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The Newest Animal Species Discovered in the Last Decade
[Image via OpenAccessGovernment.org]

Suzhen’s Krait

  • Discovered: 2021

In the Monsoon Forests of China and northern Myanmar, there lives one of the newest animal species to the krait line of snakes. Chinese scientists managed to use genetic testing to determine that the Bungarus suzhenae, or Suzhen’s Krait, was a new species. It is named after the Bai Su Zhen snake goddess from the Chinese myth, the Legend of the White Snake. This is known to be a very dangerous, venomous snake. Thus, studying it proved to be quite a challenge for the team.

The Newest Animal Species Discovered in the Last Decade
[Image via BBC]

Strumigenys Ayersthey Ant

  • Discovered: 2021

Normally when a species is named after a person, scientists use the “I” for males and the “AE” for females. Yet scientists broke from this trend when it came to the naming of the Strumigenys ayersthey ant. They decided to go with the inclusive “they” pronoun to promote nonbinary gender inclusivity. It is also named after the late human rights activist, Jeremy Ayers. This ant species is known of ant is known for snapping its jaws shut faster than most other creatures at 1.2 million mps2.

The Newest Animal Species Discovered in the Last Decade
[Image via DW]

Zombie Frog

  • Discovered: 2021

This frog is straight out of a horror movie. It was discovered when German Herpetologist Raffael Ernst heard a frog call from under the ground in the Amazon Rainforest. Rain was pouring down, it was muddy out, but he wanted to know where the call was coming from. He then managed to find what has now been referred to as the Zombie Frog. While orange and about 1.5 inches, it is not named due to being one of the “walking dead.” Rather, Ernst named it this because researchers often look like zombies when they dig out frogs from the ground.

The Newest Animal Species Discovered in the Last Decade
[Image via SciTechDaily]

Rose-Veiled Fairy Wrasse

  • Discovered: 2022

Some of the newest animal species have already been discovered in 2022 thus far as of this writing. One is known as the Rose-veiled fairy wrasse. It is quite a “cutesy” sounding name for an animal species. However, one could likely come to the conclusion based on how it looks that the name works just fine. University of Sydney Doctoral Student, Yi-Kai Tea claims that this was thought to be a widespread species of fish before now. Yet it was just recently found that it differed enough to be genetically different. Tea stated that this is one of the reasons properly describing taxonomy in general for new species is important.

The Newest Animal Species Discovered in the Last Decade
[Image via Live Science]

Blanket Octopus

  • Discovered: 2022

One version of the blanket octopus species was assumed to exist for twenty years now but is rare for people to see. That was until it was found by biologist Jacintha Shackelton on Lady Elliot Island in Australia in a rare sighting. At first, Shackleton assumed it was a juvenile fish with long fins but as they began to get closer it was confirmed to be a blanket octopus. Now proving this version of the species existed. The species’ name comes from the blankets that can be folded under the octopus’ arms to allow them to escape faster.


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