The Greatest Inventions Since the Wheel

By Trista
The Greatest Inventions Since the Wheel

Many inventions and ideas are groundbreaking. They possess the potential to change the way we see the world as well as carry out our everyday duties completely. Some devices have been so ahead of time that they made a path for the future generations to build on.

People with brilliant minds who imagined and worked to bring their imagination to like have invented gadgets, medicines, vehicles, machines, and a lot many more things. Human civilization has been witnessing engineering marvels since the beginning to help improve quality of life.
In this article, we would be talking about the inventions that happened after humankind’s most significant invention – the design of the wheel.

So, fire is not on the list since it has been used since time immemorial. However, the list is entirely random and does not consider the first one as the most important or last as the least essential invention. After you reach the end, you might think we missed something else!

We’ve been creating new ideas for thousands of years. Shutterstock

1. What Is Considered an Invention?

The invention is a new idea, new imagination, and creative thought in the form of a method or device. It is usually viewed as the application of solutions that meet new needs, existing needs, or unarticulated needs. In the current world, innovating something unique and bringing it to the world seems like the most profitable idea.

However, not all inventors are credited enough for their life-changing inventions, and a lot of them have not even received any payment for their contributions. This is because inventing is not enough. One has to deal with the problems of stopping other people from duplicating and profiting from their ideas.