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These are People’s Favorite Comic Book Antiheroes
[Image via Marvel Comics]

The Punisher

  • From: Marvel Comics

Frank Castle, like Deathstroke, served in the Armed Forces where he was able to do some very impressive things. He was a skilled marksman and leader, often known for his incredible sniping skills. He is also a skilled hand-to-hand fighter too, which means gun or not, Castle will take you down. When he returned home, his wife and two children are killed by the mob for witnessing another killing in Central Park. Frank then decides to go on a one-man war on New York’s criminal empire, dropping bodies left and right. The first on the list are those who ended the lives of his family. He eventually works with The Hand as well, in an attempt to resurrect his family. Although, this does not exactly go as he planned.

Castle’s beliefs are simple, if you did something horrible then your life must be ended. If you’re around those who did wrong and get hit in the crossfire, so be it. This is the issue with Frank. He often has trouble controlling his rage and realizing people have some redeeming qualities or goodness. Along with the fact that innocent people could be affected by his actions just as much as the guilty. Due to his war on crime, meant to punish those who did wrong, he takes on the name of “The Punisher.” Which strikes fear into the hearts of all who hear it. Castle is one of the best comic book antiheroes because, in spite of being willing to go to extremes to take people out, his war is often against very bad people.