These Were the Saddest Myths to See the Mythbusters Debunk

By Trista
These Were the Saddest Myths to See the Mythbusters Debunk

We live in a digital world where every advancement becomes a part of our lives. The entertainment sector in this digital world is highly evolving. There are plenty of ways through which we find entertainment. Whether it is radio, television, or the latest inclusion of streaming services, there is an entertainment source for everyone.

TV shows are more likely to dominate our life. Other than any form of media, visual media is the most effective and entertaining form of entertainment. The audience tends to connect with TV sitcoms and make them part of their lives. There are plenty of programs that have managed to grab a space in the audience’s hearts even after going off-air. Before the days Netflix, the shows were aired on television. You didn’t have the choice of selecting the show according to your mood or pause and play them. There was excitement to wait for the show and stay glued to the television set. Looking back, there were plenty of shows that used to catch our attention. When it comes to science shows that exposed us to some facts that were unknown to us, there are many popular shows.

The Discovery Channel is still a haven for science that provides us with both entertainment and education. One such show that grabbed the attention of the audience and has been popularly running today is Mythbusters. But do you remember the almost unbelievable myths they proved to be right — or wrong?

Mythbusters was a favorite among science buffs, geeks, nerds, and more! Pexels

What Is Mythbusters?

Launched on January 23, 2003, on the Discovery Channel, Mythbusters is an American-Australian science entertainment program that is popular for busting some well-known science myths. The show is created by Peter Rees and produced by Beyond Television Productions, Australia. Some big broadcasters took the broadcasting rights for the show; some of the names include SBS Australia and Discovery Channel Worldwide.

The hosts Adam Savage (special effects expert) and Jamie Hyneman were the major highlights of the program that made it worth watching. They used to make the show intriguing and exciting to watch. Both the hosts used to take help from scientific elements and methods to verify the validity of the myths and bust them eventually. Not just science myths, Adam and Jamie used to bust the movie scenes, internet videos, news stories, and other wild concepts. Since its launch, Mythbusters was one of the most popular shows on the Discovery Channel that received maximum viewership.

There are a total of 282 episodes that were filmed in San Francisco and New South Wales. By the end of 2016, the show was canceled and revived with new two new faces Jon Lung and Brian Louden, that were selected through a competition Mythbusters: The Search. The show started in 2017 with the new hosts and still running. Now the show is filmed in Santa Clarita and other parts of South California.