Evolution of Man
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Evolution Explained

We wanted to go over Darwinism as well as Natural Selection to prepare you for the idea that, quite frankly, evolution is a complicated subject. It is often confused or people seem to want to believe things that are not true. People also misquote Darwin and other evolutionary biologists when discussing it.

Many people in history have suggested that the human body as well as animals have managed to develop key survival traits. It is not really something anyone had to actually explain. It was seen in human beings as well as animals, so how could we actually say otherwise?

What truly is evolution?

Ignoring Natural Selection, evolution is simply adjustments a species makes over a period of time. It could be merely one adjustment or several, depending on the species.

It is very important to note that a “species” makes these changes. It’s often not the same animal, human, or plant that does this. Bodily adjustments could happen in this case but nothing more, outside of man-made aids or additions. An example of that would be something like glasses we use to help us see better.

This means that the characteristics and changes are “heritable,” or passed on from generation to generation. Each species will add their own adjustment or tweak to fit the present period. We used the example above about how we use glasses to see better.

If eyesight needs to improve for a species…it will be able to make this change. In order to live on, the eyesight must improve so the species will either adjust to this or die off as a result of not being able to adjust its eyesight.