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Science Headlines Most People Probably Missed
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Our Feverish Universe Is Getting Hotter By The Day (Science News For Students)

We’ve known for years that the universe is expanding, but many do not really keep up with the temperature. It is not wrong to assume that it is cold in space. However, due to stars, we’re able to get some heat in specific parts of the universe. A lot of stars die off from time to time too, so most would assume we’d get colder. Yet due to expansion, more and more potential heat sources could be popping up. It was officially discovered that our universe is 2 million degrees Celcius (3,600,032 Fahrenheit).

Science Headlines Most People Probably Missed
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This is more than 10 times hotter than it used to be from previous measurements. Of course, most scientists are not surprised by this and even expected it to be warmer. When taking the universe’s temperature, scientists are actually measuring the gas. To measure this, they have to use specific light called the “cosmic microwave.” As light travels our universe, some of it passes through gas or gas clusters and the electrons boost the frequency of the light, allowing us to measure it.

Science Headlines Most People Probably Missed