currently. Yet this might not actually be true. In fact, there are several things science now knows and has proven to be fact, all of which proves we might be able to do it. Of course, we want to make sure you understand that some of the things needed for it to happen can be considered quite complicated.

Meanwhile, other stuff is incredibly easy and very well could have already happened. However, we will explain a lot of this to you as well as major discoveries science has made that could affect time travel. First, we need you to be aware of a few other things too. This article will use a lot of theoretical concepts. The reason for this is that time travel itself is theoretical and therefore, anything we say that relates to it will be too. Even if those concepts are scientific facts, they will still be a victim to the theoretical territory because of their connection to the subject. We also want you to be aware that our goal for this article is to inform, but you will not walk away learning how to build a time machine. In fact, this is one of the things we will touch on soon. Without further delay, let’s get started.


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Albert Einstein’s Theory Of Relativity

We should mention that a lot of the stuff we discuss to start off this article will be based around the Theory of Relativity proposed by Albert Einstein decades ago. Technically, Einstein’s ideas are no longer a theory but rather, a fact. Why are his concepts on relativity so important? Beyond the infamous E=MC2 equation, the Theory of Relativity connects both Special Relativity and General Relativity.

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Both are important but they are what helps us determine how gravity and time are connected. Gravity itself was technically discovered and analyzed by Isaac Newton. However, he could not figure out how gravity operated instantaneously at a distance. Einstein helped us see gravity as a force that moved matter along the shortest space, all within a curved spacetime. He found that the Sun bends spacetime and tells planets how to move.

Newton could not know time and space were not technically fixed. Einstein could and when he figured it all out with his relativity concepts, he infamously wrote “Newton, forgive me.” This was to signify that he found that Isaac could not, as he ruined Newton’s theory with his own. Einstein’s discoveries led to Quantum Physics we use today. Albert also discovered the Cosmological Constant and Unified Field Theories. Both are also useful when discussing time travel.