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The world might still be having issues getting a Sony PlayStation 5, yet other technology is easier to get your hands on. At least, for the most part. Most of the time, home office gadgets might not seem like a major industry. You tend to think about a computer, desk, and maybe some software like Microsoft Office for the computer too. Yet there is so much more within that field. On top of this, an “office” can be just about anywhere these days.

You do not have to be in some random office building downtown or even inside your own home. Rather, your office could be in your car, at a local Starbucks, on the beach, etc. This was proven even more so during the recent COVID Pandemic, where people could not work alongside their co-workers. That said, there is quite a lot of technology that can be employed by people trying to get work done. We’ve compiled a list of the best home office gadgets we’re sure you’ll want as soon as you see them.

Impressive Home Office Gadgets To Add To this Year’s Wish List
[Image via Western Digital]

Western Digital SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD V2

Western Digital is a tremendous company that has been around for many years now. They create several products that you might have used without even knowing they built them. Working with SanDisk, they created this very impressive SSD that is incredibly fast and durable. Proper SSDs or solid-state drives are a lot like hard drives. They essentially do the same things, but SSDs are portable and usually much easier to take from place to place. Even on airplanes.

Using the NVMe solid-state performance, you’ll be able to access 1050 MBs per second reading speed and 1000MB per second writing speed. While most might use it for video or picture content, you could likely save large files on it for any purpose. Especially if you’re a scientist who wants to keep research safe. Oh and this comes in 500MB, 1TB, 2TB, or 4TB worth of space (you pick) and a 5-year limited warranty. Plus, the 256‐bit AES hardware encryption makes it impossible for others to access.

Impressive Home Office Gadgets To Add To this Year’s Wish List
[Image via TimeFlip]


Do you have a time management problem? Maybe you just feel like you get too focused on something and overdo it? You have no need to put your brain through all of that pain. Mental health is important and managing your time well can be a very helpful way to limit anxiety and depression issues while working. TimeFlip2 helps with this differently than software time management features might. It is a physical device you’ll have on your desk that will go off using LED lighting when needed.

Utilizing the Pomodoro timer to split up workloads, the TimeFlip2 effortlessly helps you manage time effectively. On top of this, all settings can be made through the app. Therefore, if you need to remind yourself about something tomorrow you can set it up immediately. On top of that, you can keep track of everything you set and any delays or issues you might have through its cloud-based system. Which is compatible with all Apple and Android phones.

Impressive Home Office Gadgets To Add To this Year’s Wish List
[Image via Angry Miao]

Angry Miao AM Hatsu 3D Split Keyboard

When we think about home office gadgets, especially those that might be revolutionary, we think of this. It is the Angry Miao AM Hatsu 3D Split Keyboard. It literally cut the normal keyboard in half but did not just randomly do this without thinking it through. Inspired by Westworld, the developers wanted to make a keyboard device that would be easy to use but also medically helpful. It is made quite literally to give a person the perfect shoulder length from person to keyboard.

This helps to aid a person’s neck and shoulder health. This 3D Split Keyboard is made for the average hand, as it’s literally designed in split-form as two hands. The idea is that you’ll be able to properly remember and access the keys as you know them on a normal keyboard. Except your keyboard will just be split up in this extremely revolutionary way. While the keyboard is only on pre-sale as of this writing, it will be coming likely as soon as the end of 2021 or the start of 2022.

Impressive Home Office Gadgets To Add To this Year’s Wish List
[Image via PC Magazine]

WiFi Smart Lock

One of the worst things one has to deal with at their home office is kids or loved ones barging into their office. They set this place up to get away from the normal issues they might face at home. This is why doors will be closed and even locked to avoid problems. Yet some still do not get the point. One issue some might face is that you might not be able to get up at the time to unlock your door, should someone knock.

This is why one of the best home office gadgets you can have is a WiFi Smart Lock. It is literally a lock that will work with just about every deadbolt or locking system. It works using encrypted Bluetooth technology, and won’t just be present for someone to see and open other than you. Basically, it can be opened via your phone or computer. Best of all, if you need to lock the door while away then you won’t need to carry any keys to get back in. Simply open it using the app.

Impressive Home Office Gadgets To Add To this Year’s Wish List
[Image via Lenovo]

Lenovo Thinkreality A3

Lenovo is one of the top technology companies on the planet, having profited over $60 billion in 2021 as of this writing. They are mostly known for their laptops, desktops, and tablets for Americans. Yet they wanted to make a product that could potentially be a major future asset. They call it the “ThinkReality A3.” They are smart glasses that will allow you to see a larger picture in more detail than you would on any television or monitor.

Unlike Google Glass, Lenovo’s model is not trying to be stylish and use random voice commands. You run this either through an app or via your computer. What makes it one of the best home office gadgets is the fact that you can go anywhere and view your content in complete privacy. No one could look at your screen and see anything, because it’s all in the glasses. On top of that, they worked with eye specialists to make something that would be safe for your eyes. Thus, no worry for eye safety.

Impressive Home Office Gadgets To Add To this Year’s Wish List
[Image via Hatch]

Hatch Restore

Many believe the Hatch Restore is only a product for sleep purposes. Yet there are many uses for stuff like this, making it one of the better home office gadgets you can buy. Looking at it, you’ll see calming colors used to sort of soothe you. Not to mention, the time to help you keep up with that – should you need it. While working, many like to get into a zen place. It helps to have something like the Hatch Restore to do that.

Using LED soft glow lights, you can set up the colors to fit your needs. It creates a mood using these lights but also equipped sounds that will further aid you. The content used for sound is mostly to help you wind down to go to sleep, but it can be played for your working period too. While optional, you can join the Hatch Sleep Membership to get access to endless sleep content. All lights can be controlled with the buttons on the Restore but they can also be controlled via the Hatch app too.

Impressive Home Office Gadgets To Add To this Year’s Wish List
[Image via Ucan]

The Ucan Mini Heater

If you work at home, you can easily set the heat to fit your specific needs. But this is not always possible, especially not if you have to go into an office building. For those in-between both, it can be somewhat miserable as the time of the year shifts between warm to cold. Yet this should no longer be a major worry with the Ucan Mini Heater. It is small and can easily be carried in your pocket, backpack, or purse.

It will immediately begin to heat up the small area it is around upon being turned on. The mini heater plugs right into your computer or can be plugged into a normal outlet. It heats up just enough to where it will not burn anyone, even if you’re right on it. Of course, you can rotate the heater to fit any angle you need heat. To us, this makes it one of the best home office gadgets you can get as it can be used just about anywhere you might need to work.

Impressive Home Office Gadgets To Add To this Year’s Wish List
[Image via Samsung]

Samsung Digital Display

We feel Samsung has outdone themselves when it comes to this Digital Display. When you think about it, you’ll likely think of those giant digital displays in New York. Maybe even the screens you’ll see inside stadiums or arenas all around the world. While those are digital displays that Samsung can and has made, others are much smaller. Particularly those that can be used inside a classroom or even your own home office.

This digital screen can be drawn on using specialized utensils, of course. But due to being digital, it can be made to specific sizes. Now, that little Math problem you drew up can be seen by an entire class. For the world of home office gadgets, it works well when doing presentations from anywhere. The board is digital, so you can adjust any lighting or color you need so that it shows up well on a Zoom call, for instance. Truly, it is one of the best things you can have.

Impressive Home Office Gadgets To Add To this Year’s Wish List
[Image via Blinkee.com]

Magnetic Floating Wireless LED Lightbulb

We know, how does this really give you any assistance or offer you anything useful? To be frank, it does not really do any of that. Rather, it is there to look at. This LED lightbulb will offer some needed light you may have a use for. Ultimately though, it is a nice attraction on any desk for visitors. Yet it might also draw your eye at times too. Perhaps, even offer some inspiration you might need during a given day.

This really is exactly as it sounds. A lightbulb is suspended in the air due to the use of magnetism. This involves some electromagnetic material, but ultimately it depends on the model you get. We prefer this version from the good people at Levitation Arts, Inc. It is well-priced and uses a wireless version of electricity that works via induction. It has an on/off button and it’s floating over a piece of nice wood. Really, what more do you need. There’s a freaking floating lightbulb!!

Impressive Home Office Gadgets To Add To this Year’s Wish List
[Image via Tile]

Tile Pro Tracker

The Tile Pro Tracker is pretty awesome. It uses Bluetooth technology to help you find your devices, should you lose them somehow. Basically, you just add one to anything you want to keep track of. Say you’re a woman who laid her purse down on a Subway but when you bend down to pick it up, it’s gone. This is an issue that could happen at any time. The purse could have randomly slid down the Subway car you’re in. However, it could have also been stolen. The tracker could have been placed inside the purse ahead of time.

It works within a range of 400 feet, which is pretty far if we’re being honest. If someone on the Subway has the purse, you’ll know it. If someone stole it, you can track the purse down. It can be one of the better home office gadgets too, as it’ll ensure you’ll know where to find important things. Perhaps it could be put on keys, your laptop, tablet, etc. You could buy a bunch of them, as they sell for just $35, but you can get a 4-pack for around $100. Saving you roughly $40, which is enough to add another tracker to the order!

Impressive Home Office Gadgets To Add To this Year’s Wish List
[Image via Western Digital]

Western Digital G-RAID Hard Drive

Western Digital is at it yet again with this tremendous G-RAID Hard Drive. It also comes included with the Thunderbolt 3 as well. Naturally, Western Digital does not do anything halfway. This hard drive is high-performing with a dual Enterprise-class 7200RPM storage system. This is obviously where the Thunderbolt 3 comes into play. This hard drive also supports USB-C and HTML connections. Of course, this is not something you’d use for small stuff. Rather, it’s for big, massive files.

That is why it comes with the hardware raid and up to 36 terabytes of storage. Understand that, 36 terabytes. To equate this, most gaming computers only go up to 20TBs. This is why the hard drive heavily supports streaming HD material in perfect HDR as well as 4K. Plus, it offers daisy-chaining for 5 additional devices! As with most of their devices, Western Digital offers a 5-year warranty on the hard drive. But something tells us it’ll work just fine for you.

Impressive Home Office Gadgets To Add To this Year’s Wish List
[Image via Cool Human]

Cool Human Hands-Free Portable Misting Body Cooler

Made by the people at Cool Human, this device is exactly what you think it is. It’s a body cooler that can be taken just about anywhere. The portability is tremendous, making it great to take on a run, working out, or just when you need to have a proper cool down. Designed to wear under your shirt, it can be clipped to any belt or pants you might be wearing. However, it can also be easily placed on a desk. Thus making it one of the home office gadgets we feel you’ll enjoy using.

By placing it under the shirt, it cools down your sweat to make your body cool down quicker and more effectively. It tends to run for a long time, depending on the mode you’re using. If it’s on the lowest speed, you’ll get 12 to 14 hours out of it. At the highest speed, it’ll run between 4 to 5 hours. It uses a good 4000 mAh lithium-ion battery. Therefore, you’re getting a very effective battery that is easy to charge.

Impressive Home Office Gadgets To Add To this Year’s Wish List
[Image via The Verge]

Google Nest

While we often think of Google as just a search engine, they are responsible for a lot of cool technology. We feel one of the best things they make is the Google Nest. This is a WiFi Router that works far better than the router your internet service company will provide. In fact, Google thought about all the issues you might face in your home and fixed them with this tremendous router.

The Google Nest comes with a smart speaker to further aid you, as well as dual-band connectivity. But the really awesome thing it provides is how large the service area is. It covers up to 3800 square feet. This includes up to 2200 square feet from the router and 1600 square feet from the point. This can be one of the home office gadgets you get the best service out of for the entire home. While the price is not exactly great, you get a lot of protection on it and will get great use out of it too.

Impressive Home Office Gadgets To Add To this Year’s Wish List
[Image via Anker]

Anker PowerCore Charger

If you’re looking for pretty much anything for charging or audio purposes, Anker tends to be at the top or near it in every category. When it comes to chargers, they make them for numerous needs. They tend to call most of their portable chargers “PowerCores.” As a result, you’ll see several of the same names with different prices and power abilities. The difference comes in when you look at the Essential, Slim, and levels of PowerCore.

Perhaps the best deal you can get from Anker and its chargers would be their great bundle deal involving the PowerCore III Elite and PowerCore Pod. The Elite comes with a power level of 25,600 mAh or 60W. Meanwhile, the Pod comes with an extra 65W of power. You can charge up to three devices at a time AND it comes with fast charging capabilities for the Apple iPhone as well as Samsung Galaxy. It can even offer a full charge for any laptop and only needs 3 hours of charging itself to be fully powered.

Impressive Home Office Gadgets To Add To this Year’s Wish List
[Image via Poly Studio]

Poly Studio P15 Personal Video Bar

We really love this device from the good developers at Poly Studio. They have made what they call the P15 Personal Video Bar, which would be used for things like conference calls or Zoom meetings. With most of the world still working at home as well as those on the road needing to report things, something like this was heavily needed. What separates Poly Studio’s device from other video/microphones on the market? It has the ability to mute out sound beyond a specific distance.

While it does offer clear, superb video quality, the real magic is in the sound. You set the distance for which you believe sound will need to be involved in the video. Anything beyond that distance is blocked with Poly’s NoiseBlockAI. They use Poly’s Acoustic Fence to keep out sound, effectively canceling it completely. Therefore, your kids could be just in the next room playing and making noise and no one on the Zoom call would even know. How cool is that?!?

Impressive Home Office Gadgets To Add To this Year’s Wish List
[Image via Philips]

Philips Hue White and Color Lighting

When people think about the Philips brand, they often think about other equipment such as televisions and even audio equipment. Yet as of a few years ago, they went through a rebrand to focus completely on medical equipment and lighting. Of course, if you know this brand you know they come with quality. Their Hue Light Bulbs are absolutely tremendous. Of course, they come in different colors from white to random colors like pink.

They are part of the “smart bulb” territory, allowing you to completely control them via Bluetooth or through their mobile application. To be fair, there are numerous lights you can choose from but the best might be the E26 bulb model. It comes with literally millions of white and color light shades. The cost is around $45 for one bulb, but the fact that you can set them to pretty much anything you need makes them one of the best home office gadgets you could own.

Impressive Home Office Gadgets To Add To this Year’s Wish List
[Image via COLOP]

COLOP E-Mark Mobile Printer

We won’t lie, when we first saw this, we were not sure about it. But the more we looked into it, the more we wanted it. This is a mobile printer, which for those of you that need to always print something, can be a lifesaver. The product has won numerous awards for how easy and useful it is. While the world has gone mostly digital, there is still a need to print things. Even if it is not convenient for most of us. That is why the COLOP E-Mark Mobile Printer is so great. It makes printing things off easy.

It can print pretty much anything you set it to print out on just about any surface you might need. Perhaps you’re trying to make business cards, birthday cards, even wedding invitations. The E-Mark Printer can do that. Maybe you’re creating a banner or flyer and need larger wording on it, this printer has your back there too! There’s a reason this device has won so many awards, and we feel it is perfect for any home office.

Impressive Home Office Gadgets To Add To this Year’s Wish List
[Image via Vitamix]

Vitamix Foodcycler FC-50

This might not seem like one of the big home office gadgets everyone wants, but it’s perfect for the world. Vitamix wanted to create something that would make use of our excess food and the animals/plants they came from. That led them to the Foodcycler FC-50! We often recycle many materials these days, but no one thought to recycle food itself. This is a trash can compactor, but it is not for all trash. Just food products only, which is important to remember.

Once you throw things like fruit cores, vegetable peels, dairy products, even chicken bones in there, the Foodcycler transforms it all. The result will be nutrient-rich soil that can be used in your family garden. It not only reduces food waste, but it continues to help supply more food in a literal circle of life concept. Having this in your home office would be perfect as you finish up lunch. The odor-free can and carbon filtration make it perfect for indoor usage.

Impressive Home Office Gadgets To Add To this Year’s Wish List
[Image via Apple]

Apple AirTag Tracker

Similar to the Tile Tracker, the Apple AirTag Tracker is made specifically for Apple users. Well, at least those with an iPhone that are wanting to use the Apple version of things. Just like with the Tile model, you’re going to need a tracker to put on your stuff. Therefore, you’ll have to buy multiple if you’re wanting to keep track of things. Although, the price is slightly different for the Apple version.

One tracker is about $30. While Tile’s version was durable, the Apple AirTag is stainless steel, IP67 water and dust resistant. Plus, they have a built-in speaker that plays sound to help you locate it. Best of all, you can remove and add new batteries when the originals die. On top of this, the Apple AirTag app will let you label things to keep track of which tracker is being used for a specific device. However, the average distance it works is within 15 to 30 feet.

Impressive Home Office Gadgets To Add To this Year’s Wish List
[Image via Google]

Google Titan Security Key

Security is important, and Google knows a lot about that. They wanted to make a product that could offer users maximum protection against hacks, especially if they are surfing the web on a local WiFi that isn’t private. Each Titan Security Key is built using a hardware chip that includes firmware engineered by the geniuses at Google. This was done to put integrity within the key to enhance its secure nature. This also ensures nothing has been tampered with from the moment you open the box.

The Titan Security Key uses a two-factor authorization device that is useful and phishing-resistant for users. This can be perfect for those that might be carrying sensitive information. It’ll work on most devices, and even can easily fit into any USB port on a computer or laptop. All of this supports FIDO standards, ensuring protection for the user. Best of all, these keys start at just $30. What’s not to like?

Impressive Home Office Gadgets To Add To this Year’s Wish List
[Image via Royole]

Royole RoWrite 2 Smart Writing Notebook

This has to be one of the coolest things we’ve seen. For the longest time, artists used a version of this to draw like normal then still digitally encode it into the computer. But we never thought of it as something to use for writing, but Royole did. Yet they knew that they also needed something artists could have fun with too. A lot of the drawing devices forced you to plug things into another computer and try to do everything there.

But the RoWrite 2 gives a person the chance to draw anything spontaneously anywhere they want. All of it is then saved and can be shared using the RoWrite App. They use a real, specially-made ballpoint pen that simply has a built-in pressure sensor to capture 2048 pressure points. This pinpoint accuracy gives the user the feeling they are using a real notebook. Drawing or writing something out, the RoWrite 2 gives you the freedom to do whatever you’d like when the moment strikes.

Impressive Home Office Gadgets To Add To this Year’s Wish List
[Image via Netgear]

Netgear Nighthawk WiFi 6E System

Netgear is known to be the leader in the world of WiFi routers. It is rare they make a bad one, making them the most trusted name in the field. Therefore, when they introduced the Nighthawk WiFi System, we were instantly interested. There are now a few versions of the Nighthawk. However, the Tri-Band version is likely the best of them all and it comes in different formats depending on your needs.

Using the new WiFi 6E technology, users can take advantage of the incredible speed it provides. This allows for smoother streams, removing any loading issues or drop-offs when you’re on Netflix. Yet it also offers a lower latency on 4K and even 8K streaming, AR/VR Gaming, and obviously video conferencing. This is what makes it one of the best home office gadgets in our book. There’s so much you can get out of it and its powerful 1.8HHz quad-core processor and speeds of up to 10.8Gbps.

Impressive Home Office Gadgets To Add To this Year’s Wish List
[Image via TCL]


TCL is one of the newer brands Americans are seeing these days. You might have seen their televisions at very competitive prices at your local Wal-Mart, for instance. Yet TCL has been around for 40 years now, mostly operating in home appliances for the longest time. Yet by 2015, they were the third-largest television manufacturer by market size. Clearly, they know they have a future in the world of screens. That brings us to the cool TCL NXTWEAR G!

They just began going on sale as of this July overseas. Like Lenovo, they wanted to create smart glasses that could hold up well in a world that wanted to see more, but screens could never seem to live up to the need. TCL gives users what amounts to a 140-inch screen in these glasses! They work either through your phone or computer, and essentially give users an augmented reality experience. Where the glasses do not cover up what is around you but still give you the full display.

Impressive Home Office Gadgets To Add To this Year’s Wish List
[Image via Mobile Pixels]

Trio Portable Dual and Triple Screen Laptop Monitor

There are a few companies that make dual or triple-screen monitors for laptops. However, the one that seems to get the most praise currently is the version by Mobile Pixels. Their version works by merely attaching the extra screen(s) to the laptop, then have them connect with the laptop display via a USB port. These are high-quality screens too, with a 1920x1080p screen resolution. Best of all, they include Anti-Glare Eye Care Brightness, which removes any issues with the sun or lights above you.

As mentioned, they fit USB ports and will work with both USB-A and USB-C connections. No driver will be needed. The screens are also completely adjustable to your specific needs. In fact, they are formed to complete a full 270-degree rotation and offer a 180-degree presentation mode. The screens will go right back in their case without a fight, as they are literally plug-and-play for you. They are easily removed, basically. This makes Mobile Pixel screens one of the best home office gadgets you can have right now. With a one-year warranty and under $300 asking price, it is well worth trying out.

Impressive Home Office Gadgets To Add To this Year’s Wish List
[Image via LG]

LG Transparent OLED TV

While normally, one could say a TV does not seem like one of the home office gadgets worthy of your time, they have not seen this model from LG. Those crazy geniuses at LG have transported us into the future by coming up with an OLED TV that is essentially transparent. Sort of like screens we’ve seen in multiple science fiction movies and television shows. This is certainly a television, but LG is marketing them as “signage” with the hope that stores or cities might use the tech for ads. This could be useful in those types of places as the transparent nature allows people to see an advertisement.

Yet people would also be able to see what is in front of them too. LG is also marketing them for hotels and other places similar, with one designed to literally come from under the bed right at the foot of it. Of course, it is still not fully transparent at only 40% transparency truthfully. Yet the fact that they can thin things out to even get here is amazing. Imagine your home office with one of these or seeing one with your business name on it inside a shopping center. Still, though, it comes with a HEFTY price tag. Right now, they are only taking buyer inquiries. But they’ll be seen a lot one day, well, sorta.


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