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Understanding the Human Sleep Cycle
Practice good sleeping habits to have healthier sleep cycles. Shutterstock.

Sweet Dreams

Dreaming is an integral part of our lives, and though dreaming occurs mostly in the REM stage, it does not mean that there are absolutely no dreams in the NREM stages of sleep. Dreams act as a guardian to our sleep and help us sleep better. Not all dreams are bad, but the tendency to see negative dreams is more than the positive ones. Dreamworks help us release the repressed emotions and thoughts in our subconscious in a more acceptable form. Thus the desires and fears do not disturb our conscience. 

Some dreams can be controlled while others cannot. We cannot run away from our dreams, and whether we choose to analyze them or not entirely depends on us. We forget 90% of our dreams within 15 minutes of waking up, so if we want to remember some parts of a dream, the only solution we have is writing them as soon as we wake up. Many people maintain a dream journal as they believe their dreams help them understand themselves better.