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The Most Attractive Human Traits, According To Science
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Balanced Extroversion

This might be a weird one for some people, but it is truly ideal. In psychology, we identify people as introverts or extroverts. An introverted person is often quiet and to themselves, usually seen as shy. Extroverts are the complete opposite, as they are an outgoing person that is overly expressive. Yet there are people called introverted extroverts or extroverted introverts too. Yet when we mention “balanced extroversion,” we frame it in how one is depending on the situation.

For example, if you are inviting people over for a dinner party or you’re having to go to Galla that your spouse’s boss is throwing. You want to be extroverted in these situations so that you come off fun and inviting, which only makes you and your spouse look good. But you can then turn this over-the-top personality off when you go home. Especially turn it off when you’re sitting around watching Netflix together. This balance is very useful, which is why so many believe it is one of the most attractive human traits you can possess.

The Most Attractive Human Traits, According To Science
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Being Respectful, Especially To Elders

Being respectful is incredibly important. While we’re not saying you need to have a military-style version of respect, you should always try to address people as “Mr.” or “Miss, Ms., or Mrs.” The latter might differ somewhat depending on your culture among women. This could be done with those under 18, but it is not required. Saying “yes, sir” and “yes, ma’am” is important too. This could fall somewhat under manners but we feel this really connects more to respect. Yet both men and women need to always be respectful to elders, at least as much as possible.

Yes, there will be times that this is simply impossible to do. If someone pushes you a lot, then you have the right to respond in kind so they do not feel they can run all over you. They too must practice respect, and it is only being respectful to set them straight. Both sexes often find this to be one of the most attractive human traits. You are treating people with care normally, and respecting them from the start just because they are human. It cannot be expressed enough how important that is to do. Lest we forget, you want them to respect you and that means always trying to make sure you’re taken care of.

The Most Attractive Human Traits, According To Science
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The Pitch Of Your Voice

Looks do matter for many, but we’ve ignored that for this post. Yet we never claimed we would not reference voices. The cool part is that you could be the ugliest person to walk the Earth but have a sexy voice. That suddenly makes you more attractive to people. Referencing *just* straight people here for a second. Men tend to like women who have a higher-pitched voice, as it seems to indicate a smaller body size. We know, this is terrible, but that is why men like it. Yet let’s not allow women to act superior. They prefer a man with a deeper or lower-pitched voice because it seems to indicate a larger body size.

Men seem to find high-pitched, breathy voices with wide format spacing to be the most attractive. Women like the low-pitched, narrow format spacing. They too like breathiness but with narrow spacing because short spacing can indicate aggressiveness, something many women do not care for. Deeper voices also seem to indicate virility in men, but studies have shown sperm count was similar or lower compared to men without very deep voices. Nevertheless, your voice pitch can be one of the most attractive human traits, but don’t feel like you have to sound any specific way. Be yourself, always!

The Most Attractive Human Traits, According To Science
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Regardless of the sexual orientation, regardless of the sex or gender that you happen to be, even regardless of the age you are. It is proven that everyone loves to see confidence in a partner. Now let’s be honest here, there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance. You do not want to come off like a jack***, so the best thing to do is understand where your limitations are while highlighting your strengths. This will allow you to be confident without coming off as arrogant. Women dislike being around men with low self-esteem. This differs from humble men, of course.

Yet the same is present for men around women, as they like to see a woman who can pursue them sometimes. This is ESPECIALLY true in same-sex partnerships, as it takes confidence just to try to strike up a conversation. Plus, you have to find out their sexual orientation without being weird. Confidence displays self-assurance, and that can feel safe for people. Yet confident people also have more self-control and do not just go with the flow. They make their own decisions because they are confident in that decision-making process. All of this is why confidence is one of the most attractive human traits.

The Most Attractive Human Traits, According To Science
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Being compassionate is truly a beautiful thing. Caring about your fellow human being is never a bad thing. While women like to see some form of compassion from men, it seems that men expect this out of women. It seems men assume this due to women often being the caretakers for children. In most older societies, the father serves a provider role while the woman serves the caretaker role. While this can still be the same today for some couples, it should not be expected entirely.

Those roles can be reversed at times too, which is completely fine. In same-sex relationships, the roles MUST sort of reverse or be equal if we want to connect the role one serves to the sex they are born as. Regardless, a compassionate man might differ from a compassionate woman. Yet all that truly matters is that compassion is present at all, as it truly is one of the most attractive human traits people want to see. Psychologists say that compassion is not just about caring for people, it’s also in the words one chooses to use too.

The Most Attractive Human Traits, According To Science
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Good Listening Skills

You’ve likely seen the old television trope of a man not listening to his wife about her problems while she cares about all of his issues. This is not exactly accurate for most marriages. But the aspect of not fully listening to one’s spouse is kind of an issue that people can relate to. When we reference listening, we are not saying you have to remember everything they are saying to you. Like, if your wife tells you about a minor issue she ran into at work with her coworkers. This could be a boring story, but it is not about the entertainment value.

She is telling her partner about something that matters to her because she trusts that he’ll care. Yet if the partner feels there is an issue that continues to happen, they can help her solve it. They only knew to assist because they listened to so many of the same stories. Yet sometimes, it is not so much about “solving” a problem. Sometimes, she just wants to talk to you and this gives her a way to do that. Men do not do this as often, but when we do, we desperately need our partner to listen. As it might require help to solve a problem. This tends to be why good listening skill ranks as one of the most attractive human traits.

The Most Attractive Human Traits, According To Science
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Scientifically speaking, intelligence is highly valued in multiple arenas. It is so highly sought after that universities, in spite of being institutions where one learns, force you to display your intelligence via a standardized test before accepting you to learn from them. Yet potential partners love to see intelligence because they feel this person can have a conversation with them about anything. They also feel that person will potentially provide well, and assist in any major familial need.

Some people even seem to only be attracted to intelligent people. This often falls under a sexual orientation of sorts called “sapiosexuality.”  This might make someone bisexual, but you can be straight or gay and only be attracted to intelligent people that fit the sex you have an interest in. There can be a fine line in just how smart a person wants their partner to be. Some find genius-level people to be too smart, causing them to fear dating those types of people. In spite of this, evidence proves intelligence is one of the most attractive human traits that people value in potential partners.

The Most Attractive Human Traits, According To Science
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Positive Personality

While some people want to be with people with a generally positive personality, you do not necessarily need this to be attractive to people. It is just that people simply DO NOT want to be with someone that has a negative personality. Thus, you could have neither a positive nor negative personality and be okay. In spite of that, positive personalities are often beloved by people. This ranks very high in most surveys when people are asked what they would want in a dream partner.

Why is a positive personality one of the most attractive human traits? It is so highly desired that Planet Fitness did a survey that found 92% of people would want a person with a great personality than a great body. Yes, positive personalities are often linked to “great personalities.” This seems to be because generally positive people come off as easy to talk to, fun to be around, and willing to always encourage others. That can make someone almost addicting to be around.

The Most Attractive Human Traits, According To Science
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Sense Of Humor

Potentially ranked at the top of everyone’s wishlist is a partner with a sense of humor. How did this become one of the most attractive human traits? Heck, how did it become the top trait people look for? This honestly seems to come down to the fact that pretty much everyone loves to laugh. This might mean that the sense of humor your partner provides might not exactly mesh with everyone else’s sense of humor. Yet that does not matter, because YOU find them funny and entertaining.

Being around someone that can make you laugh can be addictive. Science has proven that laughter can decrease stress hormones yet can even help to increase some immune cells too. It enhances your intake of oxygen-rich air, as well as stimulates the heart, lungs and muscles. Laughing can even decrease your heart rate and blood pressure, giving you a relaxing feeling that can also soothe pain problems. To be with someone who provides this often is clearly wonderful, as being around them might literally make you feel better.

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