The Scariest Places on Earth

By Trista
The Scariest Places on Earth

Haunted and creepy areas seem to attract us; the more morbid the place, the better. But why is it so? Is it because of the history the site holds? Or do we simply liked being freaked out? Whatever the reason, there are plenty of exciting places to explore around the world that will raise the hairs on the back of your neck. From the United States to the far reaches of Europe and Asia, we will explore some of the scariest places on Earth.

Credit: Flickr

Veijo Ronkkonen Sculpture Garden, Parikkala, Finland

Ronkkonen was a contemporary folk artist from Finland; he lived alone and liked to keep to himself, often not allowing his work to be displayed in public places. This sculpture garden was built in his backyard, away from the prying eye. The most extensive collection consists of around 200 statues; all self-portraits, and all in yoga poses. As if these weren’t bad enough, the garden also holds other disturbing individual figures: one of a nun creeping behind some bushes and another of a cloaked man with extra-long, outstretched arms. What makes them especially creepy, you may be asking? Both of these statues are outfitted with real human teeth and completely black eyes.

Veijo took his time with his garden: it took him 50 years and 500 sculptures to finish his greatest masterpiece. Although he did not discourage visitors, he did not want to set up a dedicated tourist attraction while he was alive. After his death, the gardens became available to the public for tours, and the owner also decided to refurbish the sculptures since the elements had weathered them.