While it is not a comfortable sleeping position for humans, bats tend to sleep while hanging upside down. Shutterstock

21. Bats have many reasons for sleeping upside down.

Bats have many unique sleeping habits. Unlike humans and other animals, bats often find themselves sleeping, hanging upside down. There are many benefits to doing so, but the most important is that they can remain aware of their surroundings, including any approaching predators. By hanging upside down, the second they sense a threat, they are in the perfect position to fly away and escape danger. The second benefit to sleeping upside down is how efficient it is. This sleeping position is easier for them and allows their fragile wings to take a break.

Photo Credit: Spirit Animals

Bats are also unique in that they sleep the majority of the day. Unlike other animals, bats sleep roughly 19 hours a day. These nocturnal creatures are one of the lengthiest daily sleepers. Bats sleep hanging upside down. You might question how they can hang upside down to sleep without falling off their branch. Their incredibly strong talons work to keep them in place, eliminating the fear of falling into harm’s way. These animals can sleep the majority of the day and find themselves awake at night while the rest of the world tends to be sleeping.