Scientific Breakthroughs that Literally Changed Everything

By Joe Burgett
Scientific Breakthroughs that Literally Changed Everything

The world might be experiencing a tough time right now, but there is good news at the end of all this. At this point, we’re able to say that life has taken a huge step compared to where it used to be. This is all thanks to the scientific breakthroughs we have made as a species. Not only have we come a long way, but we’ll be in an even better place scientifically speaking this time next year. The things we’re able to do or handle today is more than even what our parents once thought possible. Over just the last 10 years, we have made discoveries and invented important technology that changed the planet.

Medically, we found out the proper way to get an athlete back after a tear in their knee or shoulder areas. We even invented new solar, hydro-electric, and wind-powered machines that have slowly been improving to become new sources of energy. All of this happened, shockingly, in the last decade. Imagine where we’ll be in the next 10! Without the scientific breakthroughs of the past, we cannot have the breakthroughs we see today. As a result, we wanted to develop a list to highlight some of the biggest scientific breakthroughs that changed everything. We hope you enjoy it.


Levodopa Formula
L-Dopa Chemical Formula [Image via Felipe Caparros/]

40. Levodopa

  • Its Use: Parkinson’s Disease Treatment

Science had known of Levodopa for many years but no one realized just how important they actually were. This all changed when Swedish Pharmacologist Arvid Carlsson discovered dopamine. Of course, Dopamine is a neurotransmitter/hormone that plays a massive role in the brain and body. This is especially true of the nervous system overall.

Photo Credit: Medium

Once we knew of how dopamine affected the body, it led to the invention of various medications. This led to Levodopa trials and therapy to help those with Parkinson’s Disease. Levodopa worked terrifically, but it needed something to help it last in the body a bit longer. This was accomplished by adding Carbidopa. While the medication does not cure the person, it helps them live as much of a normal life as possible. This discovery changed lives for the better and is one of the world’s greatest scientific breakthroughs.