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Chimeras: The Potluck Of Mythological Creatures

  • Greek Mythology

The Chimera creature could never have existed, but there has been some skepticism. Homer brought up the creature, even described it, in his book, the Illiad. For years, many were uncertain just how much from the story and its sequel The Odyssey, are real or made up. Especially since we’ve discovered many things from the tales have since been found to be relatively accurate. Therefore, Chimeras existing might seem crazy but so did other stuff Homer said…until it wasn’t.

The Chimera was described as a Lion with the head of a goat coming out of its back, a tail with a snakehead on the end, that could breathe fire. It’s apparently related to many other mythological creatures too. When discussed, very few ever bought into this creature as legit or real. However, the idea that it is connected to other plausible creatures makes some wonder about its potential truth.

In reality, it was likely that a person simply decided to write about a Lion, Goat, and Snake coming together. As it was potentially the best thing they could come up with at the time. Several creatures in mythology sound pretty insane, it was just that the Chimera took off in popular culture. Even today, we claim something sounds like a Chimera when it sounds incredibly weird or implausible. This is pretty much why.