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A Guide on How To Vanish From The Internet
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End Your Wireless Connection

We already mentioned you should try to avoid devices that connect to the internet. But one clear way one can avoid adding to their digital footprint is by simply ending their internet connection. Call up your internet service provider or ISP and tell them you want to no longer use their service. Some may have you in a contract while most others only do a month-to-month program. Therefore, everyone will see something different here.

If you have a contract, this might mean paying out the rest of your contract or paying for the cost of the “out clause” that some might have. This might suck but remember once again that you are the one who wanted to know how to vanish from the internet. Obviously, we know this will be tough and potentially cost you some money you do not want to ever have to give up. It is still going to be worth it when you’re able to vanish from the digital world.

A Guide on How To Vanish From The Internet
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Stay Away From Buildings/Cities With Cameras All Over

This might be a lot harder as our world becomes more and more digital, and reliant on technology. We truly do understand that many buildings want cameras present to make sure they catch any criminals. Cities obviously want them too because they want to limit crime themselves. Cameras being up all over a city could catch potential gang activity, drug deals, weapon sales, and much more.

Not to mention, many cities take images of those who commit traffic violations and will send them a ticket for their small criminal offense in the mail. Many people hate that feature, but it happens all over the place. In areas like China, everything is connected and people are spied on consistently. You are often judged and punished for speaking out against China too. While their system is far worse than ours, it’s clear you need to avoid being added to any digital databases.

A Guide on How To Vanish From The Internet
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“Deseat Me”

There are many websites that assist people with their removal from the online world. The issue is that they mostly just tell you “how” to do something. A service known as “deseat.me” will help you more than any other. Not only are they able to track down a lot of the places your name shows up, but they can also track down accounts. Even if you are not wanting to know how to vanish from the internet, you can use this amazing tool.

It will help you track down stuff that you never knew you had a connection to. If that was not enough for you, they will also help you request that your data be deleted from a specific website. Where they help you communicate directly with webmasters. In our opinion, this is incredibly helpful. Even if you just want to know where your name pops up and how much of your sensitive information is out there. They even search the dark web too!! Best of all, most of their scans are completely free.

A Guide on How To Vanish From The Internet
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There Is One Issue

While we’d love to say one can easily vanish from the online world, that would be a lie. Sure, we gave you many tips on how to vanish from the internet. Most of it will work if done correctly. Yet you will come in contact with some things you cannot avoid that will make complete vanishing impossible. Things like WordPress as well as websites you do not own yourself are under no obligation to remove you or your name.

PlayStation Network and Xbox Live won’t completely delete your profile. Yet you might be able to change some settings to avoid your actual name being in their database. There are other cases of impossibility, such as finding a way to ensure your name never pops up online via social media. Sure, your friends will know not to write it out. Yet you cannot assume others will not do so, nor delete it upon request. The lack of control over your online status is truly what makes vanishing nearly impossible.

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