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We live in a digital world where every advancement becomes a part of our lives, from myths and and conspiracy theories. The entertainment sector in this digital world is positively evolving. There are plenty of ways through which we find entertainment. Whether radio, television or the latest inclusion of streaming services, there is a source for everyone. TV shows are more likely to dominate our life. Other than any form of media, visual media is the most effective and entertaining form of entertainment. The audience tends to connect with TV sitcoms and make them part of their lives.

Looking back, there were plenty of shows that used to catch our attention. When it comes to science shows that exposed us to some unknown facts, there are many popular shows. The Discovery Channel is still a haven for science that provides us with both entertainment and education. One such show that grabbed the attention of the audience and has been popularly running today is Mythbusters. But do you remember the almost unbelievable myths they proved to be right — or wrong? Keep reading to discover how the hosts tackled some of the most widespread myths of our time and how they debunked them with elaborate experiments that really worked.

Nobody Wanted to See the Mythbusters Debunk these Myths
Mythbusters was a favorite among science buffs, geeks, nerds, and more! Pexels

What is the TV show Mythbusters?

Launched on January 23, 2003, on the Discovery Channel, Mythbusters is an American-Australian science entertainment program that is popular for busting some well-known science myths. The show is created by Peter Rees and produced by Beyond Television Productions, Australia. Some big broadcasters took the show’s broadcasting rights; some of the names include SBS Australia and Discovery Channel Worldwide. The hosts Adam Savage (special effects expert) and Jamie Hyneman were the program’s significant highlights that made it worth watching. They used to make the show intriguing and exciting to watch. Both the hosts used to take help from scientific elements and methods to verify the myths’ validity and bust them eventually.

Nobody Wanted to See the Mythbusters Debunk these Myths
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 Not just science myths, Adam and Jamie used to shatter the movie scenes, internet videos, news stories, and other wild concepts. Since its launch, Mythbusters was one of the most popular shows on the Discovery Channel that received maximum viewership. There are a total of 282 episodes that were filmed in San Francisco and New South Wales. By the end of 2016, the show was canceled and revived with new two new faces Jon Lung and Brian Louden, selected through a competition Mythbusters: The Search. The show started in 2017 with the new hosts and still running. Now the show is filmed in Santa Clarita and other parts of South California.

Nobody Wanted to See the Mythbusters Debunk these Myths
What a good idea to test popular myths to see if they are accurate! Pexels

The history of Mythbusters began on the Discovery Channel.

The series of Mythbusters was primarily created for the Discovery Channel. It was given the name Tall Tales or True. It was written and produced by Peter Rees from Beyond Productions, Australia. Initially, Discover Channel rejected their proposal because they were already airing a series with the same concept. Rees went back and worked on refining the show by verifying the story’s key elements rather than telling them. Later on, Discovery Channel agreed to take up a three episodes series pilot of the show. Jamie Hyneman, a special effects expert in movies, was asked to present the TV show.

Nobody Wanted to See the Mythbusters Debunk these Myths
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Rees had earlier interviewed Hyneman for another science series, “Beyond 2000”. Adam Savage used to work with Hyneman in commercial, and he was asked to co-host the series with Hyneman. Savage said that, according to Hyneman, it would be boring to host such a scientific show all alone. The fourteen seasons of Mythbusters, which aired in January 2016, was the show’s last season. However, Adam Savage returned to the screen with Mythbusters Jr. without his co-host, Hyneman. Instead, he was joined by a group of teenagers. The show aired on Science Channel. It had a huge fan base from experts to amateur scientists and everyone in between, including average Americans who are just curious about how things work in the world.  

Nobody Wanted to See the Mythbusters Debunk these Myths
They busted all of the myths you ever thought to be true! Pexels

The concept of Mythbusters was to determine whether the myths were confirmed or debunked. 

The original Mythbusters with Adan Savage and Jamie Hyneman busted all the myths using combined experience with special effects. The hosts used to work at Hyneman’s workshop, M5 Industries, to experiment with the tales and test their veracity with different scientific tools and methods. Robert Lee narrated the show, but a local narrator replaced his voice in some of the regions. With each episode, new members of Hyneman’s staff were introduced to the show. Three of the prominent members were Kari Byron, Scottie Chapman, and Tory Belleci. There was no regular system for organizing the episodes of Mythbusters into different seasons.

The show has never followed a convention and on- and off-air system. Every episode of Mythbusters focused on two or more popular science beliefs, internet myths, or any other entertainment media myths that were busted with the help of some trial and tested methods. Many of the busted myths on the show were based on the mechanical effects, just like they are portrayed in action movies. The list of busted myths in the presentations was prepared by the cast’s personal experience, fans’ suggestions, and other sources.

Nobody Wanted to See the Mythbusters Debunk these Myths
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There was also a Discovery Channel only Mythbusters forum where the viewers used to post their queries and suggestions regarding the shows. On some occasions, the show would focus on myths related to particular themes such as pirates and sharks, and these episodes are deemed “special” episodes. Before explaining a myth to the show, a blueprint drawing is created to explain the entire process. After the hosts introduce the tale, a comical representation of the myth develops interest among the viewers. All the myths are generally tested via two methods: replicate the situation and duplicate the results. Initially, the team will recreate the condition that the legend claims to determine whether the claims are valid or not. After that, the team will expand the situation using different scientific and mechanical effects to bust the myth.

Nobody Wanted to See the Mythbusters Debunk these Myths
Can you believe that some of these things were actually fake? Pexels

There are several Mythbusters myths that we were sad to see busted. 

Completing 14 years of iconic myth-busting, the original series came to an end in the year 2016. Since the show’s launch, Adam Savage, Jamie Hyneman, along with their team, is busting the scientific rumors in scientific ways. There’s no doubt in asserting that the show has encouraged the generations of kids never to kill the curiosity and keep the spark of learning things in a new way. All the myths were earlier discussed among the team and practiced before showing them to the viewers. They debunked some of the greatest myths that were hard to believe; they are myths. There have been many myths that were sad to watch them busted.

Nobody Wanted to See the Mythbusters Debunk these Myths
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Not just kids, even adults were addicted to the show as they used some of the best scientific evidence to bust the myths. Through such authentic ways of proving facts wrong, the show grew popular among the audience. Fans could connect to the show as they have never before; bet it science enthusiasts or casual Discovery Channel binge-watcher, everyone used to love the show alike. Reminiscing about all the old memories, look at some of the saddest and bizarre myths busted on the Mythbusters. Hold tight and join the ride down memory lane. You are about to learn if you can actually kill someone by dropping a penny on their head off of the Empire State Building. Or does the five-second rule actually work when it comes to dropping food and the floor and still eating it?

Nobody Wanted to See the Mythbusters Debunk these Myths
Dirty food… clean it up! Pexels

They debunked the five-second rule.

Indeed, you have heard of the five-second rule when it comes to food on the floor. It is a western culture food hygiene myth that states that there is a defined time limit within which you can pick up the fallen food, and it will not be contaminated. So, the myth goes like, you must pick your dropped food within five seconds, and it will not be contaminated. You have probably even done this action yourself. Furthermore, you could have even stated the “five-second rule” out loud before scooping your bite off of the floor and still eating it. So what did Mythbuster’s discover about this age-old concept that people partake in every single day?

Nobody Wanted to See the Mythbusters Debunk these Myths
[Image via Bystrov/Shutterstock]
So, if you drop a piece of food on the floor, and you pick it up within five seconds, does that mean it is still clean? Sadly, no. Mythbusters busted this popular belief, and everyone was disappointed to see the myth busted. All the clumsy humans were heartbroken after watching the episode. The hosts clearly proved that the piece of food fallen on the ground has nothing to do with the germ count, depending on the amount of time it stays there. Try not to drop any food going forward, and if you do, just toss it in the trash can. Of course, if you are okay with still eating it, then go for it. There is no point in wasting yummy food when we have to eat every single day — usually more than once!

Nobody Wanted to See the Mythbusters Debunk these Myths
Would this really work in the perfect situation? Pexels

One myth stated that pirates could slow the sail with a knife cut. 

Are you fascinated with pirates who loved to sail the seven seas and terrorize other passerby’s for their treasure? Although they are thought of as the bad guys, pirates have always been intriguing characters. Be it movies or books, and people have been acquainted with pirates for a long time. Mythbusters a widespread belief that pirates use a small knife to cut the sail and slow down the sail. With the help of some small scale tests, Mythbusters found that sails were made with several folded layers to put up the sail. It makes it harder to cut it with a small knife that too in a single stroke.

Nobody Wanted to See the Mythbusters Debunk these Myths
[Image via Paulsknives.com]
So what did the show determine when it comes to this ancient story? Well, it is a tall tale. The sharpness of the blade is also an essential part of the myth. Tory, one of the Mythbusters’ team members, tried it with a moderately sharp knife on a full-sized sail. Whenever Tory tried to hit, the blade would hit the seam bounce back. In the end, it was found that there’s no way a knife can cut the sail alone. Thanks for clarifying that one, Mythbusters! Keep reading to discover even more truths about some things you have always questioned in life. For example, if you can’t cut the sails, can you at least turn a rowboat into a submarine somehow to escape the bad guys?

Nobody Wanted to See the Mythbusters Debunk these Myths
Could parts of the film the Pirates of the Caribbean work in real life? Pexels

Some say that you can use a rowboat as a submarine. 

Mythbusters tried to bust the movie scenes from Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, where two pirates used an overturned rowboat as a submarine to walk in the ocean bottom and hold some amount of breathable air. Mythbusters team created the scene by stepping into a pool with an overturned rowboat over their head, but the body was extremely buoyant that every time they tried to pull the boat to the bottom, they would bounce up back to the surface. They thought that extreme buoyancy might be the issue and wanted to resolve it by packing themselves with sixty pounds of pirate gears.

Nobody Wanted to See the Mythbusters Debunk these Myths
[Image via Iurii/Shutterstock]
Although this Mythbuster’s episode may seem like a no-brainer to some viewers, the hosts gave it a whirl. Then they tried to weigh down the rowboat again with heavyweight on their bodies, but this time as well, it wasn’t enough to sink the boat to the bottom. The Mythbusters busted this idea by proving that it was only the expertise of special effects in the movie, and there is nothing scientific about the scene. Thus, a rowboat would not sink and be used as a submarine, so don’t try it. Keep reading to learn the truth about various shooting practices, like shooting a hat off a cowboy without hurting him.

Nobody Wanted to See the Mythbusters Debunk these Myths
This cowboy hat myth was busted. Pexels

Is it possible to shoot a cowboy hat off a man without hurting him?

Here is a good Mythbuster episode that you might not know the answer to just yet. You must have watched some country movie where the hero would blow off the cowboy hat with a bullet without harming the man. Mythbusters tried to bust this dramatic scene and proved it with some simple physics rules. They determined that you could not only blow off the hat off a cowboy’s head with a pistol, but it would also at least take a shotgun with enough force to make the cap fly off from the head. But that would end up making the cowboy dead. Hence, the popular myth was busted by the Mythbusters.

Nobody Wanted to See the Mythbusters Debunk these Myths
[Image via Beverly Pritzi/Shutterstock]
Many were disappointed to see the myth busted as they loved to believe the heroic scene from the vintage movies, but it is pure drama, and there’s no science involved in it. That’s what Mythbusters do: leave you thinking that everything that you believe in might not be accurate. You can still enjoy the idea of it, but know that movies and other shows — especially in the high-tech era we live in today — use incredible tricks to fool your eyes into believing what you see is real. Again, never try these at home yourself because it could have fatal results. If you can’t shoot a hat off, could a person catch a bullet in their teeth? Keep reading to learn the truth!

Nobody Wanted to See the Mythbusters Debunk these Myths
Whatever you do, please don’t try this at home. Pexels

Don’t try to catch a bullet with your teeth. 

Another heroic thing that movies showcase to entertain the audience is catching the bullet with your teeth. It is a common magic trick that is even used by the magicians during stage performances. However, how much truth is behind this amazing performance? Is it simply another trick with specific instructions and special effects? Mythbusters have beautifully busted this myth as well through their scientific testing. They have stated that catching a shot with teeth will shatter your mouth, and nothing heroic would happen. Moreover, it is scientifically impossible to stop a bullet. There is no such thing as catching a fired round with hands or teeth.

Nobody Wanted to See the Mythbusters Debunk these Myths
[Image via LightField Studios/Shutterstock]
All the viewers were heartbroken when they saw Adam and Jamie busting the myth by firing a shot into a pig’s teeth that are stronger than human teeth. However, every time they fired, the bullet only shatter pig’s chompers. So, the movie scene where the hero is seen holding the round with his teeth is certainly stupid because human teeth are neither strong nor capable of doing things like this. It is beyond science and involves some special effects to perform the task. Although it seems pretty cool, do not try this yourself ever. It could be fatal. PS – you cannot stop a bullet by swatting it away with a book, either. 

Nobody Wanted to See the Mythbusters Debunk these Myths
No, trombones cannot shot firecrackers properly — who knew? Pexels

One myth suggests that trombones can shoot firecrackers. 

Never try any of these at home, but here is a widely known myth that everyone blindly believes. A trombone is used to shoot the firecracker, and everyone has been following this blindly. Mythbusters finally busted this one by showing that a trombone can never make the firecracker fly like it is generally indicated. They tested the myth through some methods to know whether it worked or not. They conducted a study wherein the trombonist put a firecracker into the mute, and right before he reached the final note, he launched the mute. With the launch, the conductor got struck, knocking him back to the audience.

Nobody Wanted to See the Mythbusters Debunk these Myths
[Image via Davizro Photography/Shutterstock]
Furthermore, the trombone bell was also blown off. Hence, they proved that a trombone is not a great idea to shoot your firecracker; it will only get your hurt and destroy your trombone. There’s no way you can use trombone for fire cracking purposes. They even retested the myth by closing the end of the trombone’s mouthpiece. Nevertheless, alas, everything failed, and it was proven that nothing works out when it comes to trombone and firecrackers. Keep reading to learn about the truth behind shooting a sniper through his scope. It is another action scene that is a favorite by many, but can it really happen?

Nobody Wanted to See the Mythbusters Debunk these Myths
You’ll shoot your eye out. Pexels

The Mythbusters tested the myth that another sniper can kill their opponent through their scope. 

The myth of killing another sniper by shooting straight into the opponent’s rifle scope originated from the Vietnam War. It is more of modern folklore that people have passed through generations that soldiers used this technique to kill the enemies during the Vietnam war. This unknown concept is another action movie hit that creates a badass-like scene. Mythbusters decided to bust this myth with their experiment. They took a .30-06 armor-piercing round. Jamie shot through the sight, and it was found that if you can shoot to an opponent’s scope, why can’t you target the opponent.

Nobody Wanted to See the Mythbusters Debunk these Myths
[Image via Gan chaonan/Shutterstock]
Focusing on the scope will leave the opponent injured, but it is much better to target the enemy than target its range. Mythbusters successfully busted the myth and showcased that the legend may be accurate, but it is smarter to do the other way around. Those who were looking to use this tactic in the war must be aware that to make a smart move, it is always beneficial to target the enemy than the scope. You would have to be in an extreme situation to try shooting a sniper through the scope rather than thinking of a better and more logical plan of action that can actually follow through and work the first time. 

Nobody Wanted to See the Mythbusters Debunk these Myths
You know, just like in the movies. Pexels

One myth is that shooting the scuba tank will blow it up. 

Did you love the movie “Jaws” about a man-eating shark? Even if you didn’t eat up every second of it, Steven Spielberg’s “Jaws” intrigued the viewers back then. An action-thriller had people sitting on the edge of their seats and clenching their own jaws. In the movie, you must have seen people blowing off the scuba tank with a rifle. Everyone was stunned to see how the entire tank blows off due to the container’s high pressure. But, as usual, the Mythbusters smelled the myth right up there and went on to bust it. Can you actually take this route if you find yourself in a similar situation one day?

Nobody Wanted to See the Mythbusters Debunk these Myths
[Image via zhu difeng/Shutterstock]
Those who dream of blowing up a shark with pressure were shattered to watch this episode. The team punctured the tank that only left the tank and flew around like a rocket, but nothing exploded. The scene showcased in the movie due to special effects that are the major USP of Spielberg’s films. However, it was found that actually nothing of such happens when you shoot a scuba tank. Of course, it does get punctured, but nothing blows off like the in the movies. It is yet another cinematic trick directors use to make a scene exciting — and explosive. What other myths did these experts bust? Keep reading for more information that will blow your mind. 

Nobody Wanted to See the Mythbusters Debunk these Myths
This one is a cool idea, but would never really work. Pexels

A magic bullet made from ice is the same as a regular bullet. 

There was a time when magic bullets made from ice were doing rounds and creating a buzz. Does it still hurt its victims in the same manner as a regular bullet? Well, Mythbusters busted the myth with their expertise. These bullets are generally caused by freezing the water in bullet-shaped trays. The tale was that these bullets could kill the enemies without leaving any trace of evidence. Mythbusters proved that no one could be killed with ice. When the ice bullets come at room temperature, they will start melting, losing their solid form. Thus, there is no way it could act as a bullet made from metal.

Nobody Wanted to See the Mythbusters Debunk these Myths
[Image via Pinterest]
Secondly, ice cannot penetrate a human body, though it can leave some bruises due to the forceful releases. It cannot dig into a human body, causing a lethal injury. Hence this myth was also rightly busted by the Mythbusters. Just like any other myths, this one was also unacceptable by the viewers. It was hard for them to believe that ice bullets can kill someone without leaving any evidence. It is quite natural to know that the round will melt before it leaves the barrel. Therefore, if someone tries to shoot you with an ice bullet, you shouldn’t face the same fate as a regular bullet. However, what if someone drops a penny off of a skyscraper and it hits you in the head? Keep reading to learn the truth about this myth. 

Nobody Wanted to See the Mythbusters Debunk these Myths
This myth still scares us regardless of what they say! Pexels

Can dropping a penny from the Empire State building kill someone? 

Here is one you have been waiting to learn more about, right? Everyone knows about the widespread belief that dropping a penny from the Empire State building can get somebody killed as it will fall from such height and speed. The Mythbusters decided to but this belief and tested the myth to determine its veracity. They developed a gun that can fire pennies at 64.4 miles per hour, the same speed a penny would fall from the Empire State Building. The penny was shot towards a dummy, and it was found that it only created slight damage. Although it can still create pain and problems, it is unlikely to actually kill a person. 

Nobody Wanted to See the Mythbusters Debunk these Myths
[Image via Pinterest]
No severe injury was made. They even shot the gun at each other, and they were only hurt, but nothing damaging happened to their body. Hence, it was proved that a penny could never possibly kill somebody as the popular myth proclaim. It is pure science; a penny cannot kill somebody. It can’t gather the required velocity from the Empire State Building to possibly harm someone. Thanks to Mythbusters, who busted this belief and made it clear that a penny falling from the Empire State Building is entirely harmless. Keep reading to learn if yodeling can really cause a dangerous avalanche. 

Nobody Wanted to See the Mythbusters Debunk these Myths
Yodelers everywhere: yodel where you please. Pexels

One myth states that yodeling can create an avalanche. 

Surely you know what an avalanche is — when a mass of snow, ice, and rocks fall down a mountainside rapidly. And yodelers are people who sing in a specific way by quickly alternating the voice and falsetto. They often are pictured singing on the edge of a cliff, hillside, or mountaintop. So do these two things have anything in common. Could yodeling really cause a massive avalanche? It is a widespread belief that people still like to believe that yodeling can cause an avalanche. Mythbusters busted this myth as well with their scientific testing method. It has always been a dream of every other yodeler to cause an avalanche with their performance.

Nobody Wanted to See the Mythbusters Debunk these Myths
[Image via Lonelyplanet]
Nevertheless, Mythbusters’ small scale experiment proved that noises caused by yodeling could never cause or trigger an avalanche. They conducted a series of tests that even included a professional yodeler, but in the end, it was found that nothing happened with snow-capped mountains. Not just general yodeling, the performers were given megaphones to increase the pitch, frequency, and sound, but nothing terrible or at least evident happened. So, after the scene was aired, people started realizing that all these years, what fascinated them was a myth. In a special episode, they even found that firing small guns on the mountains cannot cause the avalanche, then how yodeling can create such a gigantic process.

Nobody Wanted to See the Mythbusters Debunk these Myths
You will fall, we repeat, but not like head over heels in love type of fall. Pexels

The good ole banana peel trick is one that the Mythbusters tested. 

Banana peels and falls are correlated, but it is a pure myth that often, people disagree. Stepping on a banana feel is certainly slippery but will not fall dramatically, as shown in the movies. The Mythbusters decided to bust this myth by conducting some testing. They placed banana peels on the ground and made people walk over it. People felt slippery when they walked over the banana peels, but no one fell. The test clearly shows that banana peel can never make your fall unless you are too clumsy. It was shocking for people who watched the episode, as everyone used to believe that they will fall dramatically if they step onto a banana peel.

Nobody Wanted to See the Mythbusters Debunk these Myths
[Image via Thesun]
Even movies have encouraged this myth by showing them always in their comic scenes. Generally, it is looked like a comical representation of a fall. If you are looking to recreate Mario Kart with your friends, then, unfortunately, you have to act it out as nothing actual will happen. A banana peel is slippery, but it doesn’t create enough friction to make someone fall off the ground. If the banana is still inside the peel, and you jump on it, you might find yourself falling to the floor. The peel is already slippery, and the added banana mushiness could cause you to take a spill. However, it doesn’t always happen in the way you would think it did in the movies.

Nobody Wanted to See the Mythbusters Debunk these Myths
Excuse me, ray what? Pexels

Can you create a death ray out of the mirror?

Are Mythbuster’s trying to teach people how to attack others by using such extreme ideas to test their accuracy? Of course not. Death rays are generally made with laser projection that can harness the energy to release killing rays. It is a widespread belief that people can use mirrors to construct a death ray that will use the sun’s UV rays to project light. However, is it true that a person can create a makeshift death ray using a mirror? Sure, anything can be considered a weapon in the right situation, but this one is a bit scary! Keep reading to discover what the Mythbuster’s would out about this insane science idea.

Nobody Wanted to See the Mythbusters Debunk these Myths
[Image via Rodobot/Shutterstock]
Adam and Jamie decided to break the myth. They formed a seemingly large consortium of mirrors to make a death ray that will take the sun’s energy. The infamous hosts decided to make the mirror unconventionally large to generate potential energy to release the death rays. Even after building such gigantic rays and increasing the temperature, the mirrors failed to create a death ray’s necessary power. In turn, everyone was okay with this find considering the risk factor associated with this crazy myth. The next one deals with your health, and you might have wondered the truth behind the next myth yourself!

Nobody Wanted to See the Mythbusters Debunk these Myths
In case you were wondering the truth about putting two and two together. Pexels

Can frequencies disturb your bowel health? 

If you know about the brown note, you would see a hypothetical frequency infrasonic frequency that can create an imbalance in your bowels due to its high pitch. In the brown message, frequencies generally range between 5 and 9Hz. It is a myth that needed to be busted. Mythbusters decided to take the test and ensure the veracity of the legend. Adam himself became the subject who continuously listened to the frequencies. Apart from feeling a little discomfort in the chest due to the rates, nothing happened to Adam’s bowels. Hence, it was proved that brown note is not capable of running your bowel health.

Nobody Wanted to See the Mythbusters Debunk these Myths
[Image via Oksana8838/Shutterstock]
However, it can create some discomfort in your chest or sensation in your blood flow, but your bowel health will not be affected by the high pitch frequency. Everyone was stunned to see Adam taking the test himself as everyone believed that myth would not bust, and Adam will witness bowel issues. However, the team tests the myths before coming before the camera and showcasing them to the audience. So, Adam must have already taken the test, and that’s why he was so confident to volunteer. One thing was clear after the episode that high-frequency sound cannot trouble your bowels.

Nobody Wanted to See the Mythbusters Debunk these Myths
How fast is the quicksand actually moving? Pexels

One common myth is that people can sink in quicksand. 

If you get stuck in quicksand, you probably assume you are goner, right? That might not actually be the case when it comes to this interesting soil. A great myth that everyone almost believes in is that a person can sink in the quicksand. The cartoon movies have given their contribution to promoting the myth. Mythbusters decided to bust this myth as well by their test. Adam and Jamie tried to submerge themselves in the quicksand to test whether it was true or not. It was found that the human body can never sink into the quicksand thoroughly. A human body will only merge till the chest as the body is denser than the swamp.

Nobody Wanted to See the Mythbusters Debunk these Myths
[Image via Outdoorrevival]
Adam and Jamie, who entered the quicksand, were submerged only till their chest and after which they began to float. Hence, it was proved that quicksand could never eat a human. If anyone has died from lowering into the trap would probably be due to dehydration and overexposure. A person can only sink into the quicksand due to the fast motion to escape it. Being less dense than the human body, quicksand can never make a person drown. People were shocked to see the myth busted, and many people even wrote in the Mythbusters forum as well that they are glad Mythbusters took the legend and shattered it.

Nobody Wanted to See the Mythbusters Debunk these Myths
A hot bath is commonly taken at the end of a long day to relax. Pixabay

Can shrinking jeans while wearing them in a hot bath kill you? 

One of the myths that the Mythbusters tested was whether shrinking jeans while wearing them in a hot tub for six hours can kill you. The theory behind this myth is that if a person wore a pair of jeans and then sat in a hot bath intending to shrink them to fit, the shrinking jeans can cut off blood circulation to the legs. The lack of blood circulation would then cause a lethal clot or require the legs to be amputated. The team experimented with a pair of ballistic gel legs with tubes running through them to stimulate blood vessels. Then they covered the legs in jeans and placed them in a hot bath for six hours. They did not find any change in the blood flow.

Nobody Wanted to See the Mythbusters Debunk these Myths
[Image via Themomedit]
They then had Grant wear a pair of blue jeans and sit in the hot bath for six hours. Throughout the experiment, Grant was continuously monitored by a medical expert, and by the end of the six hours, he was declared healthy and at no risk of death. The Build Team was able to consider this myth debunked. However, as an important reminder, blood clots and cutting off blood circulation are genuine dangers that should never be taken lightly. You might even question why someone would think to wear a pair of jeans in a hot bath. Maybe they think doing that way will tighten up the pants as though they were just washed and dried. They would be wrong.

Nobody Wanted to See the Mythbusters Debunk these Myths
Styrofoam cups are not your typical deadly weapon. Pixabay

The Mythbusters tackle whether a filled Styrofoam cup can pierce another car’s windshield. 

One of the myths that the Mythbusters chose to test out was whether a Styrofoam cup filled with soda tossed from a car moving at highway speed could piercing another car’s windshield, killing its driver. Two Mythbusters first fired several different mixtures of soda and ice out of an air cannon to measure which was capable of delivering the most force. They ultimately found that slush was the most effective mix. To simulate an oncoming vehicle, they built a test rig in front of the air cannon with a windshield and with a driver. In a test shot at 40 miles per hour, the cup was able to crack the windshield. The cup pierced the windshield at the full 60 miles per hour but did not maintain enough momentum to be lethal to the driver.

Nobody Wanted to See the Mythbusters Debunk these Myths
[Image via Steve Cukrov/Shutterstock]
Finally, they decided to repeat the test using aluminum soda cans. While the cans pierced the windshield more effectively, the Mythbusters could not hit the windshield accurately enough to hit the driver. They also tried to use a shoulder-mounted air cannon but could still not hit the windshield accurately enough. Down to one windshield, the Mythbusters fired at the windshield at point-blank range. The cup still lacked the power to harm the driver, and ultimately, the myth was declared busted. Even though it is a bust, Styrofoam still is not a eco-friendly material that should be used in mass amounts because it does not decompose properly.

Nobody Wanted to See the Mythbusters Debunk these Myths
In movies, the majority of cars that crash down a cliff end up on fire. Pixabay

Mythbusters tackle whether, after crashing down a cliff if the car will always end up on fire. 

To begin testing out this theory, the Mythbusters brought a car to the top of a quarry. The car accidentally rolled off the cliff before the accelerator was pushed down with a weight. The vehicle tumbled only part of the way down the quarry walls and did not explode. The Mythbusters brought in a new car and designed an improved launching method. Furthermore, the second car sped off the cliff and crashed much more impressively but still did not explode. They investigated the wreckage and uncovered that the gas tank was very well-protected and barely damaged. At this point, the myth was busted.

Nobody Wanted to See the Mythbusters Debunk these Myths
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To determine if an exposed gas tank will explode under the impact, the Mythbusters used a considerable, falling weight to crush a gas tank and added boxes of matches to stimulate sparks. The footage showed a wide spray of gasoline mist that quickly ignited into a large fireball. They attached a gas tank externally to the vehicle’s front to recreate an explosion with an actual falling car and covered it with boxes of strike-anywhere matches. Upon crashing, the fuel tank did explode, but one of the Mythbusters failed to release the parking brake during launch. Keep reading to find out if a carjacker can die from accidentally tripping the air bag and skewering himself with his break-in tool.

Nobody Wanted to See the Mythbusters Debunk these Myths
A thief attempted to pick the lock of a car and accidentally tripped the side airbag. Pixabay

An attempt to break into a car caused the side airbag to trip and launch the lockpick with enough force to skewer his skull. 

This insane myth is whether or not a thief attempting to pick a car’s lock and accidentally trip the side airbag would launch the lockpick with enough force to impact his skull. The build team constructed a robotic arm to simulate a person attempting to pick a car’s lock. They then placed a ballistics gel head over the arm to simulate a human head. However, they were unable to trigger the side airbag with the lockpick. A mechanic that was present explained that the airbag was not inside the door but in the car and attached to the door’s inside. The build team decided to build a robotic leg, under the assumption that if the thief were unable to break into the car, they would kick the car out of frustration and trigger the side airbag.

Nobody Wanted to See the Mythbusters Debunk these Myths
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Neither a human nor superhuman strength kick was able to trigger the airbag. The airbag is also placed so that it would never be pointing towards the lockpick, meaning that it could never be launched. In an attempt to replicate the results, the build team encased the lockpick in a sabot and placed it inside an air cannon. The lockpick, fired from the cannon, was able to skewer the skull. Ultimately, there is no clear evidence to suggest the myth is in any way accurate. The next myth questions whether or not it is safer to keep your windows open during a hurricane. Should the wind freely flow through the space, or will the windows crack otherwise?

Nobody Wanted to See the Mythbusters Debunk these Myths
Hurricanes can not only be terrifying but can also leave a path of destruction. Pixabay

During a hurricane, is it better to have windows open rather than closed?

Hurricanes can be terrifying, and many people take every measure they can to best prepare. This question might be a real thing you have already dealt with in life depending where you live. The Mythbusters chose to tackle the myth that it is better to have windows open than closed. They first performed a small-scale test using a box with window panels on all sides and with pneumatic valves attached to the windows. In a wind tunnel, it was judged that having all windows open was the best option as it provided the least amount of stress on the structure of the house. For the large-scale test, the Mythbusters used Medusa, the world’s largest portable hurricane simulator.

Nobody Wanted to See the Mythbusters Debunk these Myths
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The house withstood the windows Medusa generated even when the windows were closed. The windows-open test left a mess inside the house, though. In further tests, with rain and flying debris added, the house was again left standing. However, the windows were broken, resulting in a mess similar to that of the windows-open test. That meant that there would still be damaged in the hurricane’s aftermath, inside or out, no matter if the windows are closed or open, and it is always best to board up one’s windows before a hurricane. Keep reading to learn more about the difference between an electric car and a gasoline one in terms of which one actually performs better.

Nobody Wanted to See the Mythbusters Debunk these Myths
There has been much debate about whether electric or gasoline-powered cars are more efficient. Pixabay

The Mythbusters tackle whether electric cars are more sluggish in comparison to gasoline-powered vehicles. 

Have you considered purchasing an electric car? Maybe you already have one and love it — or not so much. There has been a lot of discussion on electric cars’ benefits and drawbacks compared to gas-powered vehicles. To test this theory, the Mythbusters built an electric go-kart using lithium iron phosphate batteries and tried it against a gas go-kart. Despite weighing twice as much as the gas go-kart, the electric go-kart performed equivalently. They then went to a professional track and watched the KillaCycle, an electric drag motorcycle, race against a stock gas motorcycle. The gas motorcycle won by a slight margin.

Nobody Wanted to See the Mythbusters Debunk these Myths
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Next, the Mythbusters had an X1 electric sports car race against an F430 Ferrari, and while the Ferrari’s top speed was faster, the electric car accelerated faster and won in a drag race. While the Formula 3 car easily beat the electric car, the electric vehicle is also considered a ‘street car,’ not a race car. It did well enough that they proclaimed the electric car to be anything but slow or sluggish. The myth was debunked. You could rest assured knowing you made a good purchase if you bought an electric vehicle. If you are considering it, you can check that worry off of your list. Keep reading to learn if jumping into the water from a tall height has the same effect as jumping onto the cement.

Nobody Wanted to See the Mythbusters Debunk these Myths
Falls from great heights can be painful no matter where you land. Pixabay

Do people who fall into water sustain the same injuries as someone who falls on the pavement?

The myth is that a person falling from a great height into water will sustain the same injuries as if they had landed on the pavement. The build team fitted their test dummy with accelerometers, hauled him up with a construction crane, and dropped him feet-first into pavement and water. Drops from 25 feet gave g-force measurements of 60 g on the pavement but less than 25 g on water. To investigate the effect of body orientation on impact forces, the team did more drops with the test dummy in a belly-flop position. Pavement and water drops from 50 feet maxed out on the testing instrument on pavement and registered 220 g on water.

Nobody Wanted to See the Mythbusters Debunk these Myths
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For a final test at a terminal velocity of approximately 120 miles per hour, two pig carcasses were thrown out of a helicopter at 600 feet. After they were x-rayed to determine injuries. The pavement drop resulted in 17 fractures, a shattered pelvis, and a decapitation. On the other hand, the water drop yielded seven fractures and a broken neck. Since no water landing had produced the same level of impact force or injury as a fall from the same height onto the pavement, the myth was declared busted. Basically, you can still get hurt, but not in the same ways. A pavement impact does seem more severe than a water one. However, both sustained injuries.

Nobody Wanted to See the Mythbusters Debunk these Myths
A stovetop grease fire is a hazardous and scary situation. Pixabay

The Mythbusters tackle whether pouring a small amount of water on a stovetop grease fire creates a massive fireball exceeding 30 feet in diameter.

If there is a fire, you should dose the object with water. However, what if it is a grease fire? The Mythbuster team started stove fires with three different cooking materials: canola oil, peanut oil, and lard. In each case, a massive fireball formed when the water was poured in due to the sudden steam formation, which propelled the burning oil upward. However, no fireball reached higher than 25 feet. The team did some smaller-scale tests to investigate further, varying the oil and water ratio and the cooking pot’s shape. The latter had no apparent effect on the fireball height, but they decided to use a 2:1 balance for further full-scale work.

Nobody Wanted to See the Mythbusters Debunk these Myths
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Under these conditions, they were able to get a 30-foot fireball. However, they declared the myth busted because the original 8:1 ratio did not generate the stated result. In a further test, they set up a shelf to drop an unopened can of soup into the oil, reasoning that having all the water-based material at the bottom of the pot would more effectively launch the oil when it vaporized and exploded. The result was a fireball with an estimated height of 100 feet. You must be cautious in the kitchen when cooking, especially foods with grease involved. From cooking hamburger beef to deep-frying chicken wings, grease can easily fly around the kitchen. Always have a fire estingusher close at hand.

Nobody Wanted to See the Mythbusters Debunk these Myths
A common prank that many teenagers have done involves mixing Mentos and Diet Coke to make a rocket. Pixabay

The team debunks that swallowing both Mentos and Diet Coke will cause a person’s stomach to explode. 

Teenagers have often done pranks that involved mixing Mentos with a two-liter bottle of Diet Coke. The reaction and pressure caused a rocket-like effect. The theory is that a similar impact will be had on an individual who swallows both items. Does swallowing both Mentos and Diet Coke cause a person’s stomach to explode? The myth is based on an internet video where a man ingested both Diet Coke and Mentos and then fell unconscious, reportedly from a ruptured stomach. When tested with a pig’s stomach, it was learned that the simple act of drinking the soda released much of the carbon dioxide within it, preventing the expected cascade of foam the Mentos and soda combination would give off.

Nobody Wanted to See the Mythbusters Debunk these Myths
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Even pumping the gas from the normal Mentos and Diet Coke fountain directly into the stomach didn’t make the stomach burst. However, like a previous myth of soda and Pop Rocks, the stomach expanded to the point where the victim would be in a lot of pain and induce vomiting. Only by blowing compressed air directly into the stomach did it burst. Ultimately the team debunked the myth. Sure, it is always fun to watch videos of people mix these two ingredients into a concoction. But more importantly, you can’t get too hurt playing around with this science experiment. Thanks Mythbuster’s for helping us out with this one!

Nobody Wanted to See the Mythbusters Debunk these Myths
The cleanliness of soda can tops have been questioned. Pixabay

The myth is that it is feasible for a soda can to be contaminated with rat urine and subsequently transmit deadly viruses to humans. 

In this day in age, everyone is caution about health, especially related to deadly viruses and how they are transmitted. To create a control sample, the Mythbuster team spread out 1,000 aluminum soda cans, cleaned the cans’ top surfaces, and then released 40 rats to walk on them for about 90 minutes. Following the 90 minutes, the cans were viewed under a black light that clearly showed that many became contaminated with rat urine. Next, they collected 1,000 cans from a variety of locations across San Francisco. Viewing those collected cans under a black light revealed that most of them also had organic substances on them, but it was not clear what those substances were.

Nobody Wanted to See the Mythbusters Debunk these Myths
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To find out what was on the cans, the team took sample swabs and sent them to UC Berkeley. There, a mass spectrometer was used to identify the chemical compounds. As expected, the control contained 15 proteins that indicated rat urine. However, the test sample did not have any compounds exhibiting rat urine. Furthermore, a professor of epidemiology at UC Berkeley explained that any dangerous viruses in rat urine would not survive on the exposed tops of aluminum cans. To be safe, wipe down the tops of your aluminum soda cans before consuming! You should always keep spray disinfect for cleaning any surfaces that may come in contact with germs. Keep reading to learn about how Mythbuster’s had some of the best episodes ever! 

Nobody Wanted to See the Mythbusters Debunk these Myths
Continue testing myths safely to see if they are correct! Pexels

Mythbusters will always live on in our hearts. 

Science-based shows are always intriguing to watch, whether it is learning the truths of space or geology facts. Mythbusters is one such science-based show that is popular for its unique format. The show’s host Adam Savage and Jamie Heyneman worked on different myths and tried to bust them using scientific and mechanical methods. The team of the series sits down with popular science myths that are deemed. Though the original Mythbusters with Adam and Jamie went off the air in 2016, it made a comeback in 2017 with new hosts. The show was aired on Discovery Channel, and it is one of the longest-running science shows on the channel. Adam and Jamie have introduced us to many myths that were always interesting to see them busted. They tried to bring out the truth with the help of scientific methods and mechanical effects. Both the hosts knew how to keep the audience gripped on the chair. While some myths were interesting, others left the audience disappointed as their belief was busted.

Nobody Wanted to See the Mythbusters Debunk these Myths
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Blowing up vehicles and setting things on fire, Mythbusters successfully grabbed a prominent place in the audience’s heart. Even after the original series went off the air, people used to compare the new show with the previous version. The above mentioned were some of the popular myths busted on the series that was hard to see busted, as people have long believed in them and claimed that they were real. That’s the setup of Mythbusters, you know it’s not true, and Mythbusters will prove you with authentic evidence. It would be hard to love the new format of the show. However, it has received a considerable amount of viewership; nothing was as iconic as the original Mythbusters, which was ruled by Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman.