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20 Science Facts That Are Scarier Than Any Horror Movie
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12. Our Inner-Immune System Would Hate Our Eyes

Our immune system is a terrific thing that literally keeps us alive. Without it, we could get sick and never be capable of fighting off illnesses. In fact, did you know that antibiotics actually do not get rid of your infection? They merely help with the symptoms caused by the infection while our immune system is actually what gets rid of the infection. But our eyeballs would wreak havoc on our immune system if they were a normal part of the equation.

20 Science Facts That Are Scarier Than Any Horror Movie
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As you can see, the immune system is important. Yet our immune system is not a fan of our eyes. We have a lot of things that protect our eyes such as our eyelids and eyelashes. We do still have a minor immune system that helps them but it’s the outer sector and not the inner immune system. If our inner immune system were to spot the eyes, they would see them as invaders. Due to this, they’d go on the attack and seek to destroy our eyes. The inner immune system does not normally have access to our eyes, so this is typically not a big problem for people. However, this does occur at times. When it does, the person’s immune system attacks to the point that they can make a person completely blind.

20 Science Facts That Are Scarier Than Any Horror Movie
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13. Less Intelligent People Have A Higher Than Average Scale Of Confidence

It was found via the Dunning-Kruger Effect that people who are the most confident about a particular subject tend to be the least knowledgeable on it. They also found that those who lacked confidence in how much they know often tend to be the most knowledgeable on a particular subject. This is a bit confusing when laid out this way. Let’s take a look into what that actually means.

20 Science Facts That Are Scarier Than Any Horror Movie
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Essentially, a person lacking confidence knows that they could be missing something. A person’s ignorance makes them feel like they know more than they actually do. They simply do not know what they do not know. The Dunning-Kruger Effect translates to intelligence overall too. People who tend to second-guess themselves or feel that they are unsure of something are usually the most intelligent. Those who feel certain when they shouldn’t be, are the least intelligent on average. This does not mean it translates to ALL people. Rather, it is merely the total average of people both intelligent and less intelligent, based on their confidence level. Confidence can be very useful even when misplaced. It often leads to similar accomplishments compared to those with high intelligence.

20 Science Facts That Are Scarier Than Any Horror Movie
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14. The Human Body Carries 10-Times More Bacterial Cells Than Human Cells

You might not know this, but you could fill a half-gallon container with all the bacteria inside our bodies. You actually have around 10 times more bacterial cells in your body than human cells. Knowing this, one could say you’re more bacteria than human. This is all according to Dr. Carolyn Bohach, a microbiologist for the University of Idaho. She claims that this is nothing to really worry about. A lot of the bacteria is actually good for the human body, and we even need them to keep living.

20 Science Facts That Are Scarier Than Any Horror Movie
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The bacteria have a lot of specialized jobs. Some are known to even produce specific chemicals that help human beings absorb and properly use the nutrients from the food we eat. A lot of this gives us the energy we use every single day. There are some forms of bacteria that we need to keep our immune system working properly. One of the most common is gut bacteria, which not only helps us properly digest food. It’ll also help your metabolism and produce certain vitamins.

20 Science Facts That Are Scarier Than Any Horror Movie
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15. The Betelgeuse Supernova Explosion Will Light Up Our Sky For Months, And It Could Happen Any Day Now

Betelgeuse happens to be the second-brightest star in the Orion Constellation. Yet it’s the tenth-brightest star overall in the night sky. It is incredibly large, coming in at 370 times the size of our own sun. The luminosity of the star is also 10,000 times greater than our Sun too. This is why we can see it so easily. Yet it’s 430 lightyears from the Earth. It would take us 37,200 years just to get one lightyear. Now combine that with 430 lightyears and you start to see the major distance Betelgeuse is from us, yet it maintains its brightness.

20 Science Facts That Are Scarier Than Any Horror Movie
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 The Betelgeuse supergiant star will one day explode into a supernova that will be a heck of a sight to behold. Due to its size, we’ll know when it happens. The massive amount of light that comes with this explosion will light up our sky for at least 2 to 3 months, worldwide!! The crazy part is, Betelgeuse is close to the end of its life and could explode literally any day now.

20 Science Facts That Are Scarier Than Any Horror Movie
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16. Human Flesh Is Apparently Something Many Of Us Have Tasted Before… Ew.

Science facts like this will make you keep one eye open at night. Cannibalism is something most people look at as a last resort. Yet in some parts of the world, killing and eating humans is not uncommon. There are some tribes in Africa and South America that do this even today, but man is not first on the menu clearly. While most of us have never eaten human flesh before, we all wonder how someone can do it. However, the taste of humans is something that many of us have tasted before.

20 Science Facts That Are Scarier Than Any Horror Movie
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Human flesh is said to taste a lot like pork. In fact, it tastes so much like it that flesh from humans is referred to as “the long pork” in cannibalistic societies. We obviously have a lot of close connections to pork as humans. Pig valves are used to replace some heart valves in humans, and the skin of a pig is said to be as tough as our own skin. This is often why medical students will cut into pork as a way of practicing cutting into a human being if cadavers are not available. This very well could be why we have a similar structure to our meat but to taste like pork is weird, right? We should probably be careful eating bacon overseas at this point.

20 Science Facts That Are Scarier Than Any Horror Movie
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17. Some Insects Put Their Eggs Into Other Insects, Where The Eggs Hatch Inside And Eat Their Way Out

There are a few insects that are known for doing some, shall we say, “weird” things. Yet it is unlikely you’ll ever read science facts the same way again when you read what some specific insects do. One insect known as the Jewel Wasp finds a cockroach to lay its eggs in. To do this, they use their stinger to stab the cockroach in the brain rendering it motionless for a bit. Once the Wasp lays its eggs inside, the cockroach will be fine to move around like normal.

20 Science Facts That Are Scarier Than Any Horror Movie
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However, The Tarantula Hawk will sting & paralyze the Tarantula Spider then drag it back to its burrow. It’ll then cover the burrow upon leaving. The Tarantula is unable to move or go anywhere. It will eventually feel the wasp larva will hatch and slowly eat the tarantula completely in about a month. All of this, while the tarantula is paralyzed but feels absolutely everything. Science facts such as this make our skin crawl just writing about it!

20 Science Facts That Are Scarier Than Any Horror Movie
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18. Did You Ever Envy Old French Fashion? It Was Truly To Die For

Back during the French Revolution, there was a huge problem happening. A lot of people were being sent to their death via the guillotine. Others were just randomly shot during the major altercations that went down during this period of time. Due to all of this death, France was filled with numerous dead bodies. Of course, they could have burned them. Yet this would have taken away potential supply crafters could utilize. France was obviously going through a crazy period at the time.

20 Science Facts That Are Scarier Than Any Horror Movie
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Therefore, supplies were relatively low. Most trades with nations had to revolve around food items and not clothing supplies. Plus many were still poor. This led the French Government to allow these dead bodies to be skinned. The skin would then be tanned and used in numerous clothing items. Some human skin was used for pants while others were used for boots and jackets. It was incredibly effective and was used in a lot of commoner clothing items (and some aristocratic). Apparently, male skin was the one most preferred as it was seemingly tougher than female skin. As female skin seemed to be softer and thereby harder to make sturdy items with.

20 Science Facts That Are Scarier Than Any Horror Movie
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19. Some Of The Universe’s Most Pressing Questions Might Never Be Answered

It’s said that as science evolves and we learn more, the mysteries of our universe will no longer be a mystery. Yet this is not exactly accurate. In fact, we very well could have a lot of questions that’ll never be answered. However, this comes down to the issue of what we no longer have. As the universe expands, some parts of it also die off. Mankind as we know it today (Homo Erectus) has only been around for roughly 40 to 50,000 years. That is compared to the billions of years the Earth has been around.

20 Science Facts That Are Scarier Than Any Horror Movie
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Meaning, our universe is far older and there are parts of it that died and will never return. Some of this could have happened before any primate ever existed. This, in a nutshell, is the biggest issue. We have questions about many things. Yet imagine the universe like a book for school. You have to take a test on what you read but the chapters are ripped out. The universe is a lot like that, where chapters are missing and we have to guess on a lot of things. There is a reason a lot of our known science facts were “theories” for a while.

20 Science Facts That Are Scarier Than Any Horror Movie
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20. Reality Itself Likely Does Not Exist

We are all on the Earth at the same time, somehow managing to exist at the right time for life to work on this planet. However, it is possible the reality we all live in is a complete lie. You can thank Albert Einstein for this concept, as his Theory of Relativity tells us that time does not work the way we assume it does. If Einstein is correct, the past, present, and even the future itself do not truly exist. We assume reality is a thing because human beings are sharing the same timeframe.

20 Science Facts That Are Scarier Than Any Horror Movie
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However, the big thing here is that we share this time with others who are moving at similar speeds to us. If we pick up speed, like The Flash from DC Comics, time will move slower. In his case, he is able to go so fast that he could time travel. This is potentially possible, but no human moves at such immense speed. Therefore, time itself is what makes our assumed reality. Meanwhile, if we were to go to another planet…we’ll adjust to their speeds then we’d assume their reality. Meaning, “true reality” does not actually exist. The only thing that exists is time and how we adjust to it. Science facts like this one keep us up at night!