Sahara Desert Snow
[Image via Karim Bouchetata/Geoff Robinson]

Snow In The Desert

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We should first make one thing clear here. There are some deserts in the world that are just like your regular sand deserts but simply happen to be located in colder areas. Therefore, they are usually filled with snow and/or ice. Think most of Antarctica here. This section refers to the sandy deserts like the Sahara, Gobi, Mojave, etc.

Photo Credit: Cnn

People do not realize how cold some deserts can get. In fact, it is more common for someone to die from hypothermia than heatstroke in deserts across the world. Yet snow in these sandy deserts is really rare to see, though it might not be as uncommon as some tend to think. In places like Egypt, snowfall is not really weird to see. It just does not stick as often.

Photo Credit: Cnn

However, places like the Sahara Desert, known for reaching temperatures of over 100-Degrees Fahrenheit, have also seen snow sticking. In fact, each time it snows in the region, the Sahara has been painted white all over the place (it just rarely happens). People who see this are often amazed to see snow sticking in a commonly hot, humid environment. Therefore, it has become part of the world’s strangest weather phenomena.