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Why People Dislike MCU’s Newest Eternals Movie
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1. People On Social Media “Review-Bombed” Eternals Before It Came Out

Another way that viewers voiced their dislike for Eternals was through review-bombing on social media platforms, specifically IMDB (via Insider). It says a lot that people spent the time and effort to get online and express their distaste for a movie they had not yet seen. We can prove they didn’t see the flick when they posted their comments. How? Because the film had not even come out yet. It speaks to the fact that fans of Marvel Cosmic Universe movies do not take their movies lightly. These loyal MCU fans do not want to be disappointed by a Marvel superhero movie.

Many people began writing deliberately bad reviews about the movie because they were not happy with various aspects of the film, even though they had not seen the film in its entirety themselves. This type of review bombing is often related to those upset about LBTGQ representation or other sexist and racist ideas (via Insider). This occurred and had since been taken down before the movie was released to the general public. Social media has become one of our most prominent forms of communication, and people who were not happy with the film were not afraid to talk about it.