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Bamboo Was Used As A Torture Device By Simply Growing

Bamboo is one of the most impressive plants you’ll ever see. We use it in a lot of different things and have done so now for thousands of years. It was mostly native, originally, to Asian nations. In particular, closer to water sources. The Chinese utilized it for many years to make weapons, clothing, and much more. Yet it was the Vietnamese who took its use to the next level.

They used bamboo as a torture device. They would put someone over the top of growing bamboo, which can grow up to 36 inches in just 24 hours! The Vietnamese did this because they knew that bamboo can actually grow right through the human body.

The interesting science facts sector about this is that this method was incredibly successful and worked using regular plants. The bamboo will slowly, and painfully, stab slowly through until completely grown. It was considered to be some of the worst torture imaginable and was practiced for a long time. Some claim it was even utilized during the Vietnam War.