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22 Fun and Educational Science Kits Parents Can Find Online
No batteries here! Only wind powers this amazing generator. Photo Credit: Amazon

Green Science Windmill Generator Kit

We picked this kit for a hands-on (and battery-less) learning experience on the value of renewable resources. It uses green science to light an LED bulb – all you need to add is a recycled soda bottle.

The kit includes a rotor, the front housing with the gear and rotor shaft pre-installed, the back housing, tail, the toy motor, and cover, screws, LED unit, and detailed assembly instructions, plus fun facts about renewable energy. Pro-tip: Use a blow-dryer for maximum wind-harnessing and LED lighting power!

Grab your windmill generator kit here for just $13.

22 Fun and Educational Science Kits Parents Can Find Online
Turn a little toy motor into an actual electrical generator and power a light bulb with this kit! Photo Credit: Amazon

Dynamo Torch Kit

For another green science kit, take a look at this baby. It includes a toy motor, gears, an LED light bulb, and the plastic casing for the bulb. Detailed assembly instructions are included, of course.

It’s an easy assembly process, and the easy-to-follow instructions also come with different electricity facts! The dynamo has a satisfying cranking sound, but it doesn’t hold a charge, so don’t expect lighting rooms and saving on your electricity bill.

Grab your science kit here!

22 Fun and Educational Science Kits Parents Can Find Online
You’ll have a new meaning to breakfast in bed thanks to this science kit. Photo Credit: Amazon

Potato Clock DIY Green Science Chemistry Engineering Lab

Potatoes working as an alarm clock shouldn’t be possible, but it is. Find out what else would work to power the alarm clock – the answers will surprise you! The Double Potato Clock will generate enough ability to run a digital alarm clock. Just push the zinc and copper electrodes into the potatoes. This combination creates an oxidization/reduction reaction, creating low voltage (in case you were wondering what the heck was going on).

No batteries are needed, but you will need two potatoes! Your kit will come with a digital clock, wires, pots, transparent tapes, copper and zinc strips, and detailed instructions. The snooze feature may be a bit more challenging to master, but good luck developing that gooey surprise.

Get your tuber-clock science kit here for under $13!

22 Fun and Educational Science Kits Parents Can Find Online
Relax after a long day of parenting and know that your child is learning chemistry with this cool set. Photo Credit: Amazon

Science Academy Deluxe Bath Bomb Making Lab Kit

What is it about bath bombs that are so mesmerizing? They come in so many fun shapes, but even when they’re perfectly round, they seem irresistible. Whatever their allure is, your kid scientist can make eight of their own fragrant, fizzy bath bombs with surprises inside with the added benefit of learning the chemistry behind them!

The enclosed guidebook includes step-by-step instructions, helpful troubleshooting tips, and all the details on the science behind how bath bombs are made and unmade. What’s even better is that everything you’ll need is already in the kit, and they’re all non-toxic. The molds included will also allow for a giant, two-inch bath bomb! And the best part is you can reuse the patterns, so you can make more with your favorite bath bomb recipes!

22 Fun and Educational Science Kits Parents Can Find Online
Do you want payback for all those times an alien abducted a human? This science kit is your chance. Photo Credit: Amazon

Playz Alien Anatomy Guts & Gizzards Operation Science Kit

A kid just hasn’t had a complete childhood until they’ve played with alien guts, and what kind of parent are you to deprive them of that experience? Teach them about diffusion, osmosis, and catalysts through polymer chemistry with this absolutely amazing and admittedly weird kit. Kids will make alien body parts, dive into leaky alien slime, extract alien guts, create catalytic baths, and so much more.

There’s certainly a fair amount of goop here – it’s an alien, duh! – so it’s not for the faint-hearted, but all the reviews from kids were over the moon (ha, get it?). If you’re looking for a great experience and don’t mind a little mess, this science kit is a great chemistry experience to share.

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