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The Scariest Places on Earth
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Centralia, Pennsylvania

This town was once known for its productive coal mines between 1800 and 1960. In 1962, one of the mines caught fire and wound up spreading underground. The fire didn’t pose a problem until 1979 when gasoline tanks started experiencing abnormally high temperatures and then in 1981 when a boy fell into a sinkhole in his backyard that was created by the underground fire.

The Scariest Places on Earth
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As of 2014, only seven people inhabit the town. To this day, smoke can still be seen coming out from fissures created in the ground; scientists believe the fire will continue to burn for hundreds of years to come.

The Scariest Places on Earth
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Pripyat, Ukraine

Who doesn’t remember or who have not heard about the Chernobyl fallout? This city is the result of that disaster. Once a thriving town with a population of 50,000, it is now completely deserted.

The Scariest Places on Earth
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Everything in the town remains exactly as it was left. Creepy right? The most iconic remnant from the city is a giant Ferris Wheel. Officials say that once radiation has reached safe levels, the town will reopen as a tourist attraction.