Evolution Explained So A 5 Year Old Could Understand

By Joe Burgett
Evolution Explained So A 5 Year Old Could Understand

Evolution, something that might not seem very complicated at first glance. Yet it is somehow always misinterpreted or messed up in explanation. We feel that this is a huge problem, so we wanted to make sure to explain it correctly for you. We want to remove any consistently mistaken material on the matter, which will allow you to truly understand Evolution.

The goal for us is to teach you not just about evolution itself but also what causes it. We’ll also break down what evolution leads to and why it is so important. We feel this is key to explaining it, as you may very well be unaware of some of this. It could also be that you were told things that you’re unsure about and you want to confirm something or forget about it.

Regardless of the reasoning, we’re glad you’re here to check this article out. We will not be using any crazy language nor will we just leave you with hard to comprehend science. Instead, we’ll break down every single complicated part of Evolution worth your time.

By the end of it all, you could likely tell a 5-year-old about Evolution and he or she could accurately tell others. With that said, let’s get started!


Charles Darwin
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Charles Darwin & Darwinism

While Evolution is our main subject, it would feel wrong to start off an article about this and not include Charles Darwin and Darwinism. The main idea of Darwinism is that every species of organisms will arise and develop through a form of natural selection. In order to survive, they will need to be able to compete for food, reproduce to add the next generation, and much more.

The idea Darwin had with this was not really disputable. It is clear that one needs to be able to survive, which means the development of key traits will allow them to do this. He explained all of this in his book “On the Origin of Species,” which was published in 1859. His theories were not so much theory any longer but rather, scientific fact.

In fact, Darwin also mentioned some incredibly broad ideas regarding the transmutation of species or “evolution.” This was relatively useful, but some of the concepts or ideas he used were known a bit before Darwin’s book was released. Therefore, Darwin was not exactly the man to invent evolution or coin the term.

However, his great work and studies did explain how a lot of this worked. It was the concept of Natural Selection that truly helped us understand how plants and animal species were able to not only survive but thrive over thousands to millions of years.

After his book was released, it gained notoriety and Anthropologist/Biologist Thomas Henry Huxley coined the term “Darwinism” in 1860. We have used it ever since. Yet Darwin was not the only person who came up with this concept (more on that soon).