Many children’s gatherings include sweets, including cake, candy, and ice cream. Shutterstock

23. Myth: Sugar makes children hyperactive

Many of us have been told that giving children too much sugar makes them extremely hyper. Further, many people forego giving their children or loved one’s sweets because of the sugar content, especially around bedtime. I have heard this from my grandparents, parents, and almost every other adult in my life. However, the truth is that there is very little evidence to support that sugar causes hyperactivity. Often these favorable sweets are at exciting events, such as birthdays, weddings, and holiday parties.

Photo Credit: Lidsonlv

The rush of energy often associated with sugar consumption is actually due to the actual environment’s excitement. When children are around one another, they feed off each other’s energy because it is exciting to be around your friends. Birthdays, weddings, and holiday parties do not happen every day, so the excitement that builds when these events occur result in a rush of energy. Sugary treats can sometimes contain other ingredients, such as caffeine, that also contribute to hyperactivity.