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Rare Photos Of Cryptids People Truly Thought Were Real

Kasai Rex

In 1932, a Swedish plantation owner named John Johnson and his servant were in Africa when they reported the first sighting of the Kasai Rex. During their observation of rhinoceros while attempting to stay inconspicuous, the Kasai Rex allegedly emerged suddenly from nearby undergrowth, launching an attack on the rhinoceros in the vicinity. In response, the servant fled, while Johnson himself fainted. Upon regaining consciousness, Johnson discovered the creature feasting on the slain rhinoceros.

While the scientific consensus leans heavily against the survival of non-avian dinosaurs, the allure of discovering a living link to prehistoric times continues to intrigue and inspire explorers, researchers, and enthusiasts alike. Several species thought to have been extinct later turned out to still be living, like the coelacanth rediscovered in 1938.

Rare Photos Of Cryptids People Truly Thought Were Real
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Mer People

Throughout history, hoaxed mermaids have woven a tale of deception and intrigue, capturing the fascination of curious minds. One notable instance dates back to the 19th century, when P.T. Barnum, the renowned showman, displayed a “Feejee Mermaid” purportedly caught near the Fiji Islands. In reality, this curious creation was a fabrication, an amalgamation of fish and monkey parts meticulously sewn together. Barnum’s exhibit exemplified how showmanship and illusion could exploit people’s yearning for the mysterious and fantastical.

The trend of fabricating mermaid hoaxes persisted into the 20th century, with the infamous “Monkey Man” case in India during 2001. Reports emerged of a creature resembling a half-human, half-fish figure lurking in bodies of water. While fervor and fear spread, investigations revealed the “creature” to be nothing more than monkeys swimming with their heads submerged, creating an illusion of an aquatic humanoid.

Rare Photos Of Cryptids People Truly Thought Were Real
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The Michigan Dogman

In 1887, folklore recounts the alleged sighting of the Michigan Dogman in Wexford County, Michigan, United States. Described as a seven-foot tall, bipedal canine-like creature with striking blue or amber eyes, it possesses a human-like torso and emits a chilling howl akin to a human scream. Legends associate the Michigan Dogman with a recurring ten-year cycle, coinciding with years ending in 7. Reports of sightings have emerged across various Michigan locations, predominantly within the northwestern quadrant of the Lower Peninsula. In 1987, the legend gained considerable traction when disc jockey Steve Cook from WTCM-FM composed a song detailing the creature and its alleged encounters. According to Dogman believers, the mere act of clapping can prompt the creature to flee.

Up until the latter part of the twentieth century, the existence of this creature remained largely unknown to the modern world, its presence reportedly stretching back to the time of the Odawa tribes inhabiting the Manistee River area. However, documented sources confirming sightings prior to 1987 are notably lacking. Comparable creature reports emerged from Allegan County in the 1950s, and from Manistee and Cross Village in 1967. In her book “The Beast of Bray Road,” Linda S. Godfrey draws connections between the Manistee sightings and a similar creature sighted in Wisconsin, known as the Beast of Bray Road.

Rare Photos Of Cryptids People Truly Thought Were Real
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A Skinwalker

A geologist in an oil field reportedly spotted something odd and captured a heat signature of it, only to quit abruptly the next day. The story quickly spread on social media, sparking reactions like “seriously freaking out” and “yikes… I’m driving through there tomorrow,” often referencing the term “skinwalker”. A skinwalker is a figure from Native American folklore, often associated with supernatural abilities to transform into various animals and walk on all fours. This mythical being embodies the concept of shape-shifting. It is commonly depicted as an enigmatic and powerful entity with ties to spiritual and mystical realms.

This viral tale, however, was swiftly debunked. The image and narrative originated from the 1980s science fiction movie “Xtro. In the movie, an eerie being is seen by a couple driving on a road. Although there is a lot of media attention drawn towards skinwalkers, and the in

famous Skinwalker Ranch, no definitive proof of the skinwalker’s existence.

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