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In popular culture, the term “tin foil hat” is often used metaphorically to refer to someone who is believed to be paranoid or holding irrational beliefs, particularly conspiracy theories. It originated from the idea that wearing a hat made of aluminum foil could protect a person’s brain from mind control or surveillance by blocking electromagnetic fields. Conspiracy theories are rampant, with some being more popular than others. There have been instances where certain conspiracy theories turned out to be true or partially true, leading some individuals to believe that any conspiracy can be true. However, the statistical reality is that only around 5% of conspiracy theories have any basis in truth, making the remaining 95% unfounded. While it is important to keep an open mind and listen to others, scientific conspiracy theories often involve individuals spouting baseless claims, pretending to be experts in fields like chemistry and biology. Despite the wealth of information available online, people tend to seek out sources that confirm their existing beliefs, reinforcing their misguided notions. While some scientific conspiracy theories can be easily debunked, others require a deeper understanding to disprove. This article aims to dismantle common scientific conspiracy theories by providing the necessary evidence to support rational perspectives.

Scientific Conspiracy Theories That Will Reveal People’s Tin Foil Hats
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COVID-19 & Literally Every Conspiracy Surrounding It

  • Height Of Conspiracy: 2020-Present

There are several scientific conspiracy theories related to the COVID-19 Pandemic. However, one of the most notable is that the pandemic was the result of a global conspiracy involving most of the world’s governments, pharmaceutical companies, and other major organizations. Of course, this theory is not supported by any actual evidence whatsoever. The scientific consensus is quite clear, in that there is a disease known as COVID-19, and that it has killed millions of people. While one can point to the number of deaths caused specifically by COVID as incorrect, the adjusted numbers aren’t much better.

Scientific Conspiracy Theories That Will Reveal People’s Tin Foil Hats
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Some assumed there was no way it could spread so much so soon without government help. However, viruses are capable of spreading insanely fast. It just took international travelers entering a country with the virus in their system. From there, it was just a matter of how much it could spread to people who did not have natural defenses against it. The issue was that since this virus was new, no one had a proper defense to stop the issues it caused. Which led several to be hospitalized and, in some cases, pass away from complications the virus caused them.

Scientific Conspiracy Theories That Will Reveal People’s Tin Foil Hats
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The Satanic Panic

  • Height Of Conspiracy: 1980s to 2000s

The Satanic Panic conspiracy began roughly around the early 1980s and would technically be a “thing” for the United States until the 2000s. Sadly, it came back a bit recently thanks to the pot-stirrers from QAnon. It technically began with around 12,000 cases of unproven Satanic Ritual Abuse cases. The panic really began through the Michelle Remembers book written by a Canadian psychiatrist named Lawrence Pazder. It was co-written by his future wife (then patient), Michelle Smith. They used the since-discredited concept of “recovered-memory therapy.” In these sessions, Smith made several crazy claims about massive satanic ritual abuse.

Scientific Conspiracy Theories That Will Reveal People’s Tin Foil Hats
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This concept of “the devil made me do it” attitude led to several instances of physical and sexual abuse cases. Claims were made that the occult or Satanic rituals were to blame for this, and not the person involved. In a bigger form, it was said a Global Satanic Cult that included many of the rich and elite members of society was involved in terrible concepts. Such as abducting children to be used for human sacrifices, prostitution, and much worse. In reality, this never existed and led to several people using this as a scapegoat for why friends or family did bad things. Yes, Sharon, Satan is responsible for your son taking drugs and abusing his wife… he’s totally innocent.

Scientific Conspiracy Theories That Will Reveal People’s Tin Foil Hats
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Chemtrails & How They Were Used To Control The Population

  • Height Of Conspiracy: Late 1990s to 2020s

We should probably put partial blame on the United States Air Force for this one. As the concept of weather manipulation began to circulate when they published a report in 1996 about it. Following this, it was claimed that the Air Force was spraying Americans with mysterious substances from their aircraft. The claim was that you could tell they were doing it when you saw “chemtrails” in the sky. Which looked like your average contrail pattern. Richard Finkle, William Thomas, and even radio host Art Bell were the biggest and most vocal names involved in this conspiracy.

Scientific Conspiracy Theories That Will Reveal People’s Tin Foil Hats
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When scientific conspiracy theories get out of hand, they get pretty bad for those that are claimed to be involved. The government was hit hard by angry calls and letters. Essentially, contrails happen when there are changes in air pressure or by aircraft engine exhaust. The aircraft is usually several miles above the Earth’s surface when this happens. Contrails are mostly made of water in the form of ice crystals. When this combines with engine exhaust and low ambient temps found in higher altitudes, they form a trail in the sky. Several federal agencies have come out to explain this issue, including the EPA, FAA, NASA, and NOAA. However, people still somehow believe in it.

Scientific Conspiracy Theories That Will Reveal People’s Tin Foil Hats
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Zika Virus Is From Modified Mosquitoes

  • Height Of Conspiracy: Mid-2010s to Present

Of all the scientific conspiracy theories on this list, this seems like one of the craziest from the start. The concept is that Bill Gates was involved in experimental biotechnology programs, which led to the artificial creation of the Zika Virus. The virus was spread by mosquitoes, which were genetically modified by the Oxford Insect Technologies team, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The first tests were done in the Cayman Islands in the Fall of 2009, and then the mosquitoes spread, mutated, and led to other mosquitoes carrying it. Why do this? Apparently, Gates is into Malthusianism, or the ideology to reduce the world’s population.

Scientific Conspiracy Theories That Will Reveal People’s Tin Foil Hats
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There is zero evidence to prove it. In fact, the article pretty much just parroted disinformation that came from Russia at the time. During this point, the Kremlin was blaming Gates and other global “elites” for creating epidemics to reduce the population or to achieve some goal. The idiocy of this is that Bill Gates has been providing several vaccines, and other medical supplies to places that did not have them before. At least, those that did not have as much access. As a result, his funding went into saving lives. Obviously, there were some hiccups at times and Gates has been known to get his way with some politicians. All in an effort to help others as much as possible. While this is partially an issue, it’s always in an effort to save and not kill human beings.

Scientific Conspiracy Theories That Will Reveal People’s Tin Foil Hats
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The 5G Towers Conspiracy

  • Height Of Conspiracy: 2020 to Present

It’s almost insulting that anyone has to explain that 5G Towers cannot create viruses. However, sometimes scientific conspiracy theories get out of hand. The conspiracy surrounding the 5G Towers began through a blog post written by John Gregory on a website known as Les moutons enragés. This apparently translates to “the rabid sheep,” in case you were wondering. Gregory claimed that the millimeter wave spectrum used by 5G technology and COVID-19 could be related. He even mentioned how 5G Towers were being installed in Wuhan, China before the coronavirus outbreak. It took just a few months, and this conspiracy led to Europeans setting cellphone towers on fire all over the continent. Gregory was just a small part of this.

Scientific Conspiracy Theories That Will Reveal People’s Tin Foil Hats
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Belgian newspaper, Het Laatste Nieuws, interviews a quack doctor who also claimed the coronavirus outbreak could be linked to the 5G Towers in Wuhan. For their part, Facebook tried to remove all links to both when they popped up. However, this only made people believe the claims more. The idea is that 5G networks cause radiation, which is what triggers the virus. Others think that 5G Towers are part of an effort to depopulate the Earth. Many people think 5G Networks cause cancer, depression, anxiety, and much more. Yet it should be noted that any radiation your phone has is the same on all network types. Both cell phones and towers do use radiofrequency electromagnetic fields to operate. However, it is below 300 GHz and you need roughly 5 kV/m before issues might happen and it is only locally through shocks.

Scientific Conspiracy Theories That Will Reveal People’s Tin Foil Hats
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The Governments Of The World Are Hiding Aliens From Us

  • Height Of Conspiracy: 1900s to Present

This might be among the scientific conspiracy theories that have persisted the longest. People assume we housed all the aliens at Area 51, and to be fair, the United States Government has been terrible at how they handled this. Area 51 is actually an Air Force base where they have tested out new weapons and aircraft for decades. We knew the base existed for years but the government did not acknowledge it for a long time. They finally did acknowledge its existence, but this is likely due to moving some of its testing facilities all over the country to avoid issues. However, the base is still very secretive about its projects and it is one of the most well-guarded bases in the world. People have seen several aircraft in the areas near this New Mexico base too.

Scientific Conspiracy Theories That Will Reveal People’s Tin Foil Hats
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Some of which could be considered “alien,” only causing more speculation. Yet we’ve seen UFOs all over the world now. The United States Government finally came forward and confirmed the existence of UFOs or their new name for them, “unidentified aerial phenomena,” (UAPs). They released videos of several run-ins with UAPs and have allowed pilots from the Air Force or commercial airlines to come forward and discuss any sightings they have experienced. Of course, the presence of UAPs does not automatically mean “aliens.” It just means the aircraft seen has not been identified yet, and very well could be eventually. Several governments have been secretive about these things because most test out secret aircraft constantly and do not want anyone to know about them. Some major military aircraft are involved in this.

Scientific Conspiracy Theories That Will Reveal People’s Tin Foil Hats
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Fluoride Conspiracy Theories

  • Height of Conspiracy: 1940s to Present

Years ago, there was a huge problem happening in the United States. Teeth were in a bad state, sometimes even rotting away. This was thought to be due to various causes, but perhaps the biggest was a lack of access to dental care. Fluoridation of the water was thought to be a big win in the U.S. as well as in several other countries. Many dental associations celebrated the move and have consistently hyped its effectiveness and safety. Opponents of the move equate it to things like vaccines, in that the people are not choosing to have this in the water and it, therefore, should not be. In theory, that makes sense.

Scientific Conspiracy Theories That Will Reveal People’s Tin Foil Hats
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However, there are no risks to adding fluoride to water, especially not the very small amount added in. Due to many feeling that it was a violation of rights, they started up several scientific conspiracy theories to somehow prove it was not safe. By the 1950s and 1960s, scientific conspiracy theories began. One concept pushed was that it was a communist plot to undermine public health in America. There have been claims that it caused cancer, heart problems, and that was even used for mind control. As of 2012, roughly 430 million people worldwide receive water fluoride at the recommended medical level. About 13% have natural fluoridated water while 87% receive artificially fluoridated water. Today, around 75% of U.S. citizens receive fluoridated water… and no problems have occurred because of the water.

Scientific Conspiracy Theories That Will Reveal People’s Tin Foil Hats
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9/11 Conspiracies

  • Height of Conspiracy: 2001 to Present

On September 11, 2001, the United States was hit hard by a terrorist attack. People that claimed to be part of the Middle Eastern group Al Queda, led by Osama bin Laden, took over a few planes. They were able to enter the planes with weapons and make their way to the pilot deck. While at least one plane was taken back by passengers, two were used to hit the Twin Towers and World Trade Center in New York City. Everyone on board those planes was killed while many more inside or near the towers were killed too. Not to mention several first responders that passed. Many of those people would die from complications directly from things they inhaled that day. This has naturally started a lot of scientific conspiracy theories, where we’ve heard everything you can think of.

Scientific Conspiracy Theories That Will Reveal People’s Tin Foil Hats
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From how “jet fuel doesn’t melt steel beams” to how bombs had to be planted ahead of time in the World Trade Center. The 9/11 Commission and Civil Engineering community have defeated claims like this. Stating that jets moving at high speeds in combination with subsequent fires, not controlled demolition, led to the collapse of the Twin Towers. One of the biggest was that the government let it happen on purpose or organized the entire thing. Of course, this is a common trope among conspiracy theorists. The government is always behind some way to end lives and control you, in their eyes. There has been zero involvement on a government level. However, it is stated that there were a lot of problems with both receiving and utilizing previous information about possible terrorist attacks before 9/11 occurred.

Scientific Conspiracy Theories That Will Reveal People’s Tin Foil Hats
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GMOs Are Highly Dangerous

  • Height of Conspiracy: 1970s to Present

Genetically modified organisms, mostly known as GMOs, have been a huge part of the conspiracy theory territory for years. When we reference genetically modified foods, this is mostly revolving around crops. Opponents of GMOs claim that the government has suppressed proper data on the safety risks of GMOs. In fact, the government must be causing food shortages just to promote their modified foods. Even the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is in on it along with the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Most of the conspiracies around genetically modified foods have often been unrelated entirely to GMOs. For example, people tried to blame the Zika Virus on GMOs and even food safety at the famous Chipotle Mexican Grill.

Scientific Conspiracy Theories That Will Reveal People’s Tin Foil Hats
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Trust us, you’ll get a stomach ache from eating there not from GMOs but because their food is complete trash (writer’s opinion and not that of the SS Staff). The idea for many is that GMOs have to be problematic because altering crops or even animals in any form from their original state would likely mean they are hit with chemicals. Those chemicals would naturally be consumed by humans when we eat the crops. However, this is not exactly how it all works. Scientists simply change the genome of something to alter it before it ever begins to develop. This is a practice that can even be done to humans today to remove hereditary diseases from a family line. Therefore, it is obvious that there is no massive chemical warfare type of thing happening with GMOs.

Scientific Conspiracy Theories That Will Reveal People’s Tin Foil Hats
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Secret Cure To Cancer That Big Pharma Is Hiding From Us

  • Height of Conspiracy: 1940s to Present

Cancer is a terrible thing, and it kills many people every year. The sad part about cancer is that it can be in various areas of the body, which is why there are so many different types. Some cancer can cause tumors and tons of other problems, as they all form at the cellular level. As sad as cancer is, we are making a lot of great strides when it comes to treatments. In fact, some people are able to do treatments early enough to go into remission. We can also remove some cancerous issues via surgery, which can allow people to never have to experience it ever again. Of course, it is possible for cancer to return but many in remission have remained in remission.

Scientific Conspiracy Theories That Will Reveal People’s Tin Foil Hats
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However, while treatments are getting better…there is no cure for cancer. Yet this is one of the most notable scientific conspiracy theories there is, as some believe that there is one. The only reason we do not see it today is that pharmaceutical companies make more money on treatments than they would for a cure. While it is true that Big Pharma can make a lot of money on cancer treatments, there is an issue here. Among all major disease treatments, it is the most common to see unpaid bills. Plus, not all cancer is the same. Therefore, even if there was a cure for one cancer…that does not mean that it would work on all forms of cancer.

Scientific Conspiracy Theories That Will Reveal People’s Tin Foil Hats
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Governments Are Responsible For Natural Disasters

  • Height of Conspiracy: 1900s to Present

It is actually pretty sad how often this specific concept is floated around. There are many people who are convinced that the government is responsible for major natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, and much more. This seems to go back to an earlier thing we mentioned revolving around contrails. As some are under the belief that either the United States government or all major world governments have control over the weather. Of course, this is one of the scientific conspiracy theories that seem to persist in nations like the United States more often. Mostly because many of these people also do not believe in climate change either.

Scientific Conspiracy Theories That Will Reveal People’s Tin Foil Hats
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You can, however, blame the government “slightly” when it comes to some earthquakes. We know we’re giving into this theory a bit but it’s not what you think. There is a common practice known as “fracking,” which is the process of injecting high-pressure liquid into subterranean rocks, and boreholes (among many other things) to force open existing fissures that might contain oil. This has been proven to cause some earthquake issues, especially if fracking is done in a particularly problematic area for earthquake issues anyway. However, the government only clears the ability for companies to do it. They are not involved in the process at all. Of course, this is only one thing in the wide variety of natural disasters that have impacted the world.

Scientific Conspiracy Theories That Will Reveal People’s Tin Foil Hats
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The mRNA Vaccines Have Microchips In Them

  • Height of Conspiracy: 2020 to Present

When the COVID-19 virus came around, we did not have any true way to fight it at the time. It was unlike all previous coronaviruses that had been seen up to that point, and none of the previous treatments seemed to be effective for everyone. While some benefited from similar treatment, most others did not. A vaccine was needed and companies like Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer were among the major places that were a huge part of this. Yet the big one was the Moderna Company. As a biomedical/biotechnology company, they worked a lot with RNA. They felt that vaccines could be created by modifying the RNA to do the same job that we used to do by introducing an inert version of the virus to a person in a vaccine.

Scientific Conspiracy Theories That Will Reveal People’s Tin Foil Hats
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In fact, that is how they got their name: “Mode(modified/modern) rna(RNA).” Their COVID vaccine was revolutionary, as it utilized the mRNA format where messenger RNA carries instructions for proteins to produce an immune response. However, some felt this was too crazy. How could they come up with a vaccine so fast, and why would we clear it without any drug trials? Technically, the latter is an understandable response as we often do trials first, but this was an emergency need and cleared for that purpose. However, many felt this was a way for the government to chip us, as this had been a worry for years about vaccines. They, of course, want to chip you so they can track you and know what you do. I guess these people never heard of credit/debit cards, cell phones, known addresses, or the freakin internet before.

Scientific Conspiracy Theories That Will Reveal People’s Tin Foil Hats
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The Earth Is Obviously Flat

  • Height of Conspiracy: 17th Century to Present

Contrary to what some might assume, people have believed the Earth was flat along with several other shapes for centuries. Heck, Christopher Columbus thought it was shaped like a pear with a nipple on top. Seriously, he actually did. Others felt the Earth was flat, so if you went too far, you’d just fall off. Yet even before this, the Greek polymath Pythagoras referenced the idea of a spherical Earth back in the 6th century BC. Plato then wrote of a spherical Earth in the 4th Century BC and Aristotle provided essentially what was seen as empirical evidence for the spherical model. This is why we’ve known of the round Earth for a very long time. This is why scientific conspiracy theories like the Earth being flat are completely insane.

Scientific Conspiracy Theories That Will Reveal People’s Tin Foil Hats
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Even the early Churches claimed it as fact, but this might have been where the issue started. Flat Earth theories really began to blow up by the 17th Century from early Protestants that were trying to argue against the teachings of the Catholic Church. Since the first real colleges were for the priesthood, the church was often used as a school where they taught them quite a lot. Including the spherical Earth concept, which was proven to be a fact by this point. Especially when you can see a ship disappear over the horizon. Other testing has been done, including the very freakin fact astronauts at the International Space Station as well as those who landed on the Moon have shown the round Earth many times through images.

Scientific Conspiracy Theories That Will Reveal People’s Tin Foil Hats
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The Government Is Trying To Mind Control The Population

  • Height of Conspiracy: 1900s to Present

If you have not had the chance to read our article on government experiments that they did not want us to know about, we recommend you check it out soon. It might actually make you think differently about this. It’s actually a complete fact that the United States government has researched several ways to control the mind. In fact, both the United States and the Soviet Union invested in psychics and those with extrasensory perception or ESP. The CIA declassified Russian experiments from 1991 back in 2021 where they referenced the Russians discussing ESP experiments. One of the scientists even claimed to have “perfected his methods.”

Scientific Conspiracy Theories That Will Reveal People’s Tin Foil Hats
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Some of the “perfected” methods involved the idea that mirrors focused psychic energy. The CHANI Project involved the idea of bringing psychics into the digital age through various computer programs. The goal for all of this was to find a way to read minds by utilizing people who seemed to be capable of doing it. Of course, this was all before we knew the methods every single psychic used. The Soviet/Russian scientists also never got anywhere with those who claimed to have ESP abilities or psychic powers. That said, yes, governments have wanted to use mind control or find a way to read minds. However, they have clearly always failed in this attempt. They could put a chip in you, put an antenna on your head, and put you in a padded cell. They’d still never be capable of reading your mind…literally, never.

Scientific Conspiracy Theories That Will Reveal People’s Tin Foil Hats
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Climate Change Is Just a Hoax

  • Height of Conspiracy: 2000 to Present

How did we get to a point where people do not believe in climate change? Well, in spite of the obvious evidence…this had been a major political campaign. You’d think that the people who mistrust the government more than any other would realize when politicians are lying to them. This was mostly a conservative talking point in America, and most who pushed against it were paid off by oil companies. Essentially, even though conservatives were actually the first to discuss man-made climate change in the late 1990s/early 2000s, they pulled back. They had to because so many were being paid off to do it. This allowed the liberals in America to pounce on their decision. It also made scientific conspiracy theories surrounding this easier to spread.

Scientific Conspiracy Theories That Will Reveal People’s Tin Foil Hats
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Such a political war made it hard to know the truth. Both sides brought out scientists to make their claim, but only one side proved things without any doubt. Republicans decided to admit climate change was real, but maybe man-made change was not. This allowed them to straddle the fence a bit. That led to the “hoax” of climate change being among the major scientific conspiracy theories. Some believe in the issue we brought up before, regarding the change in weather. Where the government is affecting the weather, the climate, and everything. Therefore, even if they are not pushing against climate change due to their political leaning, they likely are pushing against it due to their belief in some unproven nonsense.

Scientific Conspiracy Theories That Will Reveal People’s Tin Foil Hats
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Vaccines Obviously Cause Autism

  • Height of Conspiracy: 1980s to Present

We have probably discussed this issue countless times over the past few years on Science Sensei, yet here we are again. Perhaps the most vocal person on this topic has been the celebrity, Jenny McCarthy. Her son is autistic, and she seemed to notice the signs of autism after his earlier vaccinations. Yet autism is not exactly something vaccines actually cause. While they can cause some mild symptoms that usually go away within a few days to a few weeks, this is usually the extent of it. In fact, if they do cause something more problematic it is usually due to an allergic reaction to something in the vaccine. Doctors can trace the substance the child is allergic to and even help with their symptoms.

Scientific Conspiracy Theories That Will Reveal People’s Tin Foil Hats
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In spite of literally no evidence, McCarthy and so many others believe autism can be caused by vaccines. They often cite a paper from the 1990s where the team involved found a link between vaccines and autism. This paper has now been debunked with nearly every single person involved actually coming out against it. McCarthy and most who push this conspiracy usually do not have any scientific background. Especially something in chemistry or biology, not even pharmacology. Thus, it is pretty odd that we still see people without these backgrounds being the most vocal about the whole thing. You’d think that if every expert has told you this is not true, it would be good to believe those who ACTUALLY know what they are talking about. Guess not for these people.

Scientific Conspiracy Theories That Will Reveal People’s Tin Foil Hats
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The Moon Landing Never Happened

  • Height of Conspiracy: 1969 to Present

The Moon landing in 1969 was an incredible thing. We actually have more technology in our cell phones today than they had on the entire shuttle. We really need to give NASA more credit for being able to send astronauts into space in spite of their limitations. Today, you can still view our flag on the moon, though, it’s probably white by now thanks to space debris. On top of that, NASA also left its mark on the moon beyond putting an American Flag on it. This is why they left reflectors that you can see through a telescope if you look at the Moon close enough, in the spot the team landed on. Why are we even seeing so many just disbelieving we ever went there?

Scientific Conspiracy Theories That Will Reveal People’s Tin Foil Hats
[Image via Castleski & NASA/Shutterstock.com]
That is probably thanks to the book “We Never Went to the Moon: America’s Thirty Billion Dollar Swindle” by Bill Kaysing, which he self-published in 1976. The former U.S. Navy Officer did not have any knowledge of rockets or even technical writing but managed to get a technical writer job with Rocketdyne in 1956. They were the ones who built the F-1 engines for the Saturn V rocket. This is why some seemed to buy into what he was saying as he had inside knowledge of the engines. However, would it not be completely nonsensical for America to pay billions just to swindle the American public? Of course, it would! On top of that, Russia, our Space Race foe, still says to this day that America beat them to the Moon. Rocketdyne has also come out against Kaysing’s book too.

Scientific Conspiracy Theories That Will Reveal People’s Tin Foil Hats
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The Medical Community Has The Cure For Diseases But Doesn’t Want You To Know About Them

  • Height of Conspiracy: 1920s to Present

Sure, the medical community would probably make less money if they just gave cures to people for every ailment. However, that does not mean cures exist. In fact, some illnesses cannot be cured at all. Of course, we do have things that can help people, but it does not always work as simply as people assume. For example, if you have an infection, your body has to fight it off. Antibiotics are used to help with the symptoms that infections can cause. Those antibiotics are not going to get rid of the infection, however, as it’s the body that must do this. If it cannot, then antibiotics are not going to do the person any good. In these cases, they may have to be hospitalized. Most who believe in scientific conspiracy theories like this are from the United States.

Scientific Conspiracy Theories That Will Reveal People’s Tin Foil Hats
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Those that are from places with free healthcare do not believe the government would just screw itself over by charging an arm and a leg. In the United States, we can assume that doctors and pharmaceutical companies do not want a cure because they are trying to get rich. Yet many major pharmaceutical companies are not in the U.S. such as Roche, Novartis, Merck, GSK plc, Sanofi, and AstraZeneca. Thus, if this was only ever about American drug companies screwing people over, surely one of these companies would have come up with a cure to a common illness that would make them billions. Yet no one has for pretty much every disease, but they have come up with vaccines to prevent many viruses…which conspiracy theorists often dislike.

Scientific Conspiracy Theories That Will Reveal People’s Tin Foil Hats
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The Illuminati And New World Order Are Controlling All Science & Technology

  • Height of Conspiracy: 1770s to Present

The New World Order has been used as a major conspiracy theory for years. It was such a popular theory in the 1990s that the pro-writing company, WCW, used the name for a faction or team. The “NWO” moniker then became more synonymous with that than its original meaning. The idea behind this is that there is a secret world government that’s truly calling the shots. The same exact concept is connected to the Illuminati group. This was actually a real group founded back during the Enlightenment era in May of 1776 in Bavaria. This was a secret society that opposed superstition, obscurantism, and religious influence over the lives of others…especially in state power. Along with the Freemasons (who they comingled with), an edict was passed by Charles Theodore that outlawed secret societies.

Scientific Conspiracy Theories That Will Reveal People’s Tin Foil Hats
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Of course, this was mostly encouraged by the Catholic Church of the time. The Illuminati continued their goals, this time underground, and even played a major part in starting the French Revolution. Several major figures claimed to be members of the group as time went on, likely due to how crucial they were to the European region. Due to all of this, many believe there is a new Illuminati that is controlling the world in some form or another. In fact, one of the biggest scientific conspiracy theories of our time is that the Illuminati and NWO are controlling science and technology. Meaning, they only let us see what they want us to see. Yet this seems quite unlikely, and it would even go against the principles the original Illuminati was founded on.

Scientific Conspiracy Theories That Will Reveal People’s Tin Foil Hats
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Birds Aren’t Real

  • Height of Conspiracy: 2017 to Present

In response to conspiracy theories, a 23-year-old man named Peter McIndoe decided to spread a rumor that “Birds Aren’t Real” back in 2017. McIndoe remained in character when selling this conspiracy for years. Even when he did a December 2021 interview with the New York Times about it. He claimed that birds are not real but rather, all are just surveillance drones made by the United States Government. The Birds Aren’t Real campaign actually has a real-life staff, organizes real protests, and even bought real billboards. They even put their claim on the side of vans over the years.

Scientific Conspiracy Theories That Will Reveal People’s Tin Foil Hats
[Image via Rana Young/New York Times]
McIndoe later claimed that this was all a parody of misinformation that Gen-Z finds itself coming across a lot. He says that “Birds Aren’t Real is not a shallow satire of conspiracies from the outside. It is from the deep inside. A lot of people in our generation feel the lunacy in all this, and Birds Aren’t Real has been a way for people to process that.” This campaign was started not only to call attention to bad conspiracies but also to how they are covered too. Local media have reported on this conspiracy as if young people really believed it. This only helps to sell the message organizers are trying to get people to see, that we need to be better about stopping this stuff. McIndoe says that this is “about holding up a mirror to America in the internet age.” Well done, BAR, well done!

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