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People Share Health Signs They Wished They Hadn’t Ignored
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Adult Type 1 Diabetes Diagnosis

One compelling story comes from Redditor Trogoms, who brought up a personal story about something that is rare but can happen. When one has diabetes, they are given the Type 1 or Type 2 diagnosis. Usually, Type 1 is something you’re born with and you’ll have problems with it beginning at a younger age. But Type 2 happens later on, such as when one becomes overweight. But for this Redditor, things went differently. Originally, they began feeling they had to pee…a lot. Like all the time.

They kept getting thirsty a lot too. Assuming it was just stress from college, they ignored it for a few months. It can be easy to ignore health signs like this for many. Eventually, it became an issue so they went to the doctor. They found out, then, that they had Type 1 Diabetes, at age 24! Their first blood sugar rating was at 583, which normally puts one into diabetic acidosis. It normally causes people to upchuck and/or pass out, but their only symptom was peeing a lot. While odd, Type 1 diabetes can be diagnosed later in life as an adult

People Share Health Signs They Wished They Hadn’t Ignored
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The Gallbladder Strikes Again

This Redditor recalled a story that occurred at age 22. They began getting pain in the left side of their chest, roughly the left-center of the rib cage to be precise. It only seemed to happen when they drank alcohol (sound familiar) or when they ate something greasy. This was not that crazy, as they have had gastric reflux since they were a child. Therefore, it was nothing to look over this. One day, they are out with a friend and split a pitcher of Sangria.

By the end of their meal, they were in severe pain that caused them to curl up, moaning. This caused them to go to the doctor where an ultrasound found they had gallstones. Interestingly, they also had back pain from it. For those unaware, there is a nerve that flows from the top of the back of your shoulder to the gallbladder. People with gallbladder pain might complain of pain there. Usually, anyone who has their gallbladder removed will feel this back pain for days after.

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