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If your kid (or maybe inner kid) is a science fanatic, it’s only smart to develop and nurture that interest. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) careers are projected to take up about 8.05 million positions in the US workforce by 2028, so we might as well get our kiddos started early! There are many great science kits and activities on the market, so we’ve compiled a great list just for you.

22 Fun and Educational Science Kits Parents Can Find Online
Though the illustration on the box may not scream “serious science,” the contents include everything you need for over 20 science experiments! Photo Credit: Amazon

Learn & Climb Dynamo Lab Science Kit for Kids

This kid-sized kit has enough in it for 21 science experiments and activities like creating your own lava lamp (complete with the glow-in-the-dark formula), stunning grow-your-own crystals, and of course, the rite of passage: volcano science! The kit includes everything you’ll need except for basic household items like oil or water. You will also have access to online demo videos so you can follow along, step by step.

None of the ingredients included are toxic or dangerous to children, so you can rest easy knowing that you aren’t purchasing hazardous chemicals for your kids. It’s recommended for ages five and above, so it’ll be effortless to engage with them. Hands-on activities are scientifically proven to be the most effective way of learning, so what better gift is there for your kids?

Purchase a Dynamo Lab here for just $43!

22 Fun and Educational Science Kits Parents Can Find Online
This Earth science kit includes the materials for 15 different experiments! Photo Credit: Amazon

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Earth Science Kit – Mega Science Lab

National Geographic is the foremost name among all scientific discovery, so it’s no surprise that this kit is fantastic. Not only will your child experience science firsthand, but they will also receive a detailed learning guide to understand science at a specified level. With this kit, they’ll be able to conduct fifteen experiments, including growing a crystal, creating an erupting volcano, generating a tornado, racing tornadoes, and creating a dish soap vortex.

Providing your child with the power to create a tornado – let alone to race it – seems like it might win you an award of some sort! Your kid will be thanking you for years to come for being so cool about science.

Give your kid (or maybe your nieces, nephews, or whomever else you want) that power by purchasing a science kit here for just $30.

22 Fun and Educational Science Kits Parents Can Find Online
You can’t get more fun than putty and glow-in-the-dark science. Photo Credit: Amazon

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Mega Science Kit – Glow-in-The-Dark Lab

Glow in the Dark has some kind of magic to it. Kids love it, and if we’re honest, adults are pretty fascinated with it too. This glow-in-the-dark kit includes the materials and instructions to make your own slime (twice!), grow a crystal, and light up putty with a UV light, which is also included. It also comes with a rock specimen guaranteed to make you ooh and aah. For the parents who hate slime, don’t worry. Storage tins are included so that you won’t have free-floating slime around the house.

The kit also includes a learning guide to teach the kid scientists why everything glows the way it does in easy-to-understand terms. The instructions are easy to follow, so there will be no rage-quitting here! As mentioned previously, National Geographic is among the best, so they know what they’re doing.

Get your place glowing in the dark with this science kit for $25.

22 Fun and Educational Science Kits Parents Can Find Online
This 52-piece kit comes in a perfectly portable case – perfect for an on-the-go mini-scientist! Photo Credit: Amazon

AmScope Kids Beginner Microscope STEM Kit

This beginner microscope has extremely high magnification levels: it can go from 120x to 1200x with its forward-facing rotating turret! It’s great for education, whether it’s for school projects or collecting samples from your backyard. The monocular viewing head has a built-in LED light for direct illumination, a reflecting mirror for natural lighting, and an integrated color filter wheel. The lenses are glass, not plastic, though the rest of the scope is mainly plastic. That doesn’t seem to take away from the quality of the scope, in any case! The plastic used is stain-resistant.

The science kit comes with 52 total pieces and a hard-sided plastic ABS carrying case for maximum portability, in case your little scientist needs to examine something wherever they may be. The microscope is battery-operated (and batteries are included, huzzah!). Among the other added items, you’ll see tweezers, a shrimp hatchery, vials, a micro-slicer, slides (some prepared and some blanks) plus labels, a graduated cylinder, dye, brine shrimp eggs, a replacement light bulb, and cover glasses, among others.

Get your very own beginner microscope here for only $40!

22 Fun and Educational Science Kits Parents Can Find Online
If you know a child that is interested in science or geology, this is the perfect gift! Photo Credit: Amazon

4M Crystal Growing Science Experimental Kit

This nifty kit has everything you will need to create seven different crystal-growing experiments. Whether you believe that crystals have healing powers or not, you’ll be a believer in this kit’s educational powers! A special display kit is also included in the bag, so you and your mini-scientist can appreciate your handiwork for years to come.

Of course, the package includes complete instructions for each crystal and is recommended for kids ages ten and over. The crystals start growing immediately and should reach full size in about seven to ten days, and will last years.

At just $20, this science kit is certainly a deal!

22 Fun and Educational Science Kits Parents Can Find Online
It doesn’t get much more hands-on than a geode-breaking kit! Photo Credit: Amazon

National Geographic Break Open 10 Premium Geodes

If you are less inclined to grow crystals and more prone to break them open, then this is the kit for you. Geodes start as bubbles in a rock or as something (an animal, a tree root, or even mud!) creates a vacant space in sedimentary rock. Over millions of years, the outer shell of the rock hardens, but the inside of the rock traps water containing silica inside, which then eats away at the inner walls and voila – crystal forms.

This specific kit comes with ten geodes ranging in size from ping-pong balls to tennis balls, safety goggles, three display stands to show off your favorite geodes, and a sixteen-page, full-color learning guide to teaching you all the facts you need to know about geodes.

Buy your very own piece of natural history for $25 right here!

22 Fun and Educational Science Kits Parents Can Find Online
Don’t wait for the robots to overthrow us – make your own robot friend now! Photo Credit: Amazon

Sillbird STEM 12-in-1 Education Solar Robot

This science kit is among the most versatile packages on the list, with a range of levels from beginner to advanced based on the type of robot being built. It’s a great introduction to the world of robotics and solar energy, as this kit relies on light for power instead of battery operation! In this era of climate change, it’s never too early to start learning about green energy and renewable resources.

This science kit supports many different educational aspects: fine motor skills, problem-solving, logical thinking, STEM skills, and self-confidence! It comes with 190 pieces plus the guides for all twelve robot designs. Though the final designs may look complicated, the science kit is recommended for ages eight to twelve and is made from non-toxic ABS plastic pieces.

Purchase your robotic set here for just $35!

22 Fun and Educational Science Kits Parents Can Find Online
If you’re looking for a unique twist on education, look no further. It’s not often your kids can brag about learning the science behind zombie farts! Photo Credit: Amazon

Playz Disgusting n’ Gross Zombie Poop, Boogers, & Bloody Slime Science Activity & Experiment Set

Zombies have always been a fascinating subject for old and young alike, so what better way to capture a budding scientist’s attention than with zombie farts, boogers, and bloody slime? This kit will sneakily teach them about gels and cross-linked polymers using biology and fun! It’s a perfect gift, regardless of the occasion.

The package includes 34 pieces to make levitating eyeballs, seven feet of zombie gizzards, three jars of putty, bloody slime, and boiled boogers! You’ll also get an instructional guide to walk you through all the steps. Users mention that there is more than enough material to make the items more than once, and kids can do it all with minimal adult supervision – both pros in anyone’s eyes!

Grab your zombie-making kit (and maybe a go-bag) right here for just $35.

22 Fun and Educational Science Kits Parents Can Find Online
Science isn’t just fun – it can be delicious too! Photo Credit: Amazon

Thames & Kosmos Gross Gummy Candy Lab – Worms & Spiders!

With this kit, kids can learn the science behind cooking and nutrition. They’ll learn how to make gummy worms (and spiders!) from natural ingredients by following the eight-page manual in the kit, much like a cookbook! After they have made their yummy gummies, they can even wrap and label them with included stickers to gift them to friends and family. The kit has enough material to make a batch of green apple and mixed-berry gummies.

The science kit isn’t just about making the gummy crawlies, however! The experiments also explore whether you can remove the color from the gummies, or what happens when you expose the gummies to extreme temperatures. This fun introduces them to the concept of scientific hypotheses and defines scientific terms and processes. It’s a fun way to learn without realizing you’re learning!

Get your delicious lesson right here for just $28!

22 Fun and Educational Science Kits Parents Can Find Online
Create an educational and yummy experience for your kid scientist! Photo Credit: Amazon

YUM! Candy Making Science Kit

If you want to learn (or teach) the science behind sugar science, buy this kit. You’ll get the materials for sixteen experiments: jelly hearts and worms, rock candy lollipops, checking how much sugar there is in soda (a lot!), exploring sugar dissolving, and testing liquids and jellies.

You’ll get a lab guide with pictures and all the information you need to go through the experiments, though adult supervision is recommended. The lab manual even includes helpful questions you can ask as an adult to guide their thought process and observations! You’ll be a bonafide science teacher in no time.

If you’re ready to make some candy and learn some science, buy a science kit here!

22 Fun and Educational Science Kits Parents Can Find Online
Learn the science behind one of the most magical earthly substances – ice cream! Photo Credit: Amazon

Scientific Explorer Ice Cream Science Kids Science Experiment Kit

This kit is kid heaven. Not only do you get to make ice cream (and eat it), you get to make your own recipes by mixing flavors however you want. It’s also pretty much grown-up heaven because your kiddo will be learning, but they won’t even know it! They’ll determine why ice cream needs salt as an ingredient, how a texture is affected by different components or processes, and they’ll even learn about the history of ice cream.

Everything you need is included in the instruction booklet (minus a clean t-shirt to use as your “machine”); grab the science kit right here, add a t-shirt and a spare five minutes, and presto – ice cream.

22 Fun and Educational Science Kits Parents Can Find Online
Wizards only need to apply! Photo Credit: Amazon

Scientific Explorer Scientific Explorer Magic Science for Wizards Only Kids Science Kit

Now, this kit is a bit different from all the other packages on this list. The other kits are for kids interested in STEM or maybe even for parents trying to encourage STEM learning. This kit, however, is only for wizards, so any non-magic-having folk can just keep on scrolling, thank you very much. Now that we have the attention of only magical beings listen up.

If you obtain this apparatus, you will be able to create your very own wand, make your magic hat, mystically summon a Fizzy Frenzy Foam that can then change colors using Hocus Pocus Powder, and brew many other potions, including some that glow in the dark. Your mini master magician is sure to understand the basics of chemistry – um, we mean magic – and will go on to create their own tricks!

Summon your kit here for just $20!

22 Fun and Educational Science Kits Parents Can Find Online
This great kit allows your kid scientist to excavate 15 real fossils, including dinosaur bones, mosasaur, and shark teeth! Photo Credit: Amazon


If your kiddo has dreamed of living in Jurassic Park (minus the getting eaten by dinosaurs part), then maybe this kit is a good start. Kids can dig up real dinosaur fossils that are millions of years old! They’ll get a practical set of tools of the trade, including a chisel, brush, and a magnifying glass to excavate their fossils delicately from the enclosed brick, plus a sixteen-page learning guide to learn how fossils come to be and identify which fossils they have discovered.

The brick will include 15 fossils, including dinosaur bones and teeth, shark teeth, and other incredible fossils! Grab your piece of history here for just $20.00.

22 Fun and Educational Science Kits Parents Can Find Online
Create a mini-garden for your mini-scientist in your home! Photo Credit: Amazon

Light-up Terrarium Kit for Kids with Colorful LED on Lid

How adorable is this? This little light-up terrarium kit comes with a cylinder with colorful LED lights, detailed miniatures for decorations, fresh garden soil, wheatgrass and chia seeds, blue sand, white river rocks, and rhinestones for personalization. You’ll also get a mini set of tools: a spray bottle and a plastic shovel. A small switch on the top illuminates it at your command and is easily rechargeable with an included micro-USB charger.

It’s pretty straightforward: pour the sand and seeds in and watch an entire ecosystem grow before your very eyes! It’s an excellent opportunity to teach young minds about the importance of the environment and the climate.

Pick up your little world here for just $16!

22 Fun and Educational Science Kits Parents Can Find Online
There has been a crime, and your kid is on the case! Photo Credit: Amazon

Scientific Explorer Crime Catchers Spy Science Kit

Follow the evidence, match fingerprints, run tests, compare evidence, make observations, and decode secret messages to solve the crimes! Science takes on so many different forms, and hopefully, this list starts to show you (and probably your kiddos) that the possibilities are endless – but will they solve the crime in time to catch the criminal?

They’ll need to follow along with the instruction booklet to learn how real crime labs work. With this kit, you’ll get two mysteries with eight different activities to challenge you. You’ll need to think like a real forensic scientist to solve the crime.

Take on your oath to fight crime here!

22 Fun and Educational Science Kits Parents Can Find Online
If you’ve got a young meteorologist on your hands, this is the perfect gift for them! Photo Credit: Amazon

Weather Science Kit

For a lot of millennials, the movie Twister was a rite of passage. The sight of cows flying through the air will never be forgotten; it inspired many to pursue meteorology to recreate that experience. Unfortunately, Gen X has no such formative movies, except for possibly Sharknado, though we’ll choose to forget that series of videos. To encourage young minds to pursue meteorology, maybe this kit will be a close second to Twister.

Kids can experiment with static electricity to create electricity and play the role of Zeus or create clouds right in their palms. They can create acid rain (like in the movie Ferngully, to reference another Millennial film), and even watch air currents in motion.

Grab this kit here and let your mini-scientist feel omnipotent, even if it’s just over the realm of their desk.

22 Fun and Educational Science Kits Parents Can Find Online
Learn about clean water and water science in three experiments! Photo Credit: Amazon

Clean Water Science

Your little scientist may or may not know that the human body is over 60% water already. There is no life without water, so it’s incredibly essential for your kids to understand how water can be polluted and what processes it must follow to be cleaned again. Everyone should know how hard it is to access fresh, clean water, and how valuable it is for life.

With this kit, you will have all the components necessary to perform three experiments: solar water purification, water desalination (extracting salt), and carbon filtration (using carbon, sand, rocks, and filter paper). Users were happy with how easy it was for kids to follow the enclosed experiments with minimal adult supervision.

Purchase your very own kit here for just $13!

22 Fun and Educational Science Kits Parents Can Find Online
No batteries here! Only wind powers this amazing generator. Photo Credit: Amazon

Green Science Windmill Generator Kit

We picked this kit for a hands-on (and battery-less) learning experience on the value of renewable resources. It uses green science to light an LED bulb – all you need to add is a recycled soda bottle.

The kit includes a rotor, the front housing with the gear and rotor shaft pre-installed, the back housing, tail, the toy motor, and cover, screws, LED unit, and detailed assembly instructions, plus fun facts about renewable energy. Pro-tip: Use a blow-dryer for maximum wind-harnessing and LED lighting power!

Grab your windmill generator kit here for just $13.

22 Fun and Educational Science Kits Parents Can Find Online
Turn a little toy motor into an actual electrical generator and power a light bulb with this kit! Photo Credit: Amazon

Dynamo Torch Kit

For another green science kit, take a look at this baby. It includes a toy motor, gears, an LED light bulb, and the plastic casing for the bulb. Detailed assembly instructions are included, of course.

It’s an easy assembly process, and the easy-to-follow instructions also come with different electricity facts! The dynamo has a satisfying cranking sound, but it doesn’t hold a charge, so don’t expect lighting rooms and saving on your electricity bill.

Grab your science kit here!

22 Fun and Educational Science Kits Parents Can Find Online
You’ll have a new meaning to breakfast in bed thanks to this science kit. Photo Credit: Amazon

Potato Clock DIY Green Science Chemistry Engineering Lab

Potatoes working as an alarm clock shouldn’t be possible, but it is. Find out what else would work to power the alarm clock – the answers will surprise you! The Double Potato Clock will generate enough ability to run a digital alarm clock. Just push the zinc and copper electrodes into the potatoes. This combination creates an oxidization/reduction reaction, creating low voltage (in case you were wondering what the heck was going on).

No batteries are needed, but you will need two potatoes! Your kit will come with a digital clock, wires, pots, transparent tapes, copper and zinc strips, and detailed instructions. The snooze feature may be a bit more challenging to master, but good luck developing that gooey surprise.

Get your tuber-clock science kit here for under $13!

22 Fun and Educational Science Kits Parents Can Find Online
Relax after a long day of parenting and know that your child is learning chemistry with this cool set. Photo Credit: Amazon

Science Academy Deluxe Bath Bomb Making Lab Kit

What is it about bath bombs that are so mesmerizing? They come in so many fun shapes, but even when they’re perfectly round, they seem irresistible. Whatever their allure is, your kid scientist can make eight of their own fragrant, fizzy bath bombs with surprises inside with the added benefit of learning the chemistry behind them!

The enclosed guidebook includes step-by-step instructions, helpful troubleshooting tips, and all the details on the science behind how bath bombs are made and unmade. What’s even better is that everything you’ll need is already in the kit, and they’re all non-toxic. The molds included will also allow for a giant, two-inch bath bomb! And the best part is you can reuse the patterns, so you can make more with your favorite bath bomb recipes!

22 Fun and Educational Science Kits Parents Can Find Online
Do you want payback for all those times an alien abducted a human? This science kit is your chance. Photo Credit: Amazon

Playz Alien Anatomy Guts & Gizzards Operation Science Kit

A kid just hasn’t had a complete childhood until they’ve played with alien guts, and what kind of parent are you to deprive them of that experience? Teach them about diffusion, osmosis, and catalysts through polymer chemistry with this absolutely amazing and admittedly weird kit. Kids will make alien body parts, dive into leaky alien slime, extract alien guts, create catalytic baths, and so much more.

There’s certainly a fair amount of goop here – it’s an alien, duh! – so it’s not for the faint-hearted, but all the reviews from kids were over the moon (ha, get it?). If you’re looking for a great experience and don’t mind a little mess, this science kit is a great chemistry experience to share.

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