36 Beautiful, Yet Strange Places on Earth

By Trista
36 Beautiful, Yet Strange Places on Earth

Do you love to travel? Or maybe you prefer to armchair travel by watching travel shows on television. Either way, you probably know that our earth has some pretty spectacular, and some downright strange places. Some are worth visiting, but some are probably best enjoyed from a distance. From a very, very far distance. Like the lakes in Africa that explode or the forest in Romania that sees more than its share of paranormal activity.

However, there are some places, like a bay full of stars in Puerto Rico, that should be added to your travel bucket list. Experiencing these places will make you realize all over again what a truly magical, breathtaking planet we live on. 


This Lake in Africa is petrifying. Photo: Guardian

1. A Lake In Africa Literally Petrifies Dead Animals

Lake Natron might be the strangest place on earth. It is located in Africa and is so high in alkaline elements that it appears to be red in color. However, that’s not the only thing about it that’s strange. It is known as the “Petrifying Lake” because of what it does to animals that die in it.

Their bodies actually turn into mummies, due to the high level of sodium bicarbonate, aka baking soda, that is present in the water. They first calcify, meaning that they turn into statues, or petrify. The lake is petrifying!