Over 3 Billion Birds Have Disappeared Since The 1970s

By Trista
Over 3 Billion Birds Have Disappeared Since The 1970s

Birds are a valuable part of our ecosystem. They are not only a good source, but they also eat unwanted pests, remove dead animal carcasses, and help to get rid of disease-carrying mosquitoes. Studies have shown that spending time in nature bird watching can significantly improve a person’s mental health. There are even some bird species that help with pollinating flowers and other plants. The world would surely be a different place without birds. 

Did you know that there are more than 10,000 distinct bird species in the world? Experts estimate that there used to be far more, but we’ve lost them due to extinction. Human activity has caused close to 130 species of birds to become extinct since the 17th century. Hundreds of more species were most likely wiped out before then as well. Right now, roughly 1,200 bird species are at risk of going extinct. Luckily there are organizations in place dedicated to the preservation of these rare birds. To learn more about the crisis surrounding lost birds and the birds that have gone extinct, keep reading. 

Credit: Pixabay

1. 3 Billion Fewer Birds

It’s alarming how much the bird population in North America has dwindled. More than 3 billion birds have died in the past five decades. Scientists have referred to this as an ecological crisis, and they’re exactly right. 

Birds are essential to our ecosystem. Without them, the world would not function in the way that it needs to. So many species of birds have gone extinct, many of which were in North America when the first humans were. If we don’t change the way birds are treated and work hard to protect their habitats, we will continue to lose them in increasing numbers.