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Impressive Home Office Gadgets To Add To this Year’s Wish List
[Image via Vitamix]

Vitamix Foodcycler FC-50

This might not seem like one of the big home office gadgets everyone wants, but it’s perfect for the world. Vitamix wanted to create something that would make use of our excess food and the animals/plants they came from. That led them to the Foodcycler FC-50! We often recycle many materials these days, but no one thought to recycle food itself. This is a trash can compactor, but it is not for all trash. Just food products only, which is important to remember.

Once you throw things like fruit cores, vegetable peels, dairy products, even chicken bones in there, the Foodcycler transforms it all. The result will be nutrient-rich soil that can be used in your family garden. It not only reduces food waste, but it continues to help supply more food in a literal circle of life concept. Having this in your home office would be perfect as you finish up lunch. The odor-free can and carbon filtration make it perfect for indoor usage.

Impressive Home Office Gadgets To Add To this Year’s Wish List
[Image via Apple]

Apple AirTag Tracker

Similar to the Tile Tracker, the Apple AirTag Tracker is made specifically for Apple users. Well, at least those with an iPhone that are wanting to use the Apple version of things. Just like with the Tile model, you’re going to need a tracker to put on your stuff. Therefore, you’ll have to buy multiple if you’re wanting to keep track of things. Although, the price is slightly different for the Apple version.

One tracker is about $30. While Tile’s version was durable, the Apple AirTag is stainless steel, IP67 water and dust resistant. Plus, they have a built-in speaker that plays sound to help you locate it. Best of all, you can remove and add new batteries when the originals die. On top of this, the Apple AirTag app will let you label things to keep track of which tracker is being used for a specific device. However, the average distance it works is within 15 to 30 feet.

Impressive Home Office Gadgets To Add To this Year’s Wish List
[Image via Google]

Google Titan Security Key

Security is important, and Google knows a lot about that. They wanted to make a product that could offer users maximum protection against hacks, especially if they are surfing the web on a local WiFi that isn’t private. Each Titan Security Key is built using a hardware chip that includes firmware engineered by the geniuses at Google. This was done to put integrity within the key to enhance its secure nature. This also ensures nothing has been tampered with from the moment you open the box.

The Titan Security Key uses a two-factor authorization device that is useful and phishing-resistant for users. This can be perfect for those that might be carrying sensitive information. It’ll work on most devices, and even can easily fit into any USB port on a computer or laptop. All of this supports FIDO standards, ensuring protection for the user. Best of all, these keys start at just $30. What’s not to like?

Impressive Home Office Gadgets To Add To this Year’s Wish List
[Image via Royole]

Royole RoWrite 2 Smart Writing Notebook

This has to be one of the coolest things we’ve seen. For the longest time, artists used a version of this to draw like normal then still digitally encode it into the computer. But we never thought of it as something to use for writing, but Royole did. Yet they knew that they also needed something artists could have fun with too. A lot of the drawing devices forced you to plug things into another computer and try to do everything there.

But the RoWrite 2 gives a person the chance to draw anything spontaneously anywhere they want. All of it is then saved and can be shared using the RoWrite App. They use a real, specially-made ballpoint pen that simply has a built-in pressure sensor to capture 2048 pressure points. This pinpoint accuracy gives the user the feeling they are using a real notebook. Drawing or writing something out, the RoWrite 2 gives you the freedom to do whatever you’d like when the moment strikes.

Impressive Home Office Gadgets To Add To this Year’s Wish List
[Image via Netgear]

Netgear Nighthawk WiFi 6E System

Netgear is known to be the leader in the world of WiFi routers. It is rare they make a bad one, making them the most trusted name in the field. Therefore, when they introduced the Nighthawk WiFi System, we were instantly interested. There are now a few versions of the Nighthawk. However, the Tri-Band version is likely the best of them all and it comes in different formats depending on your needs.

Using the new WiFi 6E technology, users can take advantage of the incredible speed it provides. This allows for smoother streams, removing any loading issues or drop-offs when you’re on Netflix. Yet it also offers a lower latency on 4K and even 8K streaming, AR/VR Gaming, and obviously video conferencing. This is what makes it one of the best home office gadgets in our book. There’s so much you can get out of it and its powerful 1.8HHz quad-core processor and speeds of up to 10.8Gbps.

Impressive Home Office Gadgets To Add To this Year’s Wish List
[Image via TCL]


TCL is one of the newer brands Americans are seeing these days. You might have seen their televisions at very competitive prices at your local Wal-Mart, for instance. Yet TCL has been around for 40 years now, mostly operating in home appliances for the longest time. Yet by 2015, they were the third-largest television manufacturer by market size. Clearly, they know they have a future in the world of screens. That brings us to the cool TCL NXTWEAR G!

They just began going on sale as of this July overseas. Like Lenovo, they wanted to create smart glasses that could hold up well in a world that wanted to see more, but screens could never seem to live up to the need. TCL gives users what amounts to a 140-inch screen in these glasses! They work either through your phone or computer, and essentially give users an augmented reality experience. Where the glasses do not cover up what is around you but still give you the full display.

Impressive Home Office Gadgets To Add To this Year’s Wish List
[Image via Mobile Pixels]

Trio Portable Dual and Triple Screen Laptop Monitor

There are a few companies that make dual or triple-screen monitors for laptops. However, the one that seems to get the most praise currently is the version by Mobile Pixels. Their version works by merely attaching the extra screen(s) to the laptop, then have them connect with the laptop display via a USB port. These are high-quality screens too, with a 1920x1080p screen resolution. Best of all, they include Anti-Glare Eye Care Brightness, which removes any issues with the sun or lights above you.

As mentioned, they fit USB ports and will work with both USB-A and USB-C connections. No driver will be needed. The screens are also completely adjustable to your specific needs. In fact, they are formed to complete a full 270-degree rotation and offer a 180-degree presentation mode. The screens will go right back in their case without a fight, as they are literally plug-and-play for you. They are easily removed, basically. This makes Mobile Pixel screens one of the best home office gadgets you can have right now. With a one-year warranty and under $300 asking price, it is well worth trying out.

Impressive Home Office Gadgets To Add To this Year’s Wish List
[Image via LG]

LG Transparent OLED TV

While normally, one could say a TV does not seem like one of the home office gadgets worthy of your time, they have not seen this model from LG. Those crazy geniuses at LG have transported us into the future by coming up with an OLED TV that is essentially transparent. Sort of like screens we’ve seen in multiple science fiction movies and television shows. This is certainly a television, but LG is marketing them as “signage” with the hope that stores or cities might use the tech for ads. This could be useful in those types of places as the transparent nature allows people to see an advertisement.

Yet people would also be able to see what is in front of them too. LG is also marketing them for hotels and other places similar, with one designed to literally come from under the bed right at the foot of it. Of course, it is still not fully transparent at only 40% transparency truthfully. Yet the fact that they can thin things out to even get here is amazing. Imagine your home office with one of these or seeing one with your business name on it inside a shopping center. Still, though, it comes with a HEFTY price tag. Right now, they are only taking buyer inquiries. But they’ll be seen a lot one day, well, sorta.


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