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The beautiful island of Madagascar sits in the Indian Ocean about 250 miles off the coast of Eastern Africa. It’s the second-largest island country in the world and is nearly 229,000 square miles. More than 90 percent of flora and fauna located in Madagascar cannot be found anywhere else on Earth. Humans have only been able to access the island of Madagascar for about 2,000 years, giving the various plants and animals there a chance to thrive.

Madagascar is one of those exciting countries that are pretty isolated from the rest of the world. The closest state to Madagascar located on the mainland of Africa is Mozambique. There are animals and flora there that you won’t find anywhere else. Instead of wondering about the mysteries of this beautiful country, we’re going to reveal its secrets to you. Here are some of the most amazing animals of Madagascar.

Some of these Majestic Animals Can Only be Found in Madagascar
The Island Megafauna. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

1. The Island of Madagascar

If you are interested in traveling to Madagascar to see any of these beautiful animals, there are a few facts you should know before you get there. Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world, and with all that space, there are plenty of unique animals running around that you won’t find anywhere else. You will definitely have an experience like no other if you choose it for your vacation destination.

The nation of Madagascar includes the main island as well as several smaller islands located around it. About 88 million years ago, Madagascar split from the Indian subcontinent. That led to its inhabitants being isolated from the outside world.

Some of these Majestic Animals Can Only be Found in Madagascar
Seascape of Sainte Marie Island, Madagascar. Photo Credit: Pierre-Yves Babelon/Shutterstock

2. Nothing for Miles Around

Don’t expect Madagascar to be chock-full of tourists, clogging the streets and getting in your way. This beautiful island doesn’t get as many tourists as South Africa or Morocco do, and that means more space for you! If you’re looking for a unique place to visit on your next vacation, consider visiting this beautiful island.

There are plenty of national parks for you to walk through and see everything that Mother Nature has to offer. Nothing but peace and quiet as far as your hearing can go, and no rushing around trying to get everything done. It’s the perfect destination for those who love nature and wildlife along with peace and quiet.

Some of these Majestic Animals Can Only be Found in Madagascar
Francais: Translate: “French”. Photo Credit: N.Savranska/Shutterstock

3. Parlez-vous Francais, S’il Vous Plait?

In order to get around Madagascar, you should take in a few French lessons beforehand. It’s a secondary language and a little easier to learn than the native Malagasy. Malagasy is an Austronesian language that is distinct from most African languages.

French isn’t only present in the language but in the cuisine as well, so you might be surprised by the dishes you order for dinner. The ingredients themselves will be just a little different than what you’re used to. It helps to download an app on your phone to help with translating your native language into French on your trip.

Some of these Majestic Animals Can Only be Found in Madagascar
Beautiful Baobab trees at sunset at the avenue of the Baobabs in Madagascar. Photo Credit: Dennis van de Water/Shutterstock

4. Preparing for the Weather

So what kind of environment can you expect if you ever decide to visit Madagascar? Variety is the spice of life, and you can expect anything and everything from this island. From November to April, northwestern monsoons and southeastern trade winds lead to a hot, rainy season that includes destructive cyclones. On the other hand, from May to October, you’ll find a nice, cool and dry climate.

It has lush, humid rainforests, dry forests filled with tropical trees, deserts as far as the eye can see, and rocky plateaus for climbing. When it comes to the ocean, there are 3,000 miles of beaches and some of the most beautiful coral reef systems in the world.

Some of these Majestic Animals Can Only be Found in Madagascar
Madagascar ring-tailed lemur family. Photo Credit: Eric Gevaert/Shutterstock

5. Taboos at the Forefront

Every country has its own prohibition or tradition that the people native to Madagascar have maintained for centuries. Madagascar is no different, and these taboos are quite rich and deeply embedded in their culture. In fact, there are so many taboos that they actually vary from region to region.

One of the most prominent ones is the protection of lemurs. It is a widespread belief that lemurs are the reincarnation of ancestors, so harming or killing one is very frowned upon. Another tradition is that people are forbidden from wearing red at a funeral. Conversely, it’s common to wear clothing during a sacrifice or when appealing to the ancestors to make a wish come true.

Some of these Majestic Animals Can Only be Found in Madagascar
Madagascan artists perform folk dance. Photo Credit: Jack.Q/Shutterstock

6. Putting your Dancing Shoes On

You might want to bring an extra pair of shoes with you when you head to Madagascar. These people love to dance! If you go during one of the more festive times of the year, expect the locals to ask you to join them.

There are several musical genres unique to Madagascar, including highland hiragasy and coastal salegy. Classical music is also prevalent among youth academies and orchestras on the island. Madagascar is full of clubs and bars where music is a prominent and essential thing. Even if you don’t have a good sense of rhythm, join in anyway. You’ll have more fun if you do.

Some of these Majestic Animals Can Only be Found in Madagascar
Captain William Kidd at Isle St. Marie near Madagascar. Photo Credit: Reddit

7. Not an Old Country

You may be surprised to discover that humans didn’t habit Madagascar until recently. Settlers arrived as late as 500AD, which is probably the reason why its fauna has remained so diverse for so long. It’s incredible to see what sort of wildlife can flourish when not impacted by the presence of humans.

The remoteness of this island also made it perfect for pirates. They would hide out here with the rest of their crew when they weren’t pillaging the other boats at sea. Since there were very few laws on Madagascar as well as clean water and friendly natives, the island was an ideal hideaway for pirates.

Some of these Majestic Animals Can Only be Found in Madagascar
Mahamasina Municipal Stadium. Photo Credit: Wikipedia

8. Quite Populous

Despite its size, Madagascar has a very dense population. On this massive island, the community is roughly 26.3 million people, making it even more populated than Australia, Greece, Romania, or the Netherlands.

All of those people were crammed into some populated regions around the island must be quite stifling. Even more so, given the fact that the Malagasies are trying to preserve their rainforests as much as possible. Unfortunately, deforestation has accelerated immensely since the human density started to rise in Madagascar about 1,400 years ago. Roughly 40 percent of Madagascar’s original forest was lost between 1950 and 2000, and the remaining forests have thinned by nearly 80 percent.

Some of these Majestic Animals Can Only be Found in Madagascar
An Austronesian village showing several traditional houses, 1893. Photo Credit: Wikipedia

9. From Settlers to Chiefdoms

In Madagascar’s early history, East Africans and Arabs came here to develop trading posts as a means of commerce. Settlers began arriving on the island in waves in the period between 350 BC and 55 AD. Eventually, kings came into power and would extend their reach to their neighbors through this trade.

What really gave Madagascar’s leaders their power was that their location made them perfect for African countries to become part of the Silk Road, which was one of the most extensive sets of trade routes in the Eastern world, extending from Europe all the way to Java. The Silk Road connected the East and West between the 2nd century BCE and the 18th century.

Some of these Majestic Animals Can Only be Found in Madagascar
Madagascar fossa. Photo Credit: Martin Mecnarowski/Shutterstock

10. She’s Not a Cat

The fossa is an exciting animal to view. Although it seems like a cat, it’s a relative of the mongoose. It’s entirely endemic to Madagascar, meaning that it can’t be found anywhere else in the world. This mammal is closely related to the mongoose family and physically resembles a cat.

It can grow up to about six feet long and weigh a little under 30 pounds. It has a long tail that helps it maintain its balance, as it likes to climb through the trees. It is on the endangered species list, due to its habitat being reduced through human intervention.

Some of these Majestic Animals Can Only be Found in Madagascar
Adult male Ambilobe Panther Chameleon (Furcifer pardalis) on a branch. Photo Credit: Ferdy Timmerman/Shutterstock

11. Spots and Stripes and All the Colors of the Rainbow

The panther chameleon is another animal that is endemic to Madagascar. A shame, because this reptile has some very striking colors! It can grow up to be nearly 8 inches long. Males are more colorful than female panther chameleons.

It is considered to be the most colorful of all the chameleons, with some of the most intriguing patterns researchers have ever seen. They’re also one of the largest in the chameleon family, making them very desirable for those who like keeping reptiles as pets. The panther chameleon eats only insects, shooting its long sticky tongue at them and pulling them into its mouth.

Some of these Majestic Animals Can Only be Found in Madagascar
Madagascar Tomato frogs are from the subfamily Dyscophinae. Photo Credit: Stephen Clarke/Shutterstock

12. Advised: Do Not Put in Salads

You’ve probably never heard of a tomato frog before. You can clearly see how this tiny amphibian got its name too. Anyone would mistake it for a tomato sitting on the ground in the middle of the forest.

When threatened, these tomato frogs secrete a white mucus from their skin that can be unsettling to look at. This mucus isn’t actually toxic, but it can be quite irritating if it gets in your mouth or eyes. Tomato frogs can live for between six and eight years. Adult tomato frogs can range from being deep red to yellow-orange in color.

Some of these Majestic Animals Can Only be Found in Madagascar
Close-up of Madagascar comet moth butterfly. Photo Credit: AlessandroZocc/Shutterstock

13. A Kite-Like Insect

The comet moth is also called the Madagascan moon moth and is considered to be one of the most beautiful moths in the world. Its wingspan can get as big as seven inches across, also making it one of the most giant moths in the world.

No one knows just how many of these there are in the world, which makes it difficult to determine whether they’re endangered or not. The female can lay between 120-150 eggs in one day, but so few of these will make it to adulthood. Add the fact that some of these eggs are removed and sold in international trade makes it even more challenging to determine their status.

Some of these Majestic Animals Can Only be Found in Madagascar
Madagascar Red Fody. Photo Credit: Martin Pelanek/Shutterstock

14. As Red as Red Can Be

The Madagascar fody is a bird that is native to the island and has been introduced to the surrounding islands recently. They can be as big as about five inches long, and it’s only the males that have this bright red plumage. This beautiful bird closely resembles a cardinal bird that’s native to North and South America.

However, they’re not always red. Their plumage can be various shades of orange and yellow, and they go through a molting period right during the mating season that makes the males the same colors as the female: a drab olive-brown. The Madagascar fody eats mainly grass seeds and insects. They also eat fruits, copra, and nectar.

Some of these Majestic Animals Can Only be Found in Madagascar
The satanic leaf-tailed gecko Madagascar. Photo Credit: Jiri Balek/Shutterstock

15. Satanic Little Devil

The satanic leaf-tailed gecko is one of the most intriguing reptiles you’ll ever see. Or not see, because it’s so great at disguising itself in its environment. Also known as the eyelash leaf-tailed gecko, this tiny lizard only grows up to be three and a half inches long.

What makes this gecko so elusive is that it looks exactly like a pile of dead leaves. This not only helps it to blend into the environment to escape predators, but it also keeps it hidden from the insects it feeds on too. You can find the satanic leaf-tailed gecko in hues of brown, orange, yellow, purple, and tan.

Some of these Majestic Animals Can Only be Found in Madagascar
Aye-aye, A Nocturnal Lemur. Photo Credit: Wikipedia

16. An Eye for an Eye

This unusual animal is better known as the aye-aye. These nocturnal primates are known for their big ears and eyes that help them to locate food and see in the dark and are known for being the largest nocturnal primate in the world. The aye-aye feed on grubs that they find by tapping on trees much like a woodpecker. The method that they use is called percussive foraging and is only performed by one other species on earth: the striped possum.

They are considered an endangered species, but when they larger populations, the people of Madagascar would find the sight of one a bad omen. That’s understandable, given how bizarre these creatures look.

Some of these Majestic Animals Can Only be Found in Madagascar
Painted Mantella frog from Madagascar. Photo Credit: Ken Griffiths/Shutterstock

17. Leave the Paintbrushes at Home

The painted Mantella is quite a colorful frog that comes in a wide variety of colors. No two frogs are precisely the same when it comes to their markings, either. Painted Mantella are typically yellow and black in color. Occasionally they can be found with green, red, and orange spots.

They’re pretty good at tolerating warm environments and being most active during the day. The reason for their coloring is to warn predators not to eat them because they can be quite toxic. Ingestion of one of these can make you quite ill. That is due to several poisonous alkaloids present in their skin.

Some of these Majestic Animals Can Only be Found in Madagascar
Lowland Streaked Tenrec of Madagascar. Photo Credit: Ryan M. Bolton/Shutterstock

18. Mole, Rat, or Hedgehog?

The lowland-streaked tenrec is one of the strangest-looking creatures and is usually found scrounging on the ground. Its long pointed snout, disorganized quills, and tiny eyes give it quite a disheveled appearance. They can grow to be up to nearly seven inches long.

It stays low to the ground and roots around for insects in the dirt, though its diet also consists of worms, frogs, and sometimes small fish. Females can give birth to about eight young at a time, so they have many mouths to feed. You can find these unique creatures digging underground, roaming on land, or swimming in shallow water.

Some of these Majestic Animals Can Only be Found in Madagascar
Madagascar hissing (Gromphadorhina portentosa) cockroach. Photo Credit: Aastels/Shutterstock

19. That Hissing is Not a Snake

Your first instinct when you hear hissing is to freeze and not move because it could be a snake. This is hissing of a different kind, and you’re not going to find yourself on the end of a poisonous bite. The Madagascar hissing roach is quite fascinating if not for the fact that they’re still a cockroach.

They have no wings (thank god) and only using their hissing during a conflict or when they’re stressed. They are one of the largest cockroach species in the world and can be up to 3 inches in length. On Madagascar, you can find more than 20 species of the Madagascar hissing roach. Many people keep these giant bugs as pets.

Some of these Majestic Animals Can Only be Found in Madagascar
Madagascar Owl, known as Madagascan or Madagascar long-eared owl. Photo Credit: Martin Pelanek/Shutterstock

20. All The Better to See You With

The Madagascar long-eared owl is about 19 inches long, making it one of the largest giant owls on the island. It can reach lengths up to 20 inches. Surprisingly enough, the females are usually bigger than males. This owl is native to Madagascar and can be found only on the island.

Its white and brown appearance can be striking and even haunting if you spot one at night. They’re naturally nocturnal animals and very reclusive, so the chances of spotting one are very slim. They also have special feathers that make them completely silent when they fly so that they can catch their prey more effectively.

Some of these Majestic Animals Can Only be Found in Madagascar
Coquerel sifaka lemur of Madagascar. Photo Credit: Miroslav Halama/Shutterstock

21. Long, Silky Coats

The sifaka is a type of lemur. Their name derives from the sound they make when they’re alerting the rest of their troops to danger. You may have seen this type of lemur on the popular kid’s show Zoboomafoo. They leap from tree trunk to tree trunk to travel and dine on fruit, leaves, and flowers.

They have a striking white and brown coat that’s actually quite soft to the touch. However, it’s not a good idea to get close to these as they’re on the endangered species list. Their body grows about 22 inches long, and that doesn’t even take in the length of their tails.

Some of these Majestic Animals Can Only be Found in Madagascar
Grey Mouse Lemur (microcebus murinus), Endemic to Madagascar. Photo Credit: David Thyberg/Shutterstock

22. He Won’t Steal Your Cheese

It’s hard to lump lemurs together into one group when there are so many different kinds of these mammals living on one island. Mouse lemurs alone comprise 20 different species and are considered the smallest group of primates in the world. The 24 different species of mouse lemur have evolved from a common ancestor dating back 10 million years.

Altogether, they’re about two inches long, not including their tails. Because they’re so elusive, there’s very little information on what their daily lives and practices are like, but they are a threatened species due to deforestation. Mouse lemurs have been named the most endangered vertebrates in the world.

Some of these Majestic Animals Can Only be Found in Madagascar
The ring-tailed lemur, a pair of adults takes care of a young one. Photo Credit: Karel Bartik/Shutterstock

23. Rings for Days

These are the lemurs that you’re used to seeing in movies and on TV. The ring-tailed lemur got its name from the 13 black-and-white alternating stripes on its tail. Ring-tailed lemurs dine on plants, leaves, and fruits and are diurnal, which means that they are only active during the day.

What makes the ring-tailed lemur different from the others of its kind is that it spends 40% of its time on the ground; other lemurs prefer to remain in trees as much as possible. They can weigh up to about six pounds, with their tails getting as long as two feet.

Some of these Majestic Animals Can Only be Found in Madagascar
Brookesia thieli, Domergue’s Leaf Chameleon or Thiel’s Pygmy chameleon, was found in Madagascar. Photo Credit: Lauren Suryanata/Shutterstock

24. Hard to Spot

Brookesia, also known as leaf chameleons, are some of the smallest reptiles you’ll find in Madagascar. They’re also the smallest chameleons you’ll ever lay your eyes on… if you can find one. It has only been in the last thirty years that the leaf chameleon has been identified to science.

They’re mostly brown in color, but they’re very secretive in nature. Only a small handful of their kind have been found in recent years, and they were discovered in very remote areas that were difficult to access. Because of their elusiveness, it has been hard for researchers to study brookesia properly.

Some of these Majestic Animals Can Only be Found in Madagascar
Madagascar Reed ruffed lemur, Varecia Rubra, on a branch. Photo Credit: Traxparent Wildlife/Shutterstock

25. Getting Hot Around the Collar

The red-ruffed lemur is definitely a fascinating creature to behold. If not for the beautiful rust-red color, it has a poof collar of fur around its head that makes its black faces stand out. They are roughly 20 inches long and have a tail that is 24 inches long.

They mostly reside in the northern part of Madagascar, living in the trees and eating primarily fruits, pollen and nectar to satisfy their sweet tooth. You wouldn’t think that with those large canines they have. The red-ruffed lemur is a fan of cleanliness and spends a significant portion of its day grooming itself as well as other lemurs around it.

Some of these Majestic Animals Can Only be Found in Madagascar
Elephant bird, aepyornis. Photo Credit: Nicolas Primola/Shutterstock

26. Flightless But Not Defenseless

Elephant birds once lived in Madagascar around 1000-1200 CE before they went extinct from human-related activities in around the 17th Century. People thought that they were related to ostriches, but they had more in common with kiwi. Humans eradicated this species by hunting them and eating their eggs. They also used the elephant bird eggshells as bowls.

They were giant flightless birds that stood about 10 feet tall and weighed close to 1,600 pounds. Experts have had a hard time determining the diet of the elephant bird, but they believe it fed on vegetation like leaves, fruit, and shrubs.

Some of these Majestic Animals Can Only be Found in Madagascar
Coquerel’s Coua, crop. Photo Credit: Wikipedia

27. Ground-Dwelling Birds

Couas are mainly terrestrial birds that are closely related to the cuckoo. They enjoy walking along tree branches and are more recognizable by the bright skin they have around their eyes. There are ten different species of coua bird located in Madagascar.

They’re also known for having enormous feet for their size, which are great for walking on the ground of the dense forests they live in. Their third toe is actually reversible, which is common in all cuckoos. Four species of coua birds are found in the rainforests while the other six are in the dry forests, all around Madagascar.

Some of these Majestic Animals Can Only be Found in Madagascar
The giraffe weevil in Andasibe Mantadia National Park, Madagascar. Photo Credit: Dennis van de Water/Shutterstock

28. You Won’t Find These on the Plains of Africa

It’s pretty apparent how the giraffe weevil bug got its name. However, it doesn’t use that long neck the same way giraffes do. The purpose of its long neck is to build nests and for winning in fights with other weevils. This unique insect is just under one inch long but is a tough opponent during a battle.

It’s the male that has a long neck, so it’s going to be territorial when there are other males around. Their breeding practices are weird too: the female will remove a single leaf, roll it up, and then lay a single egg inside it.

Some of these Majestic Animals Can Only be Found in Madagascar
Banded mongoose. Photo Credit: Vladimir Wrangel/Shutterstock

29. Stripes Down Their Backs

The giant-striped mongoose is giant… and striped. It’s also known as Grandidier’s mongoose. It lives in the southwestern parts of Madagascar, which consists of mostly deserts. This meat-eating mammal is one of the rarest carnivores in the entire world. The giant-striped mongoose is nocturnal and typically the most active during twilight.

It hunts at night, given that it’s nocturnal, and hides from the aggressive heat of the sun during the day by hiding in limestone holes. They’re very social animals and haven’t shown any aggression towards humans, even when they’re trapped. They mostly eat lizards and rodents but will resort to eating bugs.

Some of these Majestic Animals Can Only be Found in Madagascar
Life restoration of the koala lemur Megaladapis edwardsi. Photo Credit: Wikipedia

30. Strange Name for a Strange Creature

The koala lemur is also an animal that was once native to Madagascar but went extinct. It was a “mega lemur” that measures at least five feet long, not including its tail. This extinct mammal exclusively dined on leaves and used a leaf-cropping method for foraging their meals.

It didn’t have the usual body shape that you’re used to seeing with a lemur, usually long and sleek. Instead, it was squatty, kind of like a koala. The form of its hands and feet didn’t make it conducive to walk around on all fours, so they were most likely tree-dwellers for all of their lives.

Some of these Majestic Animals Can Only be Found in Madagascar
Sea dugong feeding on sea grass with yellow fish along. Photo Credit: Oceana/Shutterstock/berd.neeser

31. Sea Cows for Grazing

The beloved dugong dwells in the ocean waters around Madagascar. It is the only sea animal that is entirely herbivorous. Don’t mistake them for manatees; they look similar, but they have very different body structures and feast on different things. Dugongs are found in the waters of over 40 countries and territories in the Indo-West Pacific Ocean.

They were once mistaken for mermaids by sailors, though no one really knows how you can make that kind of mistake. Their life expectancy is about 70 years, but that has been shortened over the years and placed them on the endangered list.

Some of these Majestic Animals Can Only be Found in Madagascar
Whale shark is a big fish in the sea. Photo Credit: Chainarong Phrammanee/Shutterstock

32. Gentle Giants

The name whale shark may be misleading, but it is more of a shark than a whale. It is one of three shark species that are filter feeders. The most massive whale shark ever found was more than 60 feet long. The whale shark is the largest living vertebrate that is not a mammal.

It got the name “whale” for being generally docile and its large size. It can get as long as 33 feet, which dwarfs the basking shark, which can only get to about 20 feet long. Due to their gentle nature, diving and swimming with them have become a tourist attraction whenever one is spotted off the coast.

Some of these Majestic Animals Can Only be Found in Madagascar
A bamboo lemur sits on a branch and watches the visitors to the national park. Photo Credit: Eugen Haag/Shutterstock

33. Bamboo Lemur

The bamboo lemur is exclusively found in Madagascar. They were first discovered on the island in 1851. These mammals closely resembled marmosets and were given the genus name Hapale, which comes from the Greek word for gentle.

They have short muzzles, round & hairy ears, and grey-brown fur. The bamboo lemur can reach lengths up to 18 inches with tails that are the same length or longer. These animals thrive in damp forests where plenty of bamboos grows. They typically are the most active right after dawn. Bamboo lemurs spend most of their time high in the trees, but will occasionally come down to the ground.

Some of these Majestic Animals Can Only be Found in Madagascar
Endemic Madagascar Indri lemur in natural habitat. Photo Credit: Dudarev Mikhail/Shutterstock

34. Indri

Also known as the babakoto, the indri is one of the largest lemur species in the world. Their bodies can reach up to 28 inches long, and they can weigh up to 21 pounds. The indri is distinguishable by its black and white fur coat. They are closely related to the sifaka and mostly stay active during the day.

This mammal stays upright when climbing or clinging to a tree branch. They live in small clusters and move through forest canopies together. Indris are herbivorous, feeding mostly on leaves, flowers, seeds, and fruits. These animals communicate with one another by roaring, singing, and making other unique vocalizations.

Some of these Majestic Animals Can Only be Found in Madagascar
Pteropus vampyrus (large flying fox) in full flight. Photo Credit: Erik Zandboer/Shutterstock

35. Flying Fox

Another unique animal found on Madagascar of the Pteropus, also known as the flying fox. This animal is a type of megabat that is one of the biggest species in the world. They reside mostly in tropical climates, making Madagascar the perfect habitat for these giant creatures.

Flying foxes are nocturnal and use a keen sense of smell to search for food and water. They mostly feed on plants and fruit, but will occasionally eat insects. Unlike most bats, flying foxes are unable to use echolocation to navigate their surroundings. Flying foxes live a long time, up to 15 years. In captivity, they have been known to live for almost 30 years.

Some of these Majestic Animals Can Only be Found in Madagascar
Striped Civit or Malagasy Civit (Fossa fossana) at Ranomafana, Madagascar. Photo Credit: Flickr

36. Fanaloka

The fanaloka is another animal endemic to the island of Madagascar. This mammal is also known as a jabady or striped civet. They are only about 20 inches long and can weigh up to 5 pounds. Fanaloka have a short coat that is grey and beige with dark horizontal stripes that run from their head to their tail.

Fanalokas are nocturnal and feed on bird eggs, insects, small vertebrates, and even aquatic animals. After the fossa, the fanaloka is the second largest carnivore found on Madagascar. They have been classified as a vulnerable species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Some of these Majestic Animals Can Only be Found in Madagascar
Blue Coua, Coua caerulea with deep blue feathers and distinctive blue oval area around the eye. Photo Credit: NataliaVo/Shutterstock

37. Blue Coua

We mentioned the coua before and told you that there were ten different species of this bird. One of these species is the blue coua. Like most of the animals on this list, this bird can only be found on the island of Madagascar.

These birds have a vibrant blue color with a unique blue oval surrounding their eyes that has no feathers. The blue coua has large feet with a third toe that is reversible. Its bulky body, short wings, and long tail make it easy to spot as it flies through the trees. This bird grows to be about 20 inches long and weighs just a few ounces.

Some of these Majestic Animals Can Only be Found in Madagascar
Close-up of Nile Crocodiles. Photo Credit: Clayton Harrison/Shutterstock

38. Nile Crocodile

The Nile crocodile is a giant reptile that resides in freshwater habitats in Africa. This species can be found in 26 countries around the world. It’s mostly found in sub-Saharan Africa and lives in marshlands, lakes, and rivers. You will rarely find a Nile crocodile in saltwater areas.

The average adult male Nile crocodile is nearly 17 feet long and weighs between 500 and 1,650 pounds. The Nile crocodile is known as Africa’s largest freshwater predator and quite possibly the second largest reptile in the world, after the saltwater crocodile. These creatures are notable for their thick, scaly skin that acts like body armor.

Some of these Majestic Animals Can Only be Found in Madagascar
Madagascar Giant Day Gecko, Phelsuma madagascariensis grandis. Photo Credit: Lubomir Dajc/Shutterstock

39. Day Gecko

Also known as Phelsuma, the day gecko is a small lizard found in Madagascar. These tiny reptiles are considered severely endangered and can be regarded as a threat to individual species. Unlike most geckos, these reptiles are active mostly during the day.

They have round pupils and a transparent plate covering their eyes. Day geckos use their tongues to clean their eyes and keep them moist. You can find day geckos in blue, green, and red colors. Many reptile enthusiasts keep day geckos as pets. They are small, reaching between 2 and 12 inches in length. Small day gecko species live around 10 years, but some in captivity can live for more than 20 years.

Some of these Majestic Animals Can Only be Found in Madagascar
Leaf-nosed Snake (Langaha madagascariensis), Madagascar. Photo Credit: GTW/Shutterstock

40. Spear-Nosed Snake

Commonly referred to as the Malagasy leaf-nosed snake, the spear-nosed snake is another animal that is found only in Madagascar. This snake is extremely cryptic and hard to find. It dwells mostly in dry deciduous forests as well as rain forests.

The spear-nosed snake is typically found in vegetation that is around six to seven feet off the ground. They are small snakes, only reaching about three and a half feet in length. Male spear-nosed snakes have a brown body with a yellow belly. Female snakes have mottles grey bodies and leaf-shaped snouts. Being bit by a spear-nosed snake will cause severe pain in a human, but it’s not fatal.