The dreaded T-Rex is considered to be one of the most feared dinosaurs in the history of the Earth. Pixabay.

Experts State That Tiny T-Rexes Are Simply Teenagers

Some detailed studies of the available fossil leg bones suggest that the tinier T-Rexes are not any new species, but teenage dinosaur bones. There were two controversial skeletons of dinosaurs discovered, which shared an environment with the smaller species, as found in February 2019. It was during the early 2000s when these two skeletons were found in the Hell Creek Formation, covering Wyoming, Montana, and North and South Dakota. The formation further displayed some of the first T-Rex bones in the 20th century.

The complete specimen out of the two was nicknamed Jane, and the other one was called Petey. There was another skull found in the year 1942, which was stated to be a new form of a dinosaur, namely Nanotyrannus. It was exactly like that of a T-Rex, but smaller in size. After performing some detailed analyses, it was concluded that the smaller predators are the teenage version of the otherwise giant T-Rex.