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Times Celebrities Pushed Dangerously Bad Science
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Tom Cruise Hates Psychiatry

We find it pretty ironic that Tom Cruise seems to absolutely despise psychiatry. Cruise has long been connected to Scientology, a religion invented by the science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard. Most of what Cruise said in the media several years ago seemed to come right out of Hubbard’s mouth. The Church of Scientology oddly dislikes a lot of science, so they push for their celebrity members to be vocal about this stuff. Thus, Cruise claimed psychiatry was pseudoscience, which is clearly untrue. He also claimed Brooke Shields was irresponsible in taking medication for post-natal depression, a real disorder many women face. Not to mention Tom’s claim that chemical imbalances overall are not real. Cruise’s spreading of bad celebrity science beliefs is legendarily insane, but he has stopped this mostly.

Times Celebrities Pushed Dangerously Bad Science
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Dr. Oz And The Abundant, No Good, Rotten, Horrible, Bad Celebrity Science Myths

We’re actually not sure where to start here. It should be first noted that Dr. Mehmet Oz is actually a very good cardiologist who at one point was one of the best in his profession in the world. This allowed him to be given the opportunity to host his own medical show, especially since his background wasn’t faked for television but actually true. Yet nearly 70% of the products or concepts Dr. Oz spoke about and touted on his show were complete BS. He consistently promoted health solutions to some of America’s most notable issues, which were unproven and even dangerous. GMO misinformation and miracle weight loss supplements to green coffee extract and numerous pseudoscience, Dr. Oz is a beacon for bad celebrity science information. Avoid this show at all costs!

Times Celebrities Pushed Dangerously Bad Science
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Jenny McCarthy’s Anti-Vaccine Nonsense

We should first make people aware that Jenny McCarthy is a celebrity mother who does care a lot about her child. Her child is also autistic, and she seemed to notice the presence of his autism after early vaccinations. Therefore, it is understandable that she might want to connect the two as a good mother. Yet autism is not caused by autism and there is no proof of it. Jenny often cites a paper from the 1990s that claimed vaccines can cause autism or other mental disorders. Nearly everyone involved in that paper has since come out against it. McCarthy has no scientific background of her own to prove any link but believes it anyway. However, you have someone like Big Bang Theory star Dr. Mayim Bialik who has a doctorate in neuroscience. Yet she is also anti-vaccine and buys into the BS.

Times Celebrities Pushed Dangerously Bad Science
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Oprah Winfrey’s Decision To Give Junk Science A Huge Spotlight

We respect Oprah Winfrey for all she has accomplished. From her famous talk show to the success of her television network and multiple other business ventures. If there is one woman that other women can look to as a role model, Oprah is that person. However, Oprah has been a big problem in the world of conspiracy theories because she allows junk science to be promoted on her show or network. She put the spotlight on Dr. Oz and helped to create Dr. Phil. She gave Jenny McCarthy her platform for spreading misinformation on vaccines too. If there is anyone responsible for the spread of bad celebrity science over the years, it’s sadly Oprah.