KIC 8462852 or “Tabby’s Star”

Tabby's Star
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The name KIC 8462852 is not exactly a snappy, cool name. This is why we like that it was eventually given the name of “Tabby’s Star.” It happens to be one of the most interesting stars in science. Tabby’s Star is currently 1,470 lightyears away from Earth, which is relatively close compared to some of the other stuff we’re capable of seeing. Yet strange light fluctuations have been happening here, even causing exactly 22% of the brightness to be dimmed. This was found by citizen scientists during the Planet Hunters project.

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The idea was that when other stars dimmed, they often did this due to exoplanets being in the way. That is why it was such a big deal that this dimming was found. However, the light curve that has been experienced still does not make sense. Exoplanets have not been getting in the way, so what is causing the problem? Some claim it’s a Dyson Swarm. These are a smaller, less complete form of the Dyson Sphere that surround stars and harvest their energy output. In 2019, scientists even claimed it might be due to an orphaned moon. Yet nothing is concrete even still! This is why we had to add it to our space anomalies list.