20 Science Facts That Are Scarier Than Any Horror Movie

By Joe Burgett
20 Science Facts That Are Scarier Than Any Horror Movie

It might be tough to hear or, rather, read. Yet there are some science facts out there that are so mind-numbing to know that you might be changed forever learning of them. Since we do not like to be the only ones miserable from our massive amount of often useless knowledge, we decided to tell you some of these crazy science facts. We did not want to include stuff you might already know. Therefore, we avoided things like telling you how long the Earth has been around and how short human life as we know it has been here. We also did not want to go over things like Climate Change, as it is a topic that seems to upset someone in some way all the time (it’s real by the way). Yes, we’ve seen your letters, Jerry!

That said, our focus encompasses a lot of the compelling sectors of science. Mostly, we will go over things regarding our planet, the universe, life, and much more. The idea for this article, however, is to tell you of the stuff that might keep you awake at night having learned of them. Don’t worry though. After the nightmares wear off, you’ll just have the twitches to worry about. Those go away with 50 hours of therapy. With this slight bit of warning out of the way, let’s get started on science facts that are scarier than any horror movie!

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1. Bamboo Was Used As A Torture Device By Simply Growing

Bamboo is one of the most impressive plants you’ll ever see. We use it in a lot of different things and have done so now for thousands of years. It was mostly native, originally, to Asian nations. In particular, closer to water sources. The Chinese utilized it for many years to make weapons, clothing, and much more. Yet it was the Vietnamese who took its use to the next level. They used bamboo as a torture device. They would put someone over the top of growing bamboo, which can grow up to 36 inches in just 24 hours! The Vietnamese did this because they knew that bamboo can actually grow right through the human body.

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The interesting science facts sector about this is that this method was incredibly successful and worked using regular plants. The bamboo will slowly, and painfully, stab slowly through until completely grown. It was considered to be some of the worst torture imaginable and was practiced for a long time. Some claim it was even utilized during the Vietnam War.