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The Most Attractive Human Traits, According To Science
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Positive Personality

While some people want to be with people with a generally positive personality, you do not necessarily need this to be attractive to people. It is just that people simply DO NOT want to be with someone that has a negative personality. Thus, you could have neither a positive nor negative personality and be okay. In spite of that, positive personalities are often beloved by people. This ranks very high in most surveys when people are asked what they would want in a dream partner.

Why is a positive personality one of the most attractive human traits? It is so highly desired that Planet Fitness did a survey that found 92% of people would want a person with a great personality than a great body. Yes, positive personalities are often linked to “great personalities.” This seems to be because generally positive people come off as easy to talk to, fun to be around, and willing to always encourage others. That can make someone almost addicting to be around.

The Most Attractive Human Traits, According To Science
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Sense Of Humor

Potentially ranked at the top of everyone’s wishlist is a partner with a sense of humor. How did this become one of the most attractive human traits? Heck, how did it become the top trait people look for? This honestly seems to come down to the fact that pretty much everyone loves to laugh. This might mean that the sense of humor your partner provides might not exactly mesh with everyone else’s sense of humor. Yet that does not matter, because YOU find them funny and entertaining.

Being around someone that can make you laugh can be addictive. Science has proven that laughter can decrease stress hormones yet can even help to increase some immune cells too. It enhances your intake of oxygen-rich air, as well as stimulates the heart, lungs and muscles. Laughing can even decrease your heart rate and blood pressure, giving you a relaxing feeling that can also soothe pain problems. To be with someone who provides this often is clearly wonderful, as being around them might literally make you feel better.

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