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The Most Devastating Storms that Science Has Tracked
The New Humanitarian

Typhoon Fengshen

Typhoon Fengshen had an irregular path, and took the Philippines by surprise. Wind gusts reached up to 195 km/h, heavy rain caused landslides and flash floods, and over 700 people died from the effects of the typhoon. The typhoon also destroyed over 300,000 homes. It was one of the most intense storms in the Philippines history. It also caused one of the worst marine disasters in history, where MV Princess of the Stars, which was carrying 866 people, sank just off of the Romblon province. As a result, over 170 people died. There were only 56 survivors, and many others that were unaccounted for (The New Humanitarian).

The Most Devastating Storms that Science Has Tracked
The Summit Express

Typhoon Thelma

In November 1991, Typhoon Thelma hit the Philippines. Like many other times on this list, the Philippines have succumbed to another natural disaster. Thelma claimed more than 5,100 lives. In the Philippine’s history, it was the most intense and deadliest tropical storm ever recorded. Just as it moved over the Visayas, it reached peak intensity. Eventually, it reached southern Vietnam, where it grew weaker and eventually dissipated (The Summit Express)