This earth science kit includes the materials for 15 different experiments! Credit: Amazon

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Earth Science Kit – Mega Science Lab

National Geographic is the foremost name among all scientific discovery, so it’s no surprise that this kit is fantastic. Not only will your child experience science firsthand, but they will also receive a detailed learning guide to understand science at a specified level. With this kit, they’ll be able to conduct fifteen experiments, including growing a crystal, creating an erupting volcano, generating a tornado, racing tornadoes, and creating a dish soap vortex.

Providing your child with the power to create a tornado – let alone to race it – seems like it might win you an award of some sort!Your kid will be thanking you for years to come for being so cool about science.

Give your kid (or maybe your nieces, nephews, or whomever else you want) that power by purchasing a science kit here for just $30.