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Science Fiction is some of the coolest stuff we can watch, read, or listen to. It’s cool to see how accurate or nearly accurate it can be. Likely the best example of this is Jules Verne, who wrote tremendous novels like The Journey to the Center of the Earth (1864) and Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea (1870). Verne discusses several crazy concepts for the time. Some of the ideas brought up were thought to ve impossible back then. In fact, Verne mentions what we’d one day call the submarine, Space Travel, the jukebox, and the holograph. While Verne was right about a lot of amazing things in his books, he wasn’t perfect. In fact, in his book From The Earth To The Moon, he was terribly wrong about how we’d get to the moon. He claimed we’d shoot people into space as projectiles with a big gun. Obviously we aren’t journeying to the center of the Earth anytime soon either.

No matter how accurate some writers are about the future, they are victims of the time they live in. It’s not Verne’s fault that he wrote his books in the 1800s and lacked the knowledge we have today. Yet this is what happens when you write about the future. Those future people can look back to see how accurate you were. Verne is one of many amazing writers who were both right and wrong about his future predictions. Yet some were completely wrong, and this involves far more than books. That is what our article is about, the science fiction out there that ended up getting the future very wrong. Enjoy!


40 Times Science Fiction Was Wrong About Predicted Future Events
John Cusack In 2012 Movie [Image via Columbia Pictures]

40. 2012 Film (The World Is Ending)

The movie 2012 came out in November of 2009. The movie randomly threw us a few years into the future where we’re led to believe the world is pretty much ending. 2012 throws out the fact that the Earth’s core has heated up far too much, thus causing earthquakes, plate shifts, tsunamis, and more.

40 Times Science Fiction Was Wrong About Predicted Future Events
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However, the biggest is perhaps the Yellowstone Volcano being affected and erupting as a result. All of this came about due to the real Mayan Calendar having an end date of December 21, 2012. The Mayans had been in place since around the 5th Century BC. While the Mayans never claimed the world was ending on this date, conspiracy theorists ran with it.

40 Times Science Fiction Was Wrong About Predicted Future Events