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There are times when it can be difficult to distinguish facts from fiction. Sometimes this can be due to the fact that we hear something so often that even if it is false, we believe it to be true. These myths are listened to from various places and people, including parents and students. It can be even more increasingly difficult when you are trying to determine whether something is scientific fact or fiction. A primary goal of education is to debunk common myths that have provided miseducation. That means choosing those myths that stem from the internet, folk wisdom, or by word of mouth. 

Many of us have been easily intrigued by a myth at some point or another. We may have been fascinated by the story or merely the idea. In fact, many people who hold a misconception of science do not even know that their statements are false or incorrect. When they are told their ideas are a misconception, it can be difficult to accept these long-known beliefs. What can be especially concerning fantasies is that people continue to build knowledge of their current understandings. Read on to find out some of the most common science myths that everyone believes. 

24 Science Myths Almost Everyone Believes
If you drop a coin from the top of an extremely tall building, is it enough to harm someone? Shutterstock

24. Myth: If you drop a penny from a tall building, it will kill someone 

It has long been passed on from one generation to the next that if a penny is dropped from an incredibly tall building, it can not only harm, but kill a person. The myth is that if by dropping a penny from the very top of a building, such as the Empire State building, it would muster up enough speed on its way down that it could kill a person. However, it is crucial to understand that this myth is rife with incredibly illogical physics. In reality, the penny will reach a top speed between 30 and 100 miles an hour, depending on which way the wind is blowing.

24 Science Myths Almost Everyone Believes
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The truth is that although it may sting for a second, it is not enough to kill anyone. Pennies are extraordinarily lightweight and only weigh about one gram. It would just tumble and flip around the entire journey to the ground. While it might be slightly annoying to hit you, it is not enough to kill you. That is a common scientific myth that is often passed on from one generation to the next. While it may be said as a joke, consistently sharing it continues to fuel this myth. 

24 Science Myths Almost Everyone Believes